BLOOM Social Media: Navigating the Social Technology Landscape


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Report author: Miranda Man, Social Business Strategist at BLOOM. Are you confused by social technology? Do you know your social media listening tools from your engagement tools? What is the difference between Yammer and Jive? How can I use these tools in my business?

To help, we are pleased to announce that we have written a report that provides an overview of a number of social tools. In this report, we have outlined use cases, case studies and key functionality. We will be looking at technology in the context of Social Business Intelligence (the progression from Social Media Marketing) and Enterprise 2.0.

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BLOOM Social Media: Navigating the Social Technology Landscape

  1. 1. #SOCIALTECH NAVIGATING THE SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPEFor businesses, the wide array of social technology platforms andvendors is bewildering: what are social media engagement tools?What is the difference between one enterprise social platform andanother? How can we use them?This report will provide an overview of a number of tools to help youmake sense of the social technology landscape. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM November 2012
  2. 2. Contents1. Overview 2. Social Technology in Detail1.1 Key Takeaways 2.1 Technology Overview1.2 Introduction 2.2 Social Intelligence Tools1.3 Social Technology Landscape i.  Analytics ii.  Listening Tools1.4 Social Business and Technology iii.  Engagement Tools1.5 Social Business Intelligence Tools iv.  Content Creation1.6 Enterprise 2.0 Tools 2.3 Enterprise 2.0 Tools1.7 Its not about the technology! i.  Enterprise Social Platforms ii.  Enterprise Activity Streams iii.  Community Platforms iv.  E-Learning 2.4 Customisation 2.5 BLOOM Social Technology Consultancy 2.6 BLOOM Vendor Audit Process 2.7 Summary 2.8 Glossary WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  3. 3. 1.1 Key Takeaways The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the social technology landscape as it relates to Social Business Intelligence (the progression from Social Media Marketing) and Enterprise 2.0. We will look at a number of social tools, from social media analytics tools to enterprise social platforms and also at key vendors. This report will help you to make sense of the types of social tools available and how they can be used in your organisation. However, it is not intended to be an exhaustive or detailed list of social technology. We will also provide an overview of BLOOMs approach and methodology to supporting businesses in choosing the right social tool for their needs. A key consideration is that social technology should be about people and not technology: technology should act as a facilitator. BLOOM will help you to priorotise your business and user needs in the tool selection process. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 3
  4. 4. 1.2 Introduction The social technology landscape is constantly evolving: any overview of social technology can be only a snapshot of the time. Many platforms have new features introduced with each release and new technologies are being developed all the time. For example, Lotus Connections was released in 2007. It is now known as IBM Connections and is on its 4th version. The technology used by Crimson Hexagon is a departure from traditional social media listening platforms and keyword matching algorithms to a patented pending algorithm that finds statistical patterns in words. Social technology is therefore dynamic and responsive. This report will provide an overview of some of the tools available in the context of Social Business Intelligence and Enterprise 2.0. No platform will fulfill every user or business requirement, so the chosen platform will have to match the users needs as closely as possible. User requirements are therefore central to any social tool implementation and should be considered before choosing any social tool to ensure best use. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 4
  5. 5. 1.3 Social Technology Landscape Examples of Social Tools Content Creation Enterprise Social Platforms Engagement Tools Enterprise Activity StreamsListening Tools Community PlatformsAnalytics E-­‐Learning   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 5
  6. 6. 1.4 Social Business and Technology Social Business Intelligence is the natural progression from Social Media Monitoring, the process of listening and monitoring social media conversations. Social Business Intelligence involves monitoring, analysing and engaging with online conversations to derive insight and to take action on those insights. Enterprise 2.0 refers to a structure of using Web 2.0 technologies to improve collaboration amongst employees and free flowing information within the business. Social Business Intelligence and Enterprise 2.0 therefore provide a holistic framework for the true Social Business, one that is social on the inside and the outside. Social Business Intelligence tools support and drive external customer engagement whilst Enterprise 2.0 tools support and drive employee engagement. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 6
  7. 7. 1.5 Social Business Intelligence Tools Social Business Intelligence (SBI) Tools are used to manage a companys social media presence and online brand. They also enable businesses to derive insight from online customer conversations and to take action on those insights. They are sometimes referred to as Social Media Management Platforms. Typical tools include Analytics, Social Media Listening Tools and Social Media Engagement Platforms SBI is an important consideration for companies as social is changing the world of brand marketing and customer engagement. With social engagement, companies now have the opportunity of deriving meaningful insights from a large audience and to take actions from those insights to improve business outcomes. Social technology can help to facilitate social brand marketing, engagement and insight gathering. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 7
  8. 8. 1.6 Enterprise 2.0 Tools AIIM defined Enterprise 2.0 (E2.0) as: "A system of web-based technologies that provide rapid and agile collaboration, information sharing, emergence and integration capabilities in the extended enterprise." Enterprise 2.0 platforms are used to support internal processes and practices, with an emphasis on collaboration and free flowing information. Typical tools include: Enterprise Social Platforms and Activity Stream Platforms. These platforms will typically have social functionality, for example wikis and blogs. E2.0 is an important consideration for 21st century businesses to help engage their workforce by promoting greater collaboration and visibility. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 8
  9. 9. 1.7 Its not about the technology! Whilst technology is an important factor and underpins Social Business, Social Business is not about the technology. For example, social listening tools require people to process the aggregated data to turn into meaningful insights for the business to action. Similarly, an internal company blog is of limited use if employees see little point of blogging. Social business is therefore driven by people, with technology as a facilitator. Understanding user needs is one of the key elements of ensuring the successful adoption and effective use of social tools and should be a fundamental part of social tool selection. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 9
  10. 10. 2.1 Technology OverviewThe next section will look at the following types of social technology:Social Business Intelligencei.  Analyticsii.  Listening Toolsiii.  Engagement Toolsiv.  Content CreationEnterprise 2.0i.  Enterprise Social Platformsii.  Enterprise Activity Streamsiii.  Community Platforms (can apply to both employees and customers)iv.  E-LearningThe overview for each category of tool will be structured as follows:①  Description②  Example Platforms③  Use Cases: Example Problems and Solutions④  Case Study⑤  Overview of up to 4 sample off the shelf platforms. The platforms chosen will have good functionality and / or represent best in class. Most platforms will have a degree of customisation available.It is worth noting that there is a degree of cross-over in functionality, for example, engagement platforms often have ananalytics function. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 10
  11. 11. 2.2 Social Business Intelligence Tools i.  Analytics Content creation Enterprise Social Platforms Engagement Tools Enterprise Activity StreamsListening Tools Community Platforms Analytics E-­‐Learning   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 11
  12. 12. What are Analytics Tools? Tools that facilitate quantitative analysis of social media metrics, often taking place on owned social media platforms e.g. Facebook page. Typical functionality: - Facebook page engagement rate - Owned platform fan growth - Social interaction metrics WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 12
  13. 13. Examples of Analytics Tools WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 13
  14. 14. AnalyticsUse Cases: Example Problems and Solutions Use  Case Problem Solu5onBrand reach Do not know the extent of a brands Volume, fan growth, reach metrics online presenceFan engagement Cannot quantify the extent to which Engagement rates, comments, likes, users are engaging on owned platforms shares, people talking aboutContent/engagement planning Do not know when best to share Engagement rates by time of day/day content with fans of weekFan demographics Do not know whether social media Demographics metrics e.g. fans by age, fans match brand target audience gender, locationContent analysis Cannot work out what content Comments, likes, shares by post or resonates best with online post type community/fans WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 14
  15. 15. AnalyticsCase Study: Visa"What can we learn from our social media performance for future campaigns?" Solution: Socialbakers Analytics Visa Business Problems Pro•  Visa was the only credit card •  Visa hoped to gain insights •  Gathering metrics: company to sponsor the 2012 from the performance of their Using Socialbakers, Visa Olympic Games. main Facebook page to discovered:•  They measured the improve future campaigns. •  Olympic related posts performance of their main •  They measured a number of increased both fan growth Facebook page before, during Facebook metrics over the and engagement and after the Games. space of 4 months (May – considerably. September 2012) including: •  They had a 0% response rate. •  Fan growth •  Turning metrics into insight: •  Response rate Visa could learn from these •  Engagement rate metrics to improve their Facebook presence and future campaigns: •  Use content from large events such as the Olympics for future campaigns. •  Open their Facebook wall so fans can interact and increase the response rate. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 15
  16. 16. AnalyticsOverview of Sample Platforms" PageLever"  Google Analytics" SocialBakers WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 16
  17. 17. AnalyticsPlatform Overview PageLever Social  Google  Analy5cs SocialBakers  Analy5cs  ProStrengths •  Comprehensive  pla2orm  with   •  Powerful  free  tool.   •  Usable,  intui8ve  dashboards.   excellent  func8onality  to  analyse   •  Range  of  off  the  shelf  reports   •  Covers  Facebook,  TwiHer  and   Facebook  Pages  data.   available. YouTube  owned  pla2orms.   •  API  access  available.   •  Access  to  industry  benchmarking   to  compare  against  compe8tors.Weaknesses •  Limited  to  Facebook  Pages. •  Only  direct  referrals  from  social   •  Results  can  be  too  broad  and   channels  shown.  e.g  Hootsuite  and   difficult  to  drill  down. URL  shorteners  not  included.   •  Easy  for  data  to  be  incomplete  and   inaccurate.Best  used  for •  Analysis  of  Facebook  Pages. •  Capture  an  overall  picture  rather   •  Compe8tor  analysis.   than  a  comprehensive  view. •  Engagement  rates.   •  Performance  monitoring.Key  func8onality "The  world’s  leading  analy2cs   "Integrated  web  and  social  data   “Mul2-­‐plaCorm  dashboard  to   solu2on  for  Facebook  Pages."   provides  a  holis2c  view  of  your   measure,  compare  and  maximize   Page  alerts;  Post  tagging;  Page   content  and  community."   social  media  performance.”   Grouping  Report;  Reach  overview;   Social  conversions  report;  Social   Fan  growth;  Engagement  rates;   Custom  report  and  dashboard. sources  report;  Social  Plug-­‐ins  report   Industry  benchmarking;  Compe88ve   for  Google+  and  Facebook  Likes;   analysis;  Key  influencers;  Social   Standard  and  custom  repor8ng   interac8ons;  Response  rates;   available;  Ac8vity  Stream. Response  8me WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 17
  18. 18. 2.2 Social Business Intelligence ii.  Listening Tools Content creation Enterprise Social Platforms Engagement Tools Enterprise Activity StreamsListening Tools Community Platforms Analytics E-­‐Learning   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 18
  19. 19. What are Listening Tools? Tools that pick out and filter online conversations. Derive meaning and sentiment from mass of online noise. Typical functionality: -Sentiment analysis -Mention volumes -Geo-tagging WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 19
  20. 20. Examples of Listening Tools WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 20
  21. 21. Listening ToolsUse Cases: Example Problems and Solutions Use  Case Problem Solu5onMetrics  Repor8ng Cannot  quan8fy  the  volume  of   Quan8ta8ve  metrics  report. sen8ment  or  market  voice.Buzz  monitoring Do  not  know  what  customers  are   Monitoring  of  online   saying  about  the  brand. conversa8ons.Conversa8on  Analysis   Dont  know  how  to  extract  insights   Monitoring  and  analysis  of   from  online  conversa8ons.     posi8ve  and  nega8ve  online   conversa8ons.Iden8fying  influencers Cannot  iden8fy  who  the  key   Key  influencer  analysis. influencers  are.Campaign  Analysis Do  not  how  successful  campaigns  are. Analysis  of  social  media  data   related  to  the  campaign. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 21
  22. 22. Listening ToolsCase Study: Late Rooms"How can we deliver great customer service?" LateRooms Business Problems Solution: Brandwatch•  LateRooms used •, •  Customer Service Brandwatch to improve needed a tool that •  Brandwatch delivered customer services and would help it manage its insight to improve sales. reputation on the social customer service. E.g. web by monitoring the LateRooms turned conversations. around an incident •  The company needed a with a very angry tool that would provide online customer who real-time data to then removed all complement its previous criticism. customer service. •  LateRooms Concierge •  They also needed •  Concierge replies to research and insight to customer tweets and back up its idea for a posts. new social media •  Monitor opportunities. “Concierge” service. •  30% of Concierge deals become sales. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 22
  23. 23. Listening ToolsOverview of sample platforms" Sysomos Heartbeat" Brandwatch" Engagor"  Visible Intelligence WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 23
  24. 24. Listening Tools Platform Overview Sysomos Heartbeat Brandwatch Engagor Visible IntelligenceStrengths -Above average data quality and -Excellent segmenting, -Good geo-location -Excellent scalability engagement. filtering & categorising of data. filtering. –Good spam filtering & -Excellent geo-location -Good influencer analysis. – Very good social channel sentiment analysis functionality. engagement functionality. methodologyWeaknesses -Limited data analytics. -May not work as hard as -Below average language -Social channel engagement -Weak on non English language others to make insights easy coverage for sentiment not as strong as other sentiment. to understand analysis. platforms. -May be less suitable for -Not as much depth on –Limited workflow inexperienced users data analytics as some functionality. other tools.Best used -Social channel engagement. -In depth analytics. -Social channel -Simple to use datafor -Real time monitoring. -Real time monitoring. engagement analytics.Key "Providing constantly updated "Find, understand and use "One stop shop solution "Social insights when youfunctionality snapshots of online conversations" for social media need them." conversations." Real time monitoring; Flexible monitoring, & Real time monitoring; Topic Real time monitoring; Key metrics query set up; Good scalability; engagement." discovery; Automated measurement; Customisable Automtaic sentiment analysis; Real time monitoring, sentiment; Smart alerts and dashboard; Influencer Categorising function; Publishing and Scheduling notifications, Customisable engagement; Automated Dashboard. of content; Workflow; dashboard. sentiment; Geography; Intuitive set-up. demographics. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 24
  25. 25. 2.2 Social Business Intelligence iii. Engagement Tools Content creation / publishing Enterprise Social Platforms Engagement Tools Enterprise Activity StreamsListening Tools Community Platforms Analytics E-­‐Learning   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 25
  26. 26. What are Engagement Tools? Platforms where users can take action, respond, engage, interact and communicate directly on social networks. Typical functionality: -Content authoring and publishing -Workflow management -Analytics -Real time routing WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 26
  27. 27. Examples of Engagement Tools WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 27
  28. 28. Engagement ToolsUse Cases: Example Problems and Solutions Use Case Problem SolutionCommunity management Online content from customers is Real time routing and content not being moderated creation / publishingWorkflow Management No process concerning Workflow management system responding to actions and processCRM Online customer queries are not Real time routing and content being responded creation / publishingContent publishing Difficult to produce and publish Content authoring and social media content schedulingBuilding brand awareness Content publishing is ad hoc Content schedulingCrisis management Cannot respond to high volume Real time routing and content of posts creation / publishing WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 28
  29. 29. Engagement ToolsCase Study: HomeAwayHow do we streamline our global social media efforts?" HomeAway Inc Business Problems Solution: Spredfast•  The online holiday •  HomeAway had several •  Content publishing: rental company challenges relating to •  Streamlined process HomeAway represents their global social media to ensure users knew 640,000 holiday home programme: when and where listings in 168 countries. •  Manage social content content was due to be publishing of more scheduled for than 13 brands on publication. multiple social •  Monitoring network channels. •  HomeAway can keep •  Manage the workflows track of brand for content creation. mentions across a •  Monitor brand range of platforms. mentions. •  Engagement: •  HomeAway can manage interactions engage with their customers online effectively. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 29
  30. 30. Engagement ToolsOverview of Sample Platforms" Spredfast" Synthesio Unity"  Sprout Social" Conversocial WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 30
  31. 31. Engagement Tools Platform Overview Spredfast Unity Sprout  Social ConversocialStrengths -­‐Full  social  media   -­‐Number  of  languages.   -­‐Social  look  and  UX.   -­‐Clean  user  interface.   management  func8onality.   -­‐  Strong  integra8on   -­‐Data  visualisa8on  of   -­‐Easy  to  navigate. -­‐Very  customisable.   capabili8es.   analy8cs.   -­‐Services  a  wide  range  of  social   -­‐Services  a  good  range  of   -­‐Internal  conversa8ons. media  channels. social  media  channelsWeaknesses -­‐Number  of  func8ons  could  be   -­‐Not  for  content  crea8on  or   -­‐Permissions  level  is   -­‐Pla2orms  limited  to   confusing.   publishing.   currently  weak.   Facebook  and  TwiHer.   -­‐Cannot  post  pictures,  just   -­‐Pla2orms  limited  to   -­‐Limited  workflow  links Facebook,  TwiHer  and   management. LinkedIn.  Best  used  for -­‐To  monitor  and  respond  to   -­‐To  monitor  and  respond  to   -­‐To  monitor  and  respond  to   -­‐For  smaller  brands.     online  conversa8ons.   online  conversa8ons.   online  conversa8ons.   -­‐To  monitor  and  respond  to   -­‐Engaging  on  social  media.   -­‐Workflow  management. -­‐Engaging  on  social  media.   online  conversa8ons.   -­‐Workflow  management. -­‐Workflow  management. -­‐Engaging  on  social  media.Key   "Monitoring,  Engagement,   "One  simple  tool  for  social   "We  help  businesses  delight   "Powering  Social  Customer  func8onality Measurement  &  Co-­‐ordina2on   support."   their  audience  and  get  real   Service."   for  the  Enterprise."   Inbox  interface;  Conversa8on   value."   Intui8ve  user  interface;   Organisa8on  by  internal  teams,   history;  3  8er  permission   Easy  to  manage  inbox;   Priority  Response  Engine  to   customised  internal  workflow,   levels;  Monitor  conversa8ons   Powerful  content  publishing   filter  noise;  Content   Mul8  channel  content  crea8on   in  over  30  languages;   and  scheduling  including   publishing  and  scheduling;   and  publishing;  Internal  content   Integrate  with  enterprise  CRM   Sprout  Queue;  Team   Priority  inbox. library;  Social  inbox;  Content   systems;  Real  8me  rou8ng;   members  can  discuss  on   calendar. Response  valida8on  process   internal  conversa8on   for  managers.   thread;  Visualised  analy8cs   reports.;  Monitor   compe8tors. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 31
  32. 32. 2.2 Social Business Intelligence iv. Content Creation Content Creation Enterprise Social Platforms Engagement Tools Enterprise Activity StreamsListening Tools Community Platforms Analytics E-­‐Learning   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 32
  33. 33. What are Content Creation Tools? Tools that facilitate the creation and distribution of socially enabled and / or interactive content. Typical functionality: -Content creation templates -Distributing content to a number of social media channels. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 33
  34. 34. Examples of Content Creation Tools WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 34
  35. 35. Content Creation ToolsUse Cases: Example Problems and Solutions Use  Case Problem Solu5onContent  distribu8on Difficult  to  publish  social  media  on  a   Content  distribu8on number  of  channelsBuilding  brand  awareness Content  publishing  is  ad  hoc Content  schedulingBuilding  unified  brand   Style  of  content  on  sites  is  not   Content  crea8onpresence consistentReal  8me  broadcas8ng Cant  share  conferences  online  in  real   Live  streaming 8meContent  crea8on Crea8ng  content  that  is  engaging   Content  design  template WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 35
  36. 36. Content CreationCase Study: Canon"How can we inspire creativity?" Canon Business Problems Solution: Thismoment DEC•  Canon USA inspired fans to •  Canon and the Oscar winning •  Project Imagin8tion creativity with a YouTube user- director, Ron Howard, needed a •  Thismoments Distributed generated photo contest. platform to facilitate the Project Engagement Platform was used Imagin8ion campaign. to power the campaign, a user- •  The project set out to prove that generated photo contest on photography could be used as a YouTube. creative vehicle to inspire the •  Users could submit photos production of a film. based on 8 themes to inspire the production of a short Hollywood film. •  A unified social presence •  The Imagin8tion brand channel was linked to Flickr, Facebook and Twitter and give users a unified social experience in a single, centrally located channel. •  when you find me •  After more than 150,000 user submissions, 1 photo was chosen from each category to serve as inspiration for the short film when you find me. •  The YouTube brand channel had 1.4 million channel views in the space of less than 2 months. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 36
  37. 37. Content CreationOverview of Sample Platforms" Thismoment"  Buddy Media WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 37
  38. 38. Content Creation ToolsPlatform Overview Thismoment  Distributed  Engagement  Channel Buddy  Media  ProfileBuddy  /  ReachBuddy  Strengths -­‐Best  in  class  content  crea8on  func8onality   -­‐Clear  delinea8on  between  types  of  content   -­‐Excellent  user  experience.   crea8on:    ProfileBuddy    to  create  interac8ve   content  for  sites  and  ReachBuddy  to  create  and   embed  social  content  on  sites.   -­‐Simple  back  end  templates  to  create  content.Weaknesses -­‐Provides  the  infrastructure  to  create  pages  –   -­‐2  content  crea8on  products  could  be  confusing. Thismoment  have  to  develop  the  backend  page.Best  used  for -­‐Marke8ng  campaigns.   -­‐Marke8ng  campaigns.   -­‐Brand  channels.   -­‐Companies  who  want  to  design  and  publish  their   -­‐User  generated  content. own  content.Key  func8onality "A  complete  social  content  management   "Power  social  content  across  the  web."   plaCorm."     Part  of  a  suite  of  5  social  enterprise  marke8ng   Robust  content  management  system  from  crea8on   products;  More  than  50  social  applica8ons  including   to  distribu8on;  Mul8-­‐media  Theatre  module  to   quizzes  and  sweepstakes;  Backend  templates  with   design  pages  with  mul8-­‐media  content;  Manage   exis8ng  themes,  assets  and  CSS;  Content  publisher   across  mul8ple  channels  –  earned,  paid  and  owned;   and  scheduler;  Anayl8cs;  Dashboard   Flexible  front-­‐end;  Customisable  and  easy  to  use   ProfileBuddy:  Create  and  deploy  customised   iframes  for  design  and  crea8on;  Analy8cs;   content.   Conversa8on  organisa8on. ReachBuddy:  Create  manage,  track  and  embed   social  content WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 38
  39. 39. 2.3 Enterprise 2.0 Tools i. Enterprise Social Platforms Content Creation Enterprise Social Platforms Engagement Tools Enterprise Activity StreamsListening Tools Community PlatformsAnalytics E-­‐Learning   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 39
  40. 40. What are Enterprise Social Platforms? Internal platforms that offer portal like functionality in addition to social tools. Typical functionality includes: -Blog -Document collaboration -Profiles   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 40
  41. 41. Examples of Enterprise Social Platforms WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 41
  42. 42. Enterprise Social PlatformsUse Cases: Example Problems and Solutions Use  Case   Problem   Example  Solu5on    Content  Collabora5on   Version  control  of  documents   Wiki  based  system    Content  Management   Cura8ng  content     Document  management  systemContent  Publishing Difficult  to  publish  internal   Blog       informa8on      Employee  Collabora5on Lack  of  employee  collabora8on Wiki,  document  sharing    Knowledge  Management Informa8on  silos   Document  sharing,  blog,  profilesCommunity  Building Cannot  connect  with  groups  of   On-­‐line  community employees  Social  Networking Employees  cannot  network  with   Social  networking  site other  employees  in  different   loca8onsIntranet Intranet  is  sta8c  with  no  social   Social  intranet  site   features  Directory Employees  cannot  find  colleagues Profiles   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 42
  43. 43. Enterprise Social PlatformsCase Study: Vodafone"How do we break out of our information silos and drive synergies across our talented teams?" Solution: Jive Social Vodafone Germany Business Problems Business Platform•  Vodafone used Jive to •  Problems due to data silos •  Share documents manage their online and little sharing of best Sales teams can easily community of practice: share documents with international operational other departments such as companies. •  Existing systems were not finance or IT. intuitive and did not •  People finder•  Further use by Vodafone provide integrated Profiles make it easier to Germany’s enterprise information. find people with business unit with a •  Staff could not quickly specialised expertise. salesforce of 1000+, in 8 find specialised expertise. •  Broaden business regions. •  Best practice was not discussions widely available to sales Uncovers business teams facing similar discussions, a wider range situations. of topics and people. •  Answer questions quickly Enables staff to display answers to frequently asked questions. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 43
  44. 44. Enterprise Social PlatformsOverview of Sample Platforms"  Jive Social Business Platform" Atlassian Confluence"  IBM Connections"  Microsoft SharePoint WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 44
  45. 45. Enterprise Social Platforms Platform Overview Jive  PlaNorm         Confluence   Connec5ons   SharePoint    Strengths -Market leader (Aug 2011 -Best in class enterprise -Tested and scalable -Pervasive market Forrester Report). wiki. (designed to solve IBMs presence. -Full suite of social business -Free licence options for own internal challenges). -Integration with Microsoft apps. not for profit sector. - Excellent integration software (e.g Outlook, with email and calendars. Office).Weaknesses -Number of functions can be - Not really a social -Reliance on other IBM -Poor user experience. confusing and complicates the networking platform (but products to provide a full -Weak social features look and feel of the user starting to develop social social experience. when compared with interface. features) competitors. -3 year product release.Best used for -Social intranet. -Social intranet. -Social intranet, -A base to integrate with -Knowledge management. -Knowledge management. -Knowledge best in class social software -Community building. -Collaboration. management. -Document management -Collaboration. -Community building. and repository. -Social Networking. -Collaboration. -Social intranet. -Social networking.Key "A suite of social business "The Enterprise Wiki" "The 10 Components" "Makes it easier for peoplefunctionality apps" Collaborative spaces, Page Communities; Files; to work together" Document collaboration; hierarchy, Permissions; Wikis; Profiles; Blogs; Sites; Composites; Insights; Social Profiles; Microblogging, Blogs. Bookmarks; Activities; Communities; Content; Activity Streams; Blog; Home Page; Forums; Search. Enhanced Search; Like / Social Analytics. Ratings. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 45
  46. 46. 2.3 Enterprise 2.0 ii. Enterprise Activity Streams Content Creation Enterprise Social Platforms Engagement Tools Enterprise Activity StreamsListening Tools Community PlatformsAnalytics E-­‐Learning   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 46
  47. 47. What are Enterprise Activity StreamPlatforms? Platforms that have a core microblogging functionality and focus on the activity stream. Enterprise social platforms will however often have activity stream functionality. Typical functionality: -Social networking -File upload -Groups WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 47
  48. 48. Examples of Enterprise Activity StreamPlatforms WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 48
  49. 49. Enterprise Activity StreamsUse Cases: Example Problems and Solutions Use Case Problem Example SolutionEmployee Collaboration Lack of employee collaboration Activity streamKnowledge Management Information silos Activity streamCommunity Building Cannot connect with groups of On-line community employeesSocial Networking Employees cannot network with Social networking site other employees in different locationsProblem resolution Help desk cannot respond to Microblogging queries in real timeDirectory Employees cannot find Profiles colleagues WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 49
  50. 50. Enterprise Activity StreamsCase Study: NASA"How can we share and foster tacit collective intelligence?" NASA Business Problems Solution: Socialcast•  The NASAsphere pilot •  Becoming difficult to •  Launch programme explored the generate new ideas: •  Users were asked to post use of social networking in •  Geographically dispersed: five questions or ideas. NASA to facilitate increasing input required •  Answer or comment on collective knowledge. from people across NASA at least two questions or centres to solve ideas. problems. •  Create personal profile. •  Ageing workforce. •  Functionality: •  Needed to find a •  Created groups and convenient, unobtrusive uploaded publicly and quick way for available material. employees and •  File topics, add contractors to record and keywords to enable share their tacit content search. knowledge. •  Online community grew from 78 accounts to 295 by the end of the pilot. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 50
  51. 51. Enterprise Activity StreamsOverview of Sample Platforms"   VMware Socialcast"   Yammer" Salesforce Chatter WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 51
  52. 52. Enterprise Activity StreamsPlatform Overview Socialcast   Yammer   ChaQer    Strengths   -­‐Ideas  management  func8onality.   -­‐Content  collabora8on.   -­‐Workflow  approval  with   -­‐Clean  user  interface.   -­‐  Viral  adop8on  model.   Salesforce  CRM.   -­‐Integra8on  with  other   Salesforce  applica8ons.    Weaknesses   -­‐No  instant  messaging.   -­‐Security  levels  could  be  beHer  in  the   -­‐Less  func8onality  than   free  version.   Socialcast  and  Yammer.  Best  used  for   -­‐Social  networking.   -­‐Social  networking.   -­‐Social  networking,   -­‐Employee  collabora8on.   -­‐Employee  collabora8on.   -­‐Employee  collabora8on,     -­‐Ideas  management.   -­‐Document  collabora8on.   -­‐Social  workflow  management  Key   "A  private  social  network  for  your   "Extends  knowledge,  ideas,  and   "Make  business  process  func5onality   company."   experiences."     social."   Ac8vity  streams  from  across  the   Personal  inbox;  Instant  messaging;   Social  workflow  management;   network;  Polls;  Town  Hall  Plugin;   Conversa8on  feed;  Yammer  Pages;   Recommenda8ons;  Smart   Visual  org  chart;  Idea  management   Leaderboards  /  Praise  badges;  Polls;   search;  Instant  messaging;   –  create,  share  vote;  Thanks   Ac8vity  stream  8cker.   Strong  integra8on  with   badges.     Salesforce  CRM.   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 52
  53. 53. 2.3 Enterprise 2.0 iii. Community Platforms* * Can be both used for customers and employees Content Creation Enterprise Social Platforms Engagement Tools Enterprise Activity StreamsListening Tools Community PlatformsAnalytics E-­‐Learning   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 53
  54. 54. What are Community Platforms? Platforms used to build online communities. Can be used internally and externally for both employee communities and customer communities. Typical functionality: -Forums -User groups WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 54
  55. 55. Examples of Community Platforms WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 55
  56. 56. Community PlatformsUse Cases: Example Problems and Solutions Use Case Problem Example SolutionConnecting to experts Customer has a technical query Experts communityCustomer self service Customer has a general query Peer to peer discussion forum regarding a serviceCollective community building Group of people with a common On-line community interest want to share experiences and thoughtsEmployee Collaboration Groups of employees wish to On-line community work with other groups WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 56
  57. 57. Community PlatformsCase Study: Macmillan Cancer Support"How can we give ongoing support to people affected by cancer?" Solution: Telligent Macmillan Cancer Support Business Problems Community• Macmillan  built  on  online   •  Macmillan wanted to create •  Online community community  for  those  affected   an online space for people •  Created an interactive by  cancer  to  get  peer  advice   affected by cancer to online community for peer and  support.   connect with each other. support. •  They wanted to give people •  Peer engagement the chance to share their •  Members can create experience and to access blogs, post status updates information. and contribute to discussions. •  Expert advice •  Macmillan provides clinical information and latest news via blogs. •  Reach •  Reach of more than 60,000 members from 3 countries. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 57
  58. 58. Community PlatformsOverview of Sample Platforms"   Telligent"   Lithium Community Everywhere WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 58
  59. 59. Community PlatformsPlatform Overview Telligent Lithium Community EverywhereStrengths -Range of community platform products for -Scalable apps - can build branded community both customers (Telligent Community) and space on websites, deploy in different areas on the employees (Telligent Enterprise). website, link to Facebook and Twitter. -Can connect employee networks with -Easy to customise and configure. customer communities. -Excellent integration capabilities.Weaknesses -In the UK, need to source an external delivery -Integration with other content management team to build the community. systems could be stronger.Best used for - Creating a unified community experience. -Creating a unified community experience. - Employee collaboration within a community -Adding a community layer to existing sites. platform.Key functionality "Social community to enhance customer "Extends knowledge, ideas, and experiences." relationships, build stronger brands & attract Easy to create and customise widgets; Social apps new members." including forums, polls and gamification features Online reputation management system; such as badges; Renowned for expertise in Dynamic content scoring; Discovery of experts; community management. Social tools e.g activity streams, hashtags; Polls Telligent Enterprise - Central knowledge hub, Profiles; Workspaces. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 59
  60. 60. 2.3 Enterprise 2.0 iv. E-learning Content Creation Enterprise Social Platforms Engagement Tools Enterprise Activity StreamsListening Tools Community PlatformsAnalytics E-­‐Learning   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 60
  61. 61. What are E-learning Platforms? In this context, e-learning platforms with social functionality. Typical functionality: -Collaborative features such as blogs. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 61
  62. 62. Examples of E-learning Platforms WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 62
  63. 63. E-learning PlatformsUse Cases: Example Problem and Solutions Use Case Problem Example SolutionOnline assessments Cannot create an engaging Interactive e-learning platform platform for learnersExperience sharing Learners cannot share their Blog experience WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 63
  64. 64. E-learning PlatformsCase Study: Travelex GBP"How can we get new staff up to speed quicker?" Travelex Global Business Business Problems Solution: Composica Payments•  Travelex Global Business •  Travelex had difficulty getting •  Modules Payments, a division of their UK sales team together •  Produced 140 training Travelex Global, has in one of its offices to modules taken in implemented a complete induction training. conjunction with classroom comprehensive e-learning •  The induction period was 4 training. solution, to meet their weeks – Travelex aimed to •  Induction induction and on-going reduce this to 2 weeks. •  Composica was used for training needs. •  Travelex decided to use a Travelexs new induction combination of classroom programme to train their based training and e-learning. new sales staff. •  New starters were trained more quickly and reached targets sooner when compared with previous induction programme. •  Adoption •  Laid the foundations for the adoption of e-learning throughout Travelex UK. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 64
  65. 65. E-learning PlatformsOverview of Sample Platforms"   TOPYX Learning Management System" Composica E-learning Authoring System WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 65
  66. 66. E-learning PlatformsPlatform Overview TOPYX  Learning  Management  System   Composica  E-­‐learning  Authoring  System     Strengths   -­‐Best  in  class  learning  management   -­‐Social  content  crea8on  and  authoring.   pla2orm  with  social  func8onality.     Weaknesses   -­‐Cannot  create  interac8ve  e-­‐learning   -­‐Not  a  learning  management  system.   games.   Best  used  for   -­‐Learning  management  system.   -­‐Content  crea8on.   -­‐Collabora8on  in  learning.   -­‐Collabora8on  in  learning  and  content   crea8on.   Key  func5onality   "Embed  modern  social  learning  tools   "Powerful  web-­‐based  WYSIWYG  authoring   into  tradi2onal  LMS  features  and  watch   environment."     learners  thrive"   Content  crea8on  and  authoring  including   Content  distribu8on  and  management;   games;  Task  management;  Separate   Available  in  other  languages;  Social   collabora8ve  features  for  authors  and   features  including  blogs  and   learners;  Available  in  other  languages;   communi8es;  Course  management  and   Interac8ve  game  crea8on.   administra8on;  Integra8on  with  exis8ng     pla2orms.   WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 66
  67. 67. 2.4 Customisation Most of the platforms covered in this report will have a degree of customisation available. However, there are options available should a business want a more a bespoke approach: Custom built platforms are designed and developed for the business. These have the benefit of being tailor made for the Example of custom build (Ruby on Rails) business but can be expensive. -Example technology: Ruby on Rails; PHP Open Source Platforms provide a framework to develop social platforms – many are highly customisable to suit the businesss needs. -Example technology:  Wordpress,  Buddypress;  Drupal;  Elgg   Example of customised Wordpress WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 67
  68. 68. 2.5 BLOOM Social Technology Consultancy This report has outlined a number of social tools and vendors. It is, however, not intended as an exhaustive or definitive list of tools and vendors. BLOOM can provide social technology consultancy to help you to choose the right tool for your business. We will consult with you to understand your business and user requirements and will audit suitable platforms for your needs. We are platform and vendor agnostic and will recommend the best tool suited to your business and user needs. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 68
  69. 69. 2.6 BLOOM Vendor Audit Process"   BLOOM offers social technology vendor auditing as part of our core offering. This service includes: –  Needs analysis research (department or organisation) –  Priority criteria evaluation –  Full technology vendor audit (we are vendor agnostic) –  RFP process management –  Selection consultancy –  Stakeholder engagement –  Implementation roadmap and education"   We have provided social technology consultancy to leading blue chip clients including: –  End-to-end Pan-European social listening tool audit consultancy –  Pan-European engagement tool vendor audit and consultancy WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 69
  70. 70. 2.7 SummaryIn this report, we have provided an overview of the social technology landscape anda selection of tools for Social Business Intelligence and Enterprise 2.0.Our key messages are:"   The social technology landscape is constantly evolving: be aware of changes and developments to core functionality."   There is rarely a one size fits all platform."   Social technology should not ultimately be about the technology but people."   Understand the user and business needs to gain the best adoption and most effective use of social technology. BLOOM can provide further advice and information on choosing the right social tool for you. For more information on how social technology can help your business and BLOOMs social technology offering, please contact us! This report was written by Miranda Man, Social Business Strategist at BLOOM WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 70
  71. 71. 2.8 GlossaryAnalytics: qualitative or quantitative evaluation of online data.Social Media Listening: listening to and deriving meaning from online conversations.Community Management: engaging, interacting and analysing social conversations and branded activity.Blog: enables lower barrier to web authorship.Wiki: allows users to create and edit content in real timeRSS Feeds: pull based communication streamsVoting: Liking / rating contentSocial Bookmarking: tagging and sharing interesting contentSocial Networking: person to person connectionsOnline communities: fostering online groupsMicroblogging: status updates, posting content in real time WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM 71