An introduction to Social HR


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Why is social media important at work?
Why does it matter what employees do on social media in their own time?
Here is slide deck from a recent event we ran for 30 HR professionals where we explored the role of social media in governance, education and recruitment

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An introduction to Social HR

  1. 1. An introduction to social HR #HRheroesMarch 18th 2013, MyHotel, Brighton WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  2. 2. Welcome and who we are#HRheroes KeltaBLOOM Jay Cooper HR Kelly Jones - Chief - Managing Operations Consultant Officer Corinna Miranda Man Gardner - Senior - Recruitment Strategist Consultant WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  3. 3. Follow us today... #HRheroes @bloomworldwide WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  4. 4. Agenda Introduction Social media and HR Governance Coffee break Education Recruitment Summary and 5 key take outs Q&A WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  6. 6. Objectives for todayTo introduce you to social HR and to give you a taster of: Activating social media •  How HR can activate social media to deliver results Mitigating risk •  Top tips to mitigate social media risks in the workplace Social Tools •  How the use of social technology can help to achieve HR objectives Social media education •  3 approaches to social media training WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  7. 7. What is social media? WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  8. 8. What is social media? WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  9. 9. What is the role of HR? "Today, HR is at the centre of business performance. HR professionals have an important role to play in driving decisions that enable their organisations to thrive in both the short and the longer term. Where in the past, the function delivered the fundamentals thatunderpinned the employee lifecycle (such as recruitment, inductionand salary administration) supporting organisation performance is now the theme running through HR’s work." WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  10. 10. However..."  On a practical level, there is often no HR department or even a dedicated HR Officer"  Office Manager = Accounts, Purchasing, HR.... WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  11. 11. Activity: top line objectives of an HRprofessional Employee/ HR policy management support Talent Recruitment management Employee retention WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  13. 13. Social media and the workplace Social media Facebook for channels employees•  Engaging with • Engaging  with   customers employees  •  Talking to the • Sharing   outside world informa5on   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  14. 14. Challenges..."  What are the challenges of social media in the workplace?"  What do you think? WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  15. 15. Today, well look at three social HR areas •  Social media governance Governance •  Employee rules of engagement •  Social learning Education •  Incorporating social principles •  Social recruitment Recruitment •  Power of the social experience WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  16. 16. HR objectives and social HR Employee/ HR policy Management support Talent Recruitment management Employee retention WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  17. 17. Benefits of social HR Greater efficiencies •  Making the most of technology •  Can be inexpensive •  Size of your company doesnt matter Increased reach •  Reach out to future employees •  Good marketing / PR Greater authenticity •  Provide employees and future applicants with more information •  Build relationships WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  19. 19. What is governance?"   A framework that clarifies and reinforces best practices for interaction on social media"   Also required for internal social platforms, although focus will be different"   Usually comprises of –  a social media policy –  a set of guidelines –  rules –  educational support / resources required to implement WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  20. 20. Activity: The good and the bad WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  21. 21. Why is governance important?"  Forrester: "Social media is security risk and nightmare. Although social media offers potentially great marketing and business opportunities, it also exposes companies to numerous [...] risks""  Altimeter: "Social media is the modern Pandoras box: it has had a meteoric rise as a tool to interact and engage withcustomers, but also a dark underside exposing companies to new types of risk." WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  22. 22. Not sure where to begin with governance?Here are 5 top tips to get started and to mitigate any risk on social mediaþ Use your company code of conduct as a basisþ Identify roles and responsibilitiesþ Set branding and toneþ Have an escalation policy in placeþ Plan a staff social media education programme WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  24. 24. Why is social media education important?"   Education is key to putting your social media policies and governance into place"   Activates social media in your company"   Ensure that employees learn about their social media roles and responsibilities"   Adoption and best practice WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  25. 25. Three ways of delivering education Social media education programme Social learning Ambient awareness WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  26. 26. Activity: building blocks WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  27. 27. Not sure where to begin with education?Here are 5 top tips you to get startedþ Discuss requirements with ITþ Run a pilot before full roll out of the programmeþ Allocate resource for community managementþ Produce engaging and dynamic contentþ View education as continuous and ambient WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  29. 29. The applicant > new starter journeyJob  researcher   Job  seeker   Applicant   Interviewee   New  Starter   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  30. 30. New starters are part of the socialrecruitment cycle Job researcher New starter Job seeker Interviewee Applicant WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  31. 31. Some statistics... 73% of recruiters have hired an 89% have made a hire through employee who was identified or LinkedIn introduced through a social network The most popular recruiting social networks are: LinkedIn (93%) 92% of recruiters are using or planning to use social media for Facebook (66%) recruitment Twitter (54%) Source: Jobvite WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  32. 32. Activity: Best practice case studies WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  33. 33. Not sure where to begin with social recruitment? Here are 5 top tips to help you get startedþ Use social listening to identify who you wish to attractþ Use social insight to identify and understand the channelsþ Share and engage using rich and dynamic contentþ Let your companys personality shine throughþ Use your employees voice WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  35. 35. We have looked at... •  Social media governance Governance •  Employee rules of engagement •  Social learning Education •  Incorporating social principles •  Social recruitment Recruitment •  Power of the social experience WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  36. 36. 5 key takeaways Review your current culture: how open is your company to employees engaging on social media? View social media holistically: how can social media be used to benefit your company as a whole? Get buy-in from senior managers: a social programme requires support from the top. Get buy-in from your employees: your employees are your most important asset and can be you best advocates. Education, education, education: to activate a social media programme you must ensure that your staff receive training and support. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  37. 37. Any questions? WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  38. 38. Feedback Your feedback is important to us! WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  39. 39. What’s Next? Governance Education Recruitment Social media Creating a Social media training social media policy design programme recruitment workshop design plan workshop workshopSpecial Offer £995 (usual price £2500)What you get:•  30 minutes briefing teleconference•  3 hour interactive workshop for up to 12 delegates•  Post workshop feedback report including strategic recommendations WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM