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The Challenge
Risks to data security make the protection
of enterprise data more important than
ever. With each new breach...
4000-0477ENW | H | 10/17 | © 2017 Micro Focus. All rights reserved. Micro Focus and the Micro Focus logo, among others, ar...
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Bloombase store safe mf solution brief 2018 r0.91


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Delivering Transparent Data Encryption While Centrally Managing Keys

Published in: Technology
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Bloombase store safe mf solution brief 2018 r0.91

  1. 1. The Challenge Risks to data security make the protection of enterprise data more important than ever. With each new breach of sensitive information, companies are increasingly concerned about sensitive data that is exposed across IT infrastructures. Many enterprises rely upon legacy server and storage systems that either cannot natively support encryption or can only support proprietary options, which require hardware retrofitting or expensive upgrades to protect sensitive data. It is a challenge to protect data comprehensively and without sacrificing the performance that daily application operations require. While encryption is a critical first step to protecting data, authorized use and business transparency are expected, when controlling access to encryption keys, over encrypted data for a trusted solution. Protecting data alone is not sufficient in the case of a security breach or attack since encryption is only effective if your keys are safeguarded from misuse. Moreover, auditors expect that security policy is in compliance only when reliable controls and proper administrative procedures are in place to govern encryption keys. The increased use of encryption across IT applications within an enterprise creates operational silos, which in turn can lead to inconsistent controls, higher overhead from managing redundant key management systems, and unclear separation of duties. This creates an increased level of risk and leads to time -consuming audits. The Solution Bloombase StoreSafe and Micro Focus ESKM provide a complete solution for encryption of sensitive data and centralized key management, offering enterprises comprehensive protection for data-at-rest security and business continuity. StoreSafe offers a network- based encryption solution across global, heterogeneous storage environments that enable applications to secure structured and unstructured data using proven Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptographic mechanisms with minimal application and infrastructure change. ESKM delivers industry-validated, trusted key management for StoreSafe and a wide range of infrastructure applications. IT environments that do not have data encryption built natively into storage and server systems no longer need to retrofit a disk array with self-encrypting drives or upgrade tape drives, for example. Proprietary systems that lack encryption and key management interoperability, or legacy storage systems, can simply deploy StoreSafe as a proxy between enterprise applications and storage systems on the network to encrypt and decrypt the data in-line as it is stored and accessed. Once data is encrypted, ESKM centrally manages encryption keys and automates key lifecycle operations by interoperating with StoreSafe using industry-standard OASIS KMIP, enabling extensibility and reuse for future storage and server solutions. ESKM delivers one of the most secure and scalable enterprise key management solutions on the market today, supporting 1000s of encryption clients. ESKM and Bloombase StoreSafe Benefits Safeguards business sensitive data-at- rest protection with industry standard IEEE 1619 cryptography and NIST FIPS 140-2, level 2 certification Encrypts data across heterogeneous systems by interoperating with current, legacy, and proprietary storage systems for key management Protects sensitive data-at-rest, and helps enable compliance with data privacy and security regulations with clear audit visibility Centralizes key management by separating keys from encrypted data to improve security, reliability, and availability at a global enterprise scale Provides scalable and flexible deployment of encryption over volumes of data from on-premises to cloud- based storage with a unified approach to hybrid IT Automates key operations—including lifecycle controls, key replication, and audit logging—to help simplify administration and lower the risk of a security breach Solution Brief Delivering Transparent Data Encryption While Centrally Managing Keys Enterprise Secure Key Manager for Bloombase StoreSafe
  2. 2. 4000-0477ENW | H | 10/17 | © 2017 Micro Focus. All rights reserved. Micro Focus and the Micro Focus logo, among others, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Micro Focus or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. Highlights of Micro Focus ESKM Enterprise Secure Key Manager (ESKM) provides a centralized key management solution for unifying and automating an organization’s encryption controls by creating, protecting, serving, and auditing access to encryption keys. ESKM helps protect sensitive information such as payment cardholder data, customer and employee records, electronic health records, intellectual property, cloud- hosted data, and classified information with encryption key lifecycle management that provides high security assurance. ESKM supports the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) enabling the broadest range of applications and solutions from Micro Focus partners to protect data reliably and securely. A large ecosystem of storage and server applications from Micro Focus and partners that interoperate seamlessly with ESKM for a unified key management approach Key operations automated to simplify administration and reduce the risk of manual errors for long-term reliable performance ESKM, a FIPS 140-2 Level 2-validated appliance Reliable, field-tested hardware appliance that offers high availability key generation and recovery by clustering up to eight nodes and scalability to manage up to 25,000 endpoints and two million encryption keys Highlights of Bloombase StoreSafe Bloombase StoreSafe is an all-in-one storage security protection software appliance that provides turnkey, nondisruptive, application-transparent encryption security of data-at-rest including data in physical and virtual data center deployments as well as traditional IT storage, Big Data, and cloud applications. Bloombase StoreSafe protects heterogeneous storage systems transparently and with minimum application and infrastructure changes. Transparent in-line network-based encryption while providing flexible and secure access control Virtual appliance for hardware, operating system, and filesystem-independent deployment Flexible and secure access control provided by fine-grain read/write access control and host- and user-based access control serving all enterprise needs High-availability software appliances running in cluster for failover in mission- critical systems and load-balancing for high-throughput storage applications Learn More At Storage Virtualization Big Data Cloud Encrypt DecryptApplication Hosts ESKM KMIP Bloombase StoreSafe Figure 1. ESKM and Bloombase StoreSafe protect sensitive data-at-rest from loss and help enable compliance with data privacy regulations 101 010