Topshop social business case study


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Topshop is one of the UK's most popular fashion stores on the high street – now the company are becoming a highly successful social business through online campaigns and digital experiences.

In this case study we explore the core areas of Topshop's brand that have made the company the well-rounded social business that it is today.

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Topshop social business case study

  2. 2. •  One of the UK’s most popular fashion stores •  Founded in 1964 •  300 stores throughout the UK •  More than 500,000 daily page views to •  Over 3 million Facebook likes since 2009WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  3. 3. Topshop’s social business aimsWhat does Topshop want to achieve? Align Topshop’s Allow customers to Create a sharabledigital presence with purchase via social to experience totrendsetters such as connect the digital increase volume of Burberry and real world interest Capture social data Foster customers’ for future business passion for on-trend strategies fashion WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  4. 4. Social business programmesHow are departments across the organisation involved in the programme? MARKETING “Topshop Unique Live” •  Measure engagement levels HR SALES of users to determine how they want to consume information and share it •  Allow consumers to review the Unique Live show via Twitter in 140 characters or less •  Core focus to gather data to PRODUCT B2B SALES PLANNING impact the brand’s social strategy for 2013 CUSTOMER SERVICE WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  5. 5. Social business programmesHow are departments across the organisation involved in the programme? Product planning and MARKETING marketing •  Allow users to pre-order items three months before HR SALES they arrive on the high street •  Measure engagement and consumer response to inspire future product launches and trends •  Feature the entire campaign PRODUCT B2B SALES cross-channel including PLANNING Pinterest and YouTube tutorials CUSTOMER SERVICE WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  6. 6. Social business programmesHow are departments across the organisation involved in the programme? “Social runway” MARKETING •  Customise the look and colour of pre-ordered items before purchasing for a HR SALES bespoke experience •  ‘Shoot the Show’ (a camera button embedded within the livestream window) let viewers take shots of their favourite looks to share socially PRODUCT B2B SALES •  Engagement results from PLANNING the live stream determine what customers want and need CUSTOMER SERVICE WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  7. 7. Organisational culture and approachWhat values and approach did Topshop need to adopt to make it happen? Empowering the consumer •  Topshop placing much more power, choice and customisation in the hands of the consumer Data-focused •  Digital and social engagement metrics strategically helping Topshop to build consumer insights Experience-centric •  Shifted from selling products to selling experiences Joined-up •  Marketing data used to inform product planning Innovative •  Experimenting with different ways to use data and platforms to create sharable user experiences WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  8. 8. "I really believe that everyone in this space, inluxury, in retail, is selling product, and the reason we’re going to win and win big is because we’re selling experiences. We’re going to create an incredible experience around our brand which is going to define us.” Justin Cooke, Topshop Chief Marketing Officer WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  9. 9. References"   Katie Shoard3 of the best social media campaigns from 2012" Anjali Mullany, Fast CompanyCustomize the catwalk: Topshop and Facebook partneron a social runway"   Marketing MagazineTopshop recreates front row experience for onlineshoppers"   The GuardianTopshop to turn London fashion week show intoFacebook entertainment WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM