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Jet airways crisis analysis


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Crisis Comm project

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Jet airways crisis analysis

  1. 1. ORGANIZATION BACKGROUND• Headquartered in Mumbai, India.• Founded by Naresh Goyal• First domestic fight in 1993
  2. 2. FLIGHT ROUTES • Jet Airways has 73 flight destinations. • 21 international destinations • 52 destinations in India
  3. 3. MISSION STATEMENT“Jet Airways will be the most preferreddomestic airline in India. It will be theautomatic first choice carrier for thetravelling public and set standards, whichother competing airlines will seek to match.Jet Airways will achieve this pre-eminentposition by offering a high quality of serviceand reliable, comfortable and efficientoperations.” (Jet Airways)
  4. 4. ANJALEE AGARWAL• Agarwal is a frequent flier• executive director at an NGO that seeks to raise accessibility awareness• Agarwal has a neurological disorder called Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy which causes her to be unable to stand or move without the assistance of a wheelchair.
  5. 5. • Agarwal was forced to sign an indemnity bond• Transported in wheelchair with no arm rests• Transported on a luggage cart• Threatened to be left on plane when she refused to be lifted by four male loaders
  6. 6. In an article published February24, 2012, Daily News and Analysisreported that a spokesperson for JetAirways made this comment, “Companyheadquarters is investigating the issue byapproaching concerned airports and willrevert with the findings on the matter.”
  7. 7. TWITTER
  8. 8. RECOMMENDATIONS• Create a program like Continental Airlines’ Project Airport• Go back to values in mission statement