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Fundraising For Elites


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Larry C. Johnson, an internationally recognized philanthropy and fundraising coach, will show you how to build a fundraising program that delivers sustainable revenue that grows year-in and year-out.

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Fundraising For Elites

  1. 1. Fundraising  for  Elites   1/8/15   1pm  Eastern   The  presentation  will  begin  shortly.
  2. 2. Before  We  Get  Started 3 This  presentation  is  being  recorded!   The  recording  and  slides  will  be  emailed  to  you     later  this  afternoon.   Please  chat  in  any  questions  for  our  guest.     We  will  answer  them  in  the  formal  Q&A  session     at  the  end  of  the  presentation.
  3. 3. 3
  4. 4. 3 Our  guest  presenter  » Larry C Johnson, CFRE Author of the award-wining book, The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising, Larry is ranked in the Top 15 Fundraising Consultants in the United States by the Wall Street Business Network. He was awarded the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Outstanding Development Executive distinction in 2010.
  5. 5. Why  &  What   •  Are  you  here  because  you  want  to  raise  more   money  in  2015?   •  Do  you  want  to  keep  on  raising  more  money,   year  in  and  year  out?   •  Do  you  see  what  you  do  as  a  calling?  
  6. 6. ©2014 The Eight Principles LARRY  C.  JOHNSON,  CFRE              JANUARY  8,  2015   Fundraising for Elites Bloomerang Webinar Series
  7. 7. My  Thanks   •  To  each  of  you  for  parQcipaQng  today   •  To  Bloomerang,  our  host  
  8. 8. Today  You’ll  Learn   •  The  primary  obstacle  to  success   •  One  of  the  eight  fundamental   principles  governing  philanthropic   revenue  growth   •  Why  it’s  essenQal  but  counterintuiQve  
  9. 9. A  LiUle  About  Me   •  Twenty  five  years  in  small  and  large  programs —in  staff,  leadership  and  coaching  roles.       •  Built  two   •  Closed  over  $50M   •  NaQonal  scope  in  educaQon,  health  care,   social  service,  arts,  youth,  community,  and   faith  based.  
  10. 10. Where  Do  You  Start?   •  Direct  mail   •  Crowdfunding   •  Peer-­‐to-­‐peer   •  Events   •  Direct  one-­‐on-­‐one  solicitaQon   •  Telephone  solicitaQon   •  Data  regression/research  
  11. 11. Process   •  Tools   •  Techniques   •  Silver  bullets  
  12. 12. Paradigm   •  Framework   •  Specific  to  you  
  13. 13. Parameters   •  Size,  demography,  geography  and  core  values   of  both  those  served  and  those  who  invest   •  Revenue  streams   •  Mission   •  Others?  
  14. 14. Principle   •  Universal   •  Always  operaQng   •  Unchanging    
  15. 15. Gravity  
  16. 16. Overcome  the  primary   obstacle  to  success: Start  in  the  right  place.  
  17. 17. The  Eight  Principles  of     Sustainable  Fundraising®  
  18. 18. Principle  5:    Work  from  the  Inside  Out™  
  19. 19. Focus  your  fundraising  first  on  those  who,  by   relaQonship  and/or  affinity,  have  the  strongest   reasons  to  give.     That  is,  your  fundraising  elites.    
  20. 20. Your  Fundraising  Elites  
  21. 21. A  Fundraising  Elite.  .  .   •  Shares  your  endgame  goals   •  Has  dreams  which  are  supported—and   encouraged—by  your  organizaQon’s  values   •  Has  a  built-­‐in  affinity  for  you  through   relaQonship  
  22. 22. Why  Elites  First?   •  Focuses  upon  those  who  have  the  strongest   reasons  to  give.  .  .  and  give.  .  .   •  Networks  are  king:    people  give  to  people   •  Donors  bring  uneven  commitment  and   differing  resources  
  23. 23. AcQons  Not  Just  Ideas   •  List  five  donors  whom  you  feel  qualify  as   fundraising  elites.   •  Imagine  all  the  ways  you  can  engage  your   elites.  
  24. 24. You  Achieve  Ongoing  Growth.  .  .   •  When  you  understand  and  apply  all  Eight   Principles  and   •  When  you  create  a  paradigm  specific  to  you   and  that  works  within  The  Eight  Principles  and   •  When  you  expend  consistent  effort  
  25. 25. AcQons  Not  Just  Ideas   •  What  three  acQons  can  you  take  based  upon   what  we’ve  discussed  today?   •  List  two  acQviQes  which  you  will  cease  doing   as  a  result  of  today’s  discussion.  
  26. 26. How  You  Can  Learn  More   •  “Discover  the  unique.  .  .”   – hUp://   •  Five  complimentary  one-­‐on-­‐one  15min   consults     –   •  The  Eight  Principles  book  ($15  vs.  $29)   –  
  27. 27. Questions?
  28. 28. Free  educational  resources  » •Daily  blog  post   •Weekly  webinars   •Downloadables   •Nonprofit  Wrap-­‐Up   •Bloomerang  TV