5 ways your brand should be engaging Millennials in 2014


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Millennials display distinct behaviours, values and attitudes from previous generations as a response to the technological and economic implications of the internet. Here are some tips on how to connect with this demographic as its impact as a consumer base takes shape.

5 ways your brand should be engaging Millennials in 2014

  1. 1. 5  ways  your  brand   should  be  engaging   Millennials  in  2014 A  SlideShare  Presenta<on The  18-­‐34  age  group  of  digital  na6ves  
  2. 2. Who  are  Millennials  in  2014?   Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014 Millennials  display  dis<nct  behaviours,  values  and   aGtudes  from  previous  genera<ons  as  a  response  to  the   technological  and  economic  implica<ons  of  the  internet !   Young  adults  aged  between  18  and  34 !   Op1mis1c  and  engaged  team  players  with  high  expecta2ons  of  life  and   work !   Pragma2c  idealists    demonstra1ng  a  deep  desire  to  make  the  world  a  be;er   place,  combined  with  an  understanding  that  doing  so  is  complex !   Digital  na2ves  who  intui1vely  integrate  media  and  digital  technology  into   their  lives  and  expect  the  world  to  do  the  same !   Brand  iden2fica2on  is  as  important  as  religion  and  ethnicity  when  it  comes   to  personal  iden1fiers. www.bloomworldwide.com  
  3. 3. Why  are  Millennials   important  to  you? Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014 There  are  80  million  globally  –  they  are  larger  than  any  genera<on  before   them By  2025  they  will  make  up  75%  of  the  global  workforce They  are  the  upcoming  economic  powerhouse  with  vast  spending  power   today Millennials  are  demanding  that  your  brand  and  business  change. www.bloomworldwide.com  
  4. 4. 5  ways  your  brand  should  be   engaging  Millennials  in  2014 1.  Teach  me 2.  Explore  with  me 3.  Distract  me 4.  Take  me 5.  Show  me. www.bloomworldwide.com   Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  5. 5. Teach  me Millennials  are  constantly  learning  and   acquiring  new  skills.   www.bloomworldwide.com !  They  know  how  to  search  online  to  quickly  find  the   informa1on  they  need. !  Online  tutorials  and  ‘how  to’  guides  are  popular  with   Millennials. Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  6. 6. European  Millennials  strongly  agree  that  it   is  important  to  con<nue  to  develop  new   skills  throughout  life. 42% www.bloomworldwide.com Forty-­‐two  percent Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  7. 7. www.bloomworldwide.com Facilitate  con1nuous  learning  by   providing  resources  or  a  plaGorm  for   sharing Champion  skills,  both  new  and   tradi1onal Open  up  your  design  and   development  processes. Teach  me Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  8. 8. Explore  with  me Millennials  love  their  city,  but  they  want  to   see  it  through  new  eyes. www.bloomworldwide.com !  They  want  to  explore  secret  or  hidden  parts  of  the   city  they  know  and  love !  They  seek  escapism  and  green  spaces  amongst  the   hustle  and  bustle. Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  9. 9. European  Millennials  live  in  urban  or   suburban  areas. 84% Eighty-­‐four  percent www.bloomworldwide.com Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  10. 10. Image:  James  Guppy  @  Flickr Demonstrate  new  ways  to  use   urban  buildings  or  environments Showcase  the  city’s  hidden  past Crowdsource  ‘secret’  loca1ons   and  underground  spots. Explore  with  me Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  11. 11. Distract  me Millennials  crave  distrac<on  and  want  to   escape  the  frustra<on  or  boredom  of  9-­‐5. www.bloomworldwide.com !  They  want  to  be  entertained  with  experiences  that   allow  them  to  escape  from  the  day  to  day !  Gaming  offers  an  immersive  way  to  escape  reality. Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  12. 12. European  Millennials  have  a  strong  interest   in  gaming 48% Forty-­‐eight  percent www.bloomworldwide.com Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  13. 13. Image:  Sergey  Galyonkin  @  Flickr Offer  immersive  experiences  that   allow  Millennials  to  escape  reality Provide  rich  audio  and  visuals Create  distrac1ons. Distract  me. Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  14. 14. Take  me The  dream  of  living  abroad  is  a  reality  for   many  Millennials. www.bloomworldwide.com !  They  are  driven  by  their  curiosity  of  other  cultures   and  the  need  to  experience  a  different  way  of  life !  For  some,  working  abroad  is  a  necessary  solu1on  to   a  poor  economic  situa1on. Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  15. 15. European  Millennials  would  like  to  live  and   work  abroad. 47% Forty-­‐seven  percent www.bloomworldwide.com Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  16. 16. Image:  Christopher  Elison  @  Flickr Help  Millennials  embrace  new   cultures  and  learn  different  ways   of  life Provide  expats  with  home   comforts. Take  me Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  17. 17. Show  me Millennials  use  images  to  communicate   over  words.   www.bloomworldwide.com !  An  image  will  say  much  more  to  a  Millennial  than  a   block  of  text !  Millennials  use  images  as  a  way  to  prove  something   happened. Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  18. 18. European  Millennials  regularly  use  their   mobile  phone  to  post  photos  online. 57% Fi^y-­‐seven  percent www.bloomworldwide.com Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  19. 19. Image:  Androidred  @  Flickr Tell  stories  through  images Keep  words  to  a  minimum Explore  crea1ve  ways  to   encourage  photo  sharing. Show  me Source:  BLOOM  Worldwide  Millennials  Study  2014
  20. 20. Now  it’s  your  turn  to  get  involved!   We’re  running  a  short  and  snappy  survey  to  find  out  what   businesses  are  thinking  about  in  their  approach  to  digital   marke<ng  to  the  Millennial  genera<on.   If  you  work  for  a  brand  or  organisa<on  who  targets  (or   wants  to  target)  Millennials,  please  spare  5  minutes  to   complete  our  survey.   Click  here  to  complete  the  Millennials  survey www.bloomworldwide.com
  21. 21. For  more  informa<on  on  how  to   make  your  digital  and  social   presence  work  harder  to  engage   Millennials,  get  in  touch Digital  (social  media  in  par6cular)  ma?ers  to  Millennials     A  SlideShare  Presenta<on www.bloomworldwide.com @bloomworldwide +44  (0)  1273  732  626 hello@bloomworldwide.com