How to Write A Great Fanfiction!


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How to Write A Great Fanfiction!

  1. 1. How to Write a Good Fanfic! By: Bloodwing, who is a fanfiction writer and a fantastic daydreamer. Loves to read, too.
  2. 2. Pick your Fandom and Type!• What is it? A Danny Phantom story? Warrior Cats? Harry Potter? Whatever you want to write, write it.• Your type means what genres it is. Is it angst? Horror? Friendship? Romance? Western? You pick. It also helps you to write better if you’re in that mood you picked. If you can.
  3. 3. First:• You think of things that had happened in your life, books, someone else’s, anything! Let your mind wander.• One way that helps me (though it’s easy for me to think of a fanfic idea) is to think of my fav book or tv show. Then think of an alternative ending or beginning! Or something like that.
  4. 4. Daydream (Still in First)• Having daydreams is good (as long as you’re not in anything important) because it helps you visualize what you want to happen!• Try to imagine what would happen in your fanfic- say you’re doing a Gregor The Overlanderfanfic with a huge battle in it. Try to imagine the battle. If this is hard for you, maybe you just haven’t brainstormed enough or something. Go to the next slide for help!
  5. 5. Second:• Once a great idea for a fanfic comes into your mind, brainstorm. Ask yourself questions.• Questions like: What will happen first? How does Danny get his ghost powers- the new way? What if he was adopted? Who are his real parents? How does he find them? These are a huge help.
  6. 6. Start to Write!• Now that you have a general idea (You don’t have to have the story completely planned out to start), start to write your story. Make sure to use detail and let it make sense. I’ve seen lots of fanfics that made no sense, and they got me annoyed.• If you are having any problems, look at the next slides. If not, look at them anyway.
  7. 7. Writer’s Block• Yes, all who have written a story has experienced the dreaded writer’s block.• Writer’s block is when you have no ideas for a story. This happens when you don’t completely fill out your plot. I’m saying good ways to get rid of it on the next slide. This one does not have enough room.
  8. 8. How to Get Past Writer’s Block• Here are some ideas: Ask yourself more questions. Remember, asking yourself questions never hurt anyone.• If it’s something you can watch or read, reread or rewatch it again. This can help spark new ideas!• More daydreaming for you!
  9. 9. Discouragement• Have you ever said when you look over your fanfic, “I’ll just scrap it; it’s a bad fanfic anyway!” and scrapped it? Well, to perk you up, you ARE NOT A BAD WRITER. Maybe you just need some more description.• To get past: Press next
  10. 10. How to Get Past Discouragement• Tell yourself, “I’m not a bad writer, I bet I can do even better! Maybe this time I won’t [INSERT PROBLEM HERE]! Maybe my friend will read this and scream, “THIS IS AWESOME!” at me! Encourage yourself.• It may also help if you get a beta reader. A beta reader reads over your work to try and help you make it better.
  11. 11. Inspiration Sickness• Do you ever look at one of your fanfics and realize that you don’t want to complete it? Like it’s starting to feel like a chore? I call this Inspiration Sickness.• You need to get this sickness out of you if you want your fanfiction to live! Click next for my ways of how to fix this.
  12. 12. How to Treat Inspiration Sickness!• IT’S INFECTING US ALL!• Does you fanfic seem a little boring? Not enough action? Well, just add in some action! Make a battle or something fun!• You also may just be itching to “scratch” another fandom. Maybe you have a story in Danny Phantom, but you really want to write a Warriors story. I suggest writing your Warriors story, so you can get it off your head! Maybe you can then go back to DP!
  13. 13. I Hope You Enjoyed This!• I hope you enjoyed this and it helped you a lot! Please Comment, cuz it’ll make my day!• Also, if you want to share a great fanfic you have made, I suggest It’s a great site where people from all over post fanfics on anything! I’m IAmTheDaydreamer from there, and I hope to see you!