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Make Money with WordPress for Bloggers


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So, you want to create a website, and make money, but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’ve got a site and dabbled a little, but still need more ideas on how to generate cash flow? Well, this is the presentation to be at.

We’ll be talking about:
1. Ways you can make money using WordPress
2. Tips to set you on the right path
3. WordPress plugins to assist you along the way

And by the way, I’m giving you a couple links to a large list of links to some of those money making opportunities too! Hopefully by the time you walk away from this WordCamp, you’ll be able to start creating your own plan, implement some of the tips mentions in this talk, and begin making some money with your WordPress website.

I’m literally giving you the kitchen sink, because you’ll have references to some articles that have lots of opportunities for you to make money with your blog and social media handles.

[ Note: Because LinkedIn SlideShare no longer allows re-uploading slides to modify presentations, on the e-Commerce link, there is a plugin missing - WooCommerce. You can find that at ]

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Make Money with WordPress for Bloggers

  1. 1. Make Money with WordPress by Nile Flores @blondishnet for Bloggers
  2. 2. Objective ❏ Discuss ways you can make money using WordPress ❏ Share tips to set you on the right path ❏ Share resources and WordPress plugins to assist you along the way
  3. 3. Why Blog Using WordPress ❏ Extremely fast to set up and start a WordPress powered site ❏ Web hosting can be quite affordable for your WordPress website ❏ Easy to learn, and plenty resources to learn how to use it ❏ WordPress is the #1 CMS for a reason - top in current technologies for content management systems
  4. 4. #1 Reason for using WordPress You can do whatever you want with WordPress, which includes making money with it.
  5. 5. But, before you try to make money blogging blogging... ❏ It’s important to have an about page to let people know who you are and what you’re offering. ❏ It’s important to have a means of contact. ❏ You should be building a newsletter list. ❏ Return on investment is the name of the game.
  6. 6. Contact Form plugins for WordPress ❏ Gravity Forms (premium/ paid) - ❏ Ninja Forms (free) - ❏ Contact Form 7 -
  7. 7. Newsletters? People who stumble upon your site, may not always be immediately interested in what you’ ve got. Offering a newsletter allows you to keep contact and maybe bring them back later.
  8. 8. Newsletter Services ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏
  9. 9. Newsletter plugins for WordPress ❏ MailChimp for WordPress ❏ AWeber Web Form Plugin ❏ Constant Contact for WordPress ❏ Mad Mimi for WordPress
  10. 10. You are a business when making money blogging.
  11. 11. Your goal is to gain subscribers, commentators, engagement, and above all, buyers, otherwise, you end up with a bunch of window shoppers and empty pockets.
  12. 12. Ways to Make Money Blogging Breaking it down: ❏ Write sponsored posts. ❏ Try affiliate marketing. ❏ Become a virtual assistant blogger. ❏ Blog regularly for a bigger company. ❏ Join networks that do ad sharing. ❏ Join 3rd party banner, video, or text ad companies ❏ Sell your own product
  13. 13. Doesn’t matter what blogging niche... You can still find plenty of opportunities to make money blogging.
  14. 14. Write sponsored posts Get paid to blog! Sponsored posts are articles you write, either for your own blog or someone else’s site, about some product, service or company.
  15. 15. Sponsored Post Resources Learn about making your own media kit - Links to Sponsored Post related opportunities -
  16. 16. Try affiliate marketing Sell other people’s products and services while enjoying a percentage of the sales. It could be by reviewing products, or even putting up ads on your website.
  17. 17. Become a virtual assistant blogger Become a virtual assistant blogger for another blog site or sell articles to other websites.
  18. 18. Blog regularly for a bigger company Some well established businesses will pay top dollar for extraordinary and unique blog posts.
  19. 19. Join networks that do ad sharing Ad sharing allows networks to host platforms for bloggers to publish their content while making money. When an ad that’s tied to your article within their network is clicked on or viewed, you get a small percentage.
  20. 20. Join 3rd party banner, video, or text ad companies Make money by placing banner, video or text ads on your site. You get money per click. Note: Ad networks are picky. They like sites with a good amount of content and usually steer clear of brand-new websites.
  21. 21. Just remember: it can take time to earn a payout, especially if your blog doesn’t receive a lot of traffic.
  22. 22. How to get ads on your blog Contains tips on how to not get too spammy as well as quite a few ad network opportunities other than Google Adsense.
  23. 23. Host your own banner or text ads on your blog WordPress plugins: ❏ Ads by ❏ Advanced Ads
  24. 24. Sell your own product Got something to sell that you made, sell it directly from your WordPress website. You can mention it on your blog and build content around your products.
  25. 25. WordPress e-Commerce plugins ❏ Exchange - ❏ WP e-commerce - ❏ Easy Digital Downloads -
  26. 26. WordPress Affiliate plugins AffiliateWP -
  27. 27. T H A N K Y O U ! Hi! I’m Nile Flores! My site: Please subscribe to my newsletter for weekly tips. Twitter: @blondishnet Slideshare: LinkedIn: