IO13 : What it means to the users


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IO13 : What it means to the users

  1. 1. IO : What it means to the usersHiemanshu SharmaTwitter : @hiemanshuHangout :
  2. 2. The Vanilla S4● Galaxy S4 now Vanilla Android● Fully open source● Its a nexus but not a nexus● Specs undefined
  3. 3. Hanging out with Hangouts● Unified messaging● Easy photo sharing● Easy group chats● Emojis● One alert to rule them all and in darkness bind them● Snooze conversations
  4. 4. Play Games with Play Games● G+ integrated● Achivement unlocked● Cloud saves● Easy multiplayer matching
  5. 5. Play-ing with Education● Applications for students● Teacher recomendations● Buy in bulk, pay via school
  6. 6. #NowPlay-ing● All access● Radio without rules● Manipulate playlists
  7. 7. Voicing chrome● Knowledge graph with voice search● Question the answer
  8. 8. Maps on a quest● Sky diving without parachutes● Live cloud view● The day night differentiation
  9. 9. Walking the walks● Activity monitors● Sports tracker with better tracking
  10. 10. The Chrome Experimentation● Racer demo –
  11. 11. IOTerminate();● “I encourage more companies to do things that areoutside their comfort zone. It gives you more scalability”● “We should be building great things that dont exist. Beingnegative is not how we make progress. Most importantthings are not zero sum, theres a lot of oppurtunity outthere”
  12. 12. Q&Aif (have_question) {ask(question);}