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WordPress Design and Development with the Client in Mind


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WordCamp Philadelphia 2011

Published in: Technology, Business
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WordPress Design and Development with the Client in Mind

  1. 1. By Nile Flores Twitter: @blondishnetFacebook:
  2. 2.  Suggest methods to improve design and development for the individual client How you can convince your client better on why WordPress will work for them Suggest teaching options for client learning how to use WordPress
  3. 3.  Every client is different. No matter if you have been designing for the last couples months or nearly a decade with WordPress, you WILL encounter all varieties of user issues. Your client may be extremely new or somewhat familiar with WordPress. You should take a more active role in helping to educate them to become more comfortable with their website (no matter if they are maintaining their site alone or paying to have it maintained by another person.)
  4. 4. You can begin by creating a general listof questions to give clients to determine what are their needs before you estimate.
  5. 5.  What type of site are you wanting designed? (Niche blog, business, etc…) What colors do they like? Are there sites out there that have similar features they desire to have implemented into your own site? Do you need logo design? Do you need me to handle placing your content on the site? How soon do you need the project done? Have you used WordPress before? What is your budget?
  6. 6. Never assume that your client has total faith in you. They will want to know how you plan to complete their project. Develop a general policy that includes what their services Get er done! include and do not include. Adjust accordingly to client’s specific needs. Be prepared to offer alternative methods to make sure your client has what they need Have an open line of communication (Phone, VOIP, Skype or Instant Messenger, Basecamp, email, etc …)
  7. 7. Why should your client use WordPress?Your client may be new to WordPress and notsure why they should use it versus othermethods. You WILL need to be a WordPresssalesman. Put together a pitch.
  8. 8.  Be passionate about WordPress and show them examples of sites in their niche using WordPress (even if you did not do them. However, it might be nice if you had examples of your own as well.) Explain what WordPress can do for them. Explain how easy is it to use WordPress.
  9. 9.  If you are telling people it cannot be done in WordPress, you are wrong. It can be done. Be imaginative. If you need, ask other designers and developers for a couple tips or perhaps a little advice to get you in the right direction for a solution. If you cannot do it… get a design buddy. Win- Win as the project is complete successfully and both you and your buddy get paid.
  10. 10.  In person teaching. Be prepared to dumb it down. Gather links to screencasts that will lead your clients through WordPress. Better yet- Make your own screencasts!  Have them sign up for a account and play around while you are designing their site.
  11. 11. Feel free to ask WordPressquestions any time. My site: Me on Twitter: @blondishnet Me on Facebook: