IO13 Recap


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IO13 Recap

  1. 1. Google IO 2013Introduction toIO13 RecapAmrit SanjeevBangalore Android User Group
  2. 2. About me• Android hacker.• Organizer, Bangalore Android UserGroup ( )• Staff Engineer at Intuit• Architect for platform development .
  3. 3. Bangalore Android User Group (• Largest open Android developer community inthe country and second largest in the world.• Over 3800 members• 29 meetups• 4 hackathons• Active participation in events likeDroidcon, Global Android Developer hackathonetc
  4. 4. What’s on the agenda today ?Let make sharing simple and convenient • Run through the new announcements• Not a technical deep dive
  5. 5. Android popularity900 million48 billion app installations
  6. 6. Location APIs• 3 major api updates– Fused location provider– Activity monitor– Geo Fencing• Part of the play services
  7. 7. GCM updates• Upstream messaging• Sync notification• Persistent connection
  8. 8. Games• Cloud Save• Play game server
  9. 9. Google play developer console• Alpha, Beta channels• Translation services• Stage rollout• Optimization Tips• Reply to comments• Financial dashboard.
  10. 10. Google play all access• Paid subscription service• Google search + access to the entiremusic library• Similar to app genius services• Create playlist• Get recommendations
  11. 11. Android in education• New category• New APIs• New workflow• Tablets for education• Admin operations
  12. 12. In app Billing• Current state– Async– Broadcast reciever– Service– Database• New– Managed– Consumption API– Subscriptions
  13. 13. Shopping• Current issues– 90+ % drop off– Too many steps to do payment– Cumbersome• New API• Autofill• Steamlined checkout process
  14. 14. New apps• Hangout• Google plus– 41 new features• Maps• Photo auto awesome
  15. 15. Devices• Stock Android experience• Boot loader unlocked• Play store• Vanilla experience
  16. 16. Service Discovery• TBA