Appacitive Presentation - BlrDroid 17th Meetup


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Appacitive Presentation - BlrDroid 17th Meetup

  1. 1. Creating backend richandroid mobile Apps with appacitive
  2. 2. Agenda FIRST THIRD Introduction Creating a geo located photo •  Problem statement app •  Our solution •  Features / Server side •  Code walkthrough SECOND Overview •  Terminology •  Graph representation •  Some examples •  Platform walkthrough
  3. 3. What do we do? “Help developers build awesome apps by eliminating the need to build & manage complex backend infrastructure..”
  4. 4. What problem do we solve? “Maintaining server side infrastructure is a pain in the a** (ahem!!) backend…”
  5. 5. Some facts
  6. 6. Appacitive 101
  7. 7. Terminology metadata schema – definition of a data type (e.g. user) relation – definition of a business relationship between two schemas (e.g. friend) actual data article – an instance of a schema connection – an instance of a relation.
  8. 8. A graph data model name: Neptune name: Alceme type: god type: god brother mother name: Saturn name: Jupiter name: Hercules type: titan type: god type: god father father times: 12 brother battled name: Pluto name: Cerebrus type: god type: monster petRef:
  9. 9. Some examples name: Top Gun name: Tom Cruise type: movie type: actor actor friend name: Robert name: Marvel name:Avengers Downey Jr. type: brand type: movie type: actor brand actor text: Cool movie! rating: 4 type: review name: Iron Man review type: movie
  10. 10. Under the hood
  11. 11. Walkthrough
  12. 12. Setting up the back end features q user registration q login q login with facebook q location specific photos q posting a photo q user specific photos
  13. 13. User registration (feature 1 / 6) •  User schema already available inbuilt •  SDK already supports all relevant methods •  No additional code needed.
  14. 14. User login (feature 2 / 6) •  Authentication on existing user schema supported out of the box. •  All relevant methods available in SDK
  15. 15. Login with facebook (feature 3/6) •  Login and user registration with facebook and twitter already supported on platform. •  SDK already supports all relevant methods
  16. 16. Location specific photos (feature 4/6) •  Types containing geography(latitude, longitude) properties automatically support location search. •  Add a property ‘geolocation’ in photo is of type geography •  Feature implemented as radial search within 50 mi of phone location
  17. 17. Posting a photo (feature 5/6) •  Use inbuilt file upload support. •  Upload new file and generate a public url for the same. •  Use phone gps to resolve location and google to reverse geolocate the location to an address. •  Create a photo article corresponding to the file and store the public url in it along with the location and resolved address.
  18. 18. User specific photos (feature 6/6) •  ‘user_photo’ relation between user and photo to link a user with his photos. Connection created at the time of upload. •  X’s photos are same as “all photos connected to user X with a relation of type user_photo”. •  Use graph query for run this query.
  19. 19. Getting started•  Sign-up for beta access @•  Download SDKs from•  Visit for documentations and quick starts.
  20. 20. Connect with us @appacitive
  21. 21. Thank You