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What is BlooFlirt?


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BlooFlirt helps you to break the social ice with your mobile device

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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What is BlooFlirt?

  1. 1. What is BlooFlirt?
  2. 2. People love to make new friends! But people are also shy!
  3. 3. Imagine YOU ARE... Mike 20-30 years old Single Living in a large city Going out once a week
  4. 4. Do you always have the courage to approach? -Does everyone? Do you dare? Who do you put your energy on? Who is single?
  5. 5. Typical scenario
  6. 6. Think online dating going mobile Imagine flirting spontaniously at nightclubs, bars and pubs Add anonymity, excitment and fun
  7. 7. Our vision Ease the social “ice-breaking”
  8. 8. BlooFlirt scenario Support for all See now, phones! Flirt later ~100 m range! Keep your number secret