Burberry social business case study


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Burberry are a British luxury brand and the 98th most valuable brand in the world. They are one of the most advanced companies when it comes to social business – but how do they do it?

In this case study we explore the core areas of Burberry's brand that have made the company the well-rounded social business that it is today.

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Burberry social business case study

  2. 2. •  British luxury brand covering clothing, accessories and perfumes •  98th most valuable brand in the world •  Founded in 1856 •  Currently employing over 9,000 employees •  First luxury brand to achieve 1 million Facebook likesWWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  3. 3. Burberry’s social business aimsWhat does Burberry want to achieve? Keep traditional andCustomers have total Consistent feeling of heritage of the access to Burberry the brand and culture company at the anytime, anywhere throughout digital and forefront of the digital across any device stores branding Total integration among the company, Become fully digital its employees, its end to end. customers, and the all-important brand. WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  4. 4. Social business programmesHow are departments across the organisation involved in the programme? MARKETING Burberry World •  Burberry World is a suite of apps by Salesforce that HR SALES allows sales, service staff and customers to interact as one community •  Chatter app allows sales and service staff to access traditional CRM data alongside social customer PRODUCT B2B SALES data and facilitates PLANNING customer engagement in social media CUSTOMER SERVICE WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  5. 5. Social business programmesHow are departments across the organisation involved in the programme? Burberry World MARKETING •  The Burberry World website allows customers HR SALES to connect with all aspects of the business such as its heritage, music, video and product offers •  It offers social shopping with the option to instant chat with customer service PRODUCT representatives B2B SALES PLANNING •  Customer service staff trained in social media engagement CUSTOMER SERVICE WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  6. 6. Social business programmesHow are departments across the organisation involved in the programme? Customers lead the way MARKETING •  Customers can remotely participate in fashion HR SALES shows and order items directly off the runway •  Customers can suggest designs for the next iconic trench coat •  Burberry pre-tests aspects of marketing and PRODUCT communication content B2B SALES PLANNING through Buddy Media, co- developed with the community CUSTOMER SERVICE WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  7. 7. Social business programmesHow are departments across the organisation involved in the programme? “The Art of the Trench” MARKETING •  Leverage existing Burberry customers to generate HR SALES content and inspire their peers •  Users add and interact with photos of people wearing the famous trench •  Standalone social media platform for brand control PRODUCT over look and feel B2B SALES PLANNING •  Allows interaction via Facebook, email, Twitter, or Delicious CUSTOMER SERVICE WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  8. 8. Organisational culture and approachWhat values and approach did Burberry need to adopt to make it happen? Be everywhere •  Approached social media to be everywhere the consumer is Total integration •  All social and digital platforms connected for seamless integration Co-creation •  Networked communities working together to innovate One brand voice •  Strong sense of brand identity across all online communications platforms Cross organisational mobilisation •  All employees and departments empowered to collaborate with each other and with customers WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
  9. 9. “Everyone now can come into Burberry World and see the journey and mission that Burberry is on. And for any CEO that is skeptical at all: You have to create a social enterprise today. You have to be totally connected with everyone that touches your brand. If you dont do that, I dont know what your business model is in five years.”   Angela Ahrendts, Burberry CEO WWW.BLOOMSOCIALBUSINESS.COM
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