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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Jennifer BloomingdaleEducational Technology Specialist Former 5th Grade Teacher
  2. 2. Resources and Links All links and resources can be found at: 
  3. 3. Netbooks Dell Latitude 2100 with Ubuntu OS How did we get them?
  4. 4. How did it change my teaching? More student directed Students worked at own pace Spent more time 1-on-1 Students held accountable Major changes in curriculum  Wiki Literature Circles  Math These changes took place over the course of two years, not all at once!
  5. 5. Wiki Literature Circles  What did literature circles look like in my room?  Students were given a list of about ten books to chose from.  Groups of 2 or 3 students  I meet with students once a week  Students have a week to read their set number of chapters, and then fill in a response form on their wiki page.
  6. 6. Response Form  Short summaries of each chapter read  3 Vocabulary words  Definition  Synonym  Sentence  3 Thinking Questions for the group  Journal Entry
  7. 7. How did I assess my students?  Students are graded using a rubric that includes:  Participation  Respect  Comprehension  Journal Entry  Questions  Vocabulary  Response to Partners Entry  Rubric was created at rubistar.
  8. 8. What changes did I see?  Students were more engaged and actively participate in discussions.  Students were excited to talk about what they read.  Students were excited to read.
  9. 9. Mathematics Units My school used Everyday Mathematics Both units were based on Everyday Math with other resources integrated.  City Planning: Geometry Unit  Fraction/Decimal/Percent
  10. 10. Mathematics How did I assess?  Periodic quizzes  One-on-one Meetings  Rubric for final projects What changes did I see?  Students enjoyed working at the their own pace  I spent more time one-on-one supporting students  A majority of students were consistently engaged
  11. 11. Other Integrated Projects Mixbook Glogster Spelling City GoogleDocs 50 State Wiki Progressive Story Project I Am Statements Wordle Avatar Poems
  12. 12. Things to keep in mind.. Isolation Guidelines Internet safety Evaluating Resources Typing Skills
  13. 13. What my students thought… We use our Netbooks to do a lot of work. We do typing, practicing the alphabet, research on the Internet and we are able to share our work with the whole class, even the whole school if we wanted to. I like looking for pictures on Google images to go with my writing, such as poems, science experiments and geography! They are a big help because everything is stored so easily and you are not in danger of losing them. I love them for this reason.
  14. 14. What my students thought.. I think the netbooks help us by using them daily we have more time to practice typing. The netbooks also help when we are writing stories or paragraphs. I like the netbooks because it is fun to be able to learn how to type fast.
  15. 15. What my studentsthought… I like the net books because they can store documents and folders. Theyre really fast and great to work on. Its awesome that we have our own so we can get work done on our own faster. Instead of waiting for one computer that is really slow. I think that the netbooks help me because if I am stuck, the computer can help me figure it out. If it can’t help me than I would ask my teacher or another adult for help. I like the netbooks because you can do most of your work on the computer instead of paper.
  16. 16. What my students thought… I think that the netbooks help us in the classroom by letting us use our computers to search for information on the web without having to wait for your turn to use the classroom computer. They also let us work on individual projects without having to wait for other people to get done with their projects. Another way that netbooks us is that they allow us to work much faster than to write everything out on paper. We are lucky to have these tools.
  17. 17. Questions?