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Facebook Pin View App


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Facebook Pin View App: Now You Can View Facebook Like Pinterest!

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Facebook Pin View App

  1. 1. Facebook Pin View App: Now You Can View Facebook Like Pinterest!Have you become a huge fan of the Pinterest interface and findyourself bouncing back and forth or unable to keep up with yourFacebook Timeline? Now you can have the best of both worlds andview it all in the layout of Pinterest! By using the new Facebook PinView App you can keep all your Pinterest and Facebook activity rightat your fingertips on one screen!
  2. 2. See screenshot below on how your Facebook Timeline will becomeusing the Facebook Pin View app...Source: Facebook Pin View App screenshot from
  3. 3. The amazing part of this new Facebook Pin View App is thatFacebook apps are so powerful that NOW you do not have to leaveFacebook to keep an eye on your Pinterest!How Efficient, Fun and Appealing!?!There are tons of great features provided in the Pin View App, and allyour friends and social network function awesomely on Facebookwith the app.With this Facebook Pin View App to integrate Pinterest and theBranchOut app to integrate LinkedIn; will twitter be next and whatelse will Facebook wrap its functions around to make life more Fun,Easy and Convenient? Maybe well soon see a Facebook Twitter Appintegrated as one of the cool new features from Facebook apps too.This news update brought to you by: BLOOM DIGITAL MEDIA (Click To Learn More About