Solution BriefBloombase transparent data security forDell EqualLogic storage                                             T...
Bloombase and Dell EqualLogic storage have worked together                                from actual storage through Bloo...
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Bloombase transparent at-rest data encryption security for Dell EqualLogic


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Bloombase transparent at-rest data encryption security for Dell EqualLogic NAS

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Bloombase transparent at-rest data encryption security for Dell EqualLogic

  1. 1. Solution BriefBloombase transparent data security forDell EqualLogic storage Traditional Information Technology security studies regard outsiders as the Bloombase Spitfire StoreSafe is a originators of cyber-attacks. Technologies such as firewalls, Intrusion Detection versatile software platform that Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), content filters, anti-virus, provides agentless, non-disruptive, anti-malware, anti-spyware, SSL-VPN, Unified Threat Management (UTM), application transparent, at-rest all sit at the frontline defending the perimeter of core IT infrastructure. data encryption on Dell EqualLogic Data breaches have increased in terms of spread and scale, despite the storage. The solution can help you: numerous IT security measures and best practices implemented. Data exposure is caused by a range of threats: hardware theft, backup tape loss, • Maximize your return on investment viral attacks, malwares or insider threats. (ROI) with easy-to-implement, scalable security-hardened EqualLogic As unknown attacks, insider threats and targeted attacks are on the rise, iSCSI SAN storage systems sensitive plain-text data residing on core enterprise storage leaves computing and business automation systems with huge vulnerabilities. Many users are • Easily manage security rules and relying on encryption technologies to ward off those threats and avoid massive encryption policies of your data data exposure. Encryption of at-rest data is technically perceived as the last • Protect your business critical line of defense as stated in numerous industry best practices. Nevertheless, and time sensitive data enterprises adopting application-specific encryption usually have to put forth tremendous effort on implementation and as a result push the mission-critical • Quickly and securely retrieve your applications towards degraded performance and increased risks. secret data for various trusted and authorized requests including regulatory compliance
  2. 2. Bloombase and Dell EqualLogic storage have worked together from actual storage through Bloombase Spitfire StoreSafe,to provide a high performance turnkey solution that can help the unencryption engine is triggered to retrieve cipher-textyou achieve data privacy for various information regulatory from storage and converts them to virtual plain-text on-the-flycompliance needs. It works to provide a sustainable, easy to before getting recomposed as plain payloads and presented todeploy solution that is scalable and effortless to integrate. host applications. Storage data stays naturally encrypted and permanently locked, therefore, it is private and safe.Bloombase was created to provide Transparent Data Security(TDS), enabling data owners to access encrypted storage data Comparatively, data encryption at hosts requires drastic andeasily and securely. It also provides high performance at-rest potentially risky application changes, whereas encryptiondata encryption software for application-transparent unified at storage mandates costly hardware replacement. Ratherprotection of critical data from endpoint, through data center, than adopting proprietary hardware encryption appliances,to the cloud. Bloombase data protection solutions stand Bloombase provides easy to deploy, effortless and cost-effectiveout as independent, versatile, unified and powerful at-rest data encryption that works to secure data movingstandard-based software for organizations to secure between Dell EqualLogic storage and Dell PowerEdge serverstheir complex heterogeneous enterprise application and in a fully open and scalable infrastructure easily, risk-free and cost-effectively. Bloombase software supports Dell hardware with an encryptionThe Bloombase agentless encryption security solution solution that will persist over time. Not only does it protectperforms as storage proxy, providing transparent encryption physical storage and hosts, but Bloombase is designed to secureand un-encryption of content stored in Dell EqualLogic virtual servers, virtual desktop infrastructures and virtual storage,Storage Area Network (SAN) for authorized hosts and thereby providing cost savings and ease of management.applications. Bloombase Spitfire StoreSafe offers a rich selection of security features that meet multiple and dissimilar security requirementsUnlike traditional data, at-rest encryption offerings take from a range of industries and geographies. It is highly scalablethe form as closed and proprietary hardware appliances, with the hardware it runs on ensuring emerging encryptionBloombase assumes a software-based approach to providing needs are fulfilled dynamically and efficiently. Bloombase Spitfirereal-time encryption of enterprise storage systems. Bloombase StoreSafe with clustering feature is fault-tolerant and providesSpitfire StoreSafe is ready to deploy on any Dell PowerEdge high availability to ready users for mission critical secure datax86-architecture hardware server appliance. protection. Combined with Bloombase Spitfire KeyCastle orExtending to the virtual data center, Bloombase Spitfire other third party key management tools, Spitfire StoreSafeStoreSafe offers the capability and flexibility to run as virtual strengthens security and enhances full life-cycle managementappliances on any QEMU-compliant virtual hypervisors of keys which is vital to secure deployment of data encryptionsecuring virtual machine disk data and virtual storage systems. services.Bloombase runs the Spitfire StoreSafe encryption software Bloombase helps you meet information privacy regulatoryon Dell high performance and highly scalable compute compliance with a low-cost, turnkey approach that deliversnode PowerEdge servers. Combined with simplified, scalable, protection at the last line of defense in your IT environment.virtualized EqualLogic iSCSI SAN storage, enterprises canachieve reliable protection for sensitive, business-critical Services to help find the right solutiondata as it travels in the IT environment. Dell EqualLogic is a highly-virtualized, IP-based storage areaHow does it work? Trusted applications and authorized network that optimizes your storage and meets your businesshosts leverage virtual storage resources provided by goals. Dell IT Consulting Services* can work collaborativelyBloombase Spitfire StoreSafe to trigger encryption and with you to determine a blueprint that fits within your specificun-encryption of at-rest data stored at actual storage business needs through a catalog of well-defined engagements,systems. When host applications write plain-text data including best practice data archiving actual storage via Bloombase Spitfire StoreSafe, theencryption engine extracts plain payloads and convertsthem as cipher-text in real-time before they get persistedat the storage media. Reversing the process, as hosts read* Availability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit your storage at© 2012 Dell Inc. All Rights Reserved.SB_EQL_Bloombase_Unified_Data_Protection_102912