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Modern Agile for Agencies


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An introduction to modern agile workflow & best practices for agencies. 5 key steps to a smooth & continuous workflow.

Including 9 case studies of industry leading agencies on how they implemented an Agile process and on how they perform Agile practices.

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Modern Agile for Agencies

  1. 1. Brought to you by Agile workflow examples & best practices Agile for Agencies
  2. 2. 5 Key Steps to a smooth Workflow
  3. 3. Continuously Improve 1 Establish a Workflow Define Stage Policies Visualize Work Define Work In Progress Limits 2 3 4 5 5 Key Steps to a smooth Workflow
  4. 4. Establish a Workflow 1
  5. 5. Establish a Workflow1
  6. 6. Establish a Workflow1 Start by inviting your team and identifying the major processes of your department or organization and then mapping them to a Blossom Board. ! Add, edit or remove stages to visualize your Workflow to match your project’s needs. ! Aim to minimize the number of stages, so you can effectively identify bottlenecks in your workflow. ! Learn more about defining the stages of your workflow
  7. 7. Define Stage Policies 2
  8. 8. Define Stage Policies2
  9. 9. Define Stage Policies2 Make sure every involved team member understands the policies well.
  10. 10. Describe what each stage is in a stage policy. This clarifies what it means for a card to be in a stage. Considerations or requirements that should be met at a certain stage of the process can be defined as well in a stage’s policy. ! Stage policies set quality standards and minimum requirements for cards to be in a specific column. ! Learn more about defining stage policies Define Stage Policies2
  11. 11. Visualize Work 3
  12. 12. Visualize Work3 Start adding cards that represent features (campaigns, tasks) which are worth doing. Cards have a short title that everyone in your team can recognize and understand.
  13. 13. Each card shows the reason why it is being built, who is currently involved and an optional state, for example if it is "Blocked" or "Ready for the next Stage". By doing this work gets visible to all involved stakeholders, collaboration and communication increases instantly. ! Learn more about adding the right features to your Board Visualize Work3
  14. 14. Define WIP Limits 4
  15. 15. Define Work In Progress Limits4
  16. 16. Reduce the time a card takes to go through from the first to the last stage by adding card limits to stages of the board in which work is being performed. ! Setting the optimal amount of work that your team can handle at one time will lead to a smooth & continuous workflow and it improves quality because you can give greater focus to fewer tasks. These benefits improve efficiency and you eventually get more work done in less time. 4 Define Work In Progress Limits
  17. 17. If you bring in too many tasks into a column with WIP limits, we give you a gentle reminder that you’re likely trading focus for doing that extra task. ! Learn more about defining the right WIP limits 4 Define Work In Progress Limits
  18. 18. Continuously Improve 5
  19. 19. Continuously Improve5
  20. 20. Regularly view key metrics, like high cycle time and your most recently shipped work, to determine where you can improve. ! After the first (and every upcoming) iteration you can analyze how smoothly the cards flowed through the process and look where you can improve idle time (for example of cards that have been marked as ready), and reflect why bottlenecks and blockers happened. Continuously Improve5
  21. 21. Look for metrics that are out of the ordinary and discuss why these anomalies have occurred. Improvements (and suggestions) nearly always follow. ! Learn more about Blossom’s Performance Analytics Continuously Improve5
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  23. 23. Learn more View an example team workflow in Blossom
  24. 24. Case Studies of Agile Agencies Agile web design and the agency model Our step by step journey to becoming a lean PR agency Agile design: What we’ve learned Creating an Agile Design Process 3 Reasons I Choose Agile Design over Waterfall The Niche Agency: Agile in Ad Land? Why agile marketing works and how to make it work for you! Your Digital Marketing Needs an Agile Approach Lean Advertising & The Age of Disruption