Make Your Website Mobile Friendly


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Make your website mobile friendly with the help of the friendly people at Bloom Mobile Website Design.

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Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

  1. 1. Bloom Mobile Website DesignAs a way for small businesses to make their websitemobile friendly, Bloom Digital Media of Bozeman,Montana has announced the immediate launch of their"Mobilizer" small business mobile website designpackage.This affordable package,starting under $400,specifically caters to smallbusinesses that need to gettheir regular websitesappearance professionallyoptimized for the over 60%of local searches that areperformed on smartphonestoday.The amount of search trafficthat is coming from mobiledevices, especially on thelocal level, is exploding. TheGartner Group predicts thatby 2013 the number one waypeople will
  2. 2. access the internet will be through their mobile device.More and more people are on the go and locally over 60%are using mobile devices to access important informationon the internet. From their emails to Facebook and Twitterto quick “Googling” of some information, these peoplerely heavily on mobile technology so they cancommunicate and research while on the move. And if youhave a business, it would be wise to make your websitemobile friendly and incorporate it into your marketingcampaigns.Whether it’s used for entertainment, social media, email,local business searches or as a shopping companion, themobile web is a game changer. If youre a business whounderstands the importance engaging with newcustomers online, the message is clear; a mobile website isno longer optional.The following five essential elements of a successfulmobile website will help you make your website mobilefriendly and get this easy addition to your marketingstrategy working for you straight away.Click: Bloom Mobile Website Design
  3. 3. 1. Design to Fit All DevicesScreen sizes across mobile devices can vary considerably.Your design needs to be compatible with all dimensions.A mobile website needs to be viewable on several screenplatforms and in vertical or horizontal positions.2. Keep the Design SimpleYour mobile website should still remain visuallyappealing, while offering the key contact and brieflypresented informational elements of your main website.Mobile users want a fast, simple and user-friendly way toget to the information they are looking for. Photos, videosand contact forms are still a great way to shareentertaining information in these small packages.3 Make Navigation EasyYour mobile website navigation menu is another keydesign element. The links to navigate the site need to sitcomfortably with other content, without cluttering thedesign or making it too difficult to click using a thumb.4. Click-To-Phone OptionMobile devices are also phones; so make it as straightforward as possible for visitors to get in touch byproviding a clear one click ‘call us’ button and clear, yetcreative, touch buttons and a contact form.
  4. 4. 5. Make It Easy To ConnectProviding alternatives for connecting with you from yourmobile website is a great way to acquire new email andblog subscribers, as well as social media ‘fans’.A key rule to make your website mobile friendly is torefrain from making use of flashy gimmicks. Stick to thebare essentials like your business contact details, About Uspage that introduces your company, some comments fromsatisfied customers, link to your social networking pageand a simple logo that will stick in the minds of yourcustomer to remember your brand. Bloom Mobile excelsin making mobile websites look great, but avoidcomplicated and superfluous design elements.Another key element in making your website mobilefriendly is to insert a mobile redirect script into the main<head> programming tag of your current desktopwebsite. Basic web designers or your webmaster can dothis in an instant. This code will automatically read that aviewer is on a mobile device and will help them getredirected to the mobile site automatically.Lastly, after you have made your website mobile friendly,youll want to submit your mobile website to specificmobile website directories to increase the traffic onto yourmobile website. Constantly updating your content andwidening your spectrum of topics for your articles willalso help you market your website more. You don’t really
  5. 5. have to have special coding skills but a basic knowledgeon JavaScript, HTML and even PHP will take you a longway.This helpful tutorial on making your website mobilefriendly is brought to you by Bloom Digital Media andyou can learn more at http://BloomMobile.netClick: Bloom Mobile Website Design