Brand Activate For Small Business


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Brand Activate is a new idea from Google for small businesses that incorporates the idea of branding and metrics. Brand Activate could be deemed as beneficial for small businesses that ...

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Brand Activate For Small Business

  1. 1. BLOOM DIGITAL MEDIA - USA Brand Activate for a better Local Digital Marketing Strategy:INTRODUCTION:Brand Activate is a new idea from Google for small businesses thatincorporates the idea of branding and metrics. Brand Activate couldbe deemed as beneficial for small businesses that want to see evenmore proof of exactly how many individuals are clicking on their ads,along with the newfound measurement of who is actually viewing thead itself. For advertisements to be considered as “viewed”, it needs tobe at least %50 viewable on the main screen for at least 1 second.Brand Activate includes Active View; which determines if an ad hasbeen viewed, determined through various measurement strategies;and Active GRP, which is the Gross Rating Point in how themeasurements will be calculated. Google’s main goal with BrandActivate is to increase the number of website owners that use onlineadvertisements.BEBEFITS:Benefits for Small Businesses who use Brand ActivateBrand Activate can be very helpful for many small businesses becauseit guarantees more of a return for their online advertisements and itcan be used as a truly wonderful local digital marketing strategy.BLOOM DIGITAL MEDIA - USA Page 1
  2. 2. BLOOM DIGITAL MEDIA - USA http://Bloomdigital.netThere is definite ways of using brand activate to precisely measure ifan advertisement has been clicked on directly, and now, even if it haseven been viewed. Brand Activate is revolutionary for smallbusinesses, because now small businesses can gain more insight intowhat types of ads people are viewing on their computer screen to getan idea of where to place their marketing power. Brand Activate istruly a local digital marketing strategy that couples precise numbersand calculations to determine a measurement for advertisement viewsand clicks.Overall, Brand Activate; including Active GRP and Active View will helpto put local businesses at a potential for a higher level of marketingpower. Using Brand Activate will determine what a local businessneeds to improve or discard, based on the precise Google calculations.If YOU would like to learn more about brand activate and several otherpossibilities for your own Local Digital Marketing Strategy, drop us aline here at Bloom Digital Media - USA to learn more about how yoursmall business can benefit from not having to spend as much revenueon marketing if they use Brand Activate in their daily business practice.BLOOM DIGITAL MEDIA - USA Page 2