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  4. Lauren Laski Lauren Laski is a Customer Success Manager at Bloomerang. She lives in the Indianapolis area. She has 11 years of fundraising experience for arts and human services nonprofits and is a CFRE. Outside of Bloomerang, her passions are theater/opera, corrupting her nieces and nephews, and her two cats. Customer Success Manager
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  6. Donations and Pledges Part 1
  7. What will we cover today? ● Terms ○ What is the difference between raised funds vs. revenue? ○ What is a donation vs. a recurring donation? ○ What’s a pledge versus a pledge payment? ○ What is a soft credit and how is it used? (will go deeper in some of Bloomerang Build sessions) ● Gift Entry ○ Required fields versus custom fields ○ Settings > Funds, Campaigns, Appeals ○ Settings > Custom Fields ● Reports ○ Report Templates
  8. Funds - Where you want the money to go (ex. Unrestricted, restricted program, endowment, etc.) Campaigns - Reason the money came in (ex. Event, Annual Fund, Giving Tuesday, etc.) Appeals - Action you took to get the money in (ex. Direct Mail, Online Gift, Personal Solicitation, etc.)
  9. Donation= one-time payment Pledge= promise to pay at some point in the future, either one time or multiple payments Recurring Donation= set up automatic payments on a schedule *all donations and pledges are raised funds; revenue is dollars you have already received
  10. Transaction Type Raised Revenue Donation ✔ ✔ Pledge ✔ Pledge Payment ✔ Recurring Donation Schedule Recurring Donation Payment ✔ ✔ Soft Credit
  11. Green = mandatory Grey = optional
  12. Resources Bloomerang Knowledgebase and Support Portal
  13. Resources Knowledgebase Donations and Pledges
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