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Productos medix english pre2008


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Productos medix english pre2008

  1. 1. MISSIONTo contribute to the market of health products and services that surpass theexpectations of our clients in the matter of quality and availability, all of it based onstrengthening the development of the therapeutic areas of obesity,gastroenterology, central nervous system and metabolics,complemented with other areas or niches of market that constitute a very attractive opportunity for the company.
  2. 2. VISIONTo achieve sales of 100 millionDollars by the year 2012, always looking forsustained growth and proper retribution for theworkers and shareholders in the company.
  3. 3. VALUES EFFECTIVENESS Working well with commitment and with proper opportunity . QUALITYSurpass the expectations of our clients in terms or quality of products and services to customers. CREATIVITY Improving permanently our processes and our portfolio of products and services. LOYALTYTo develop and sustain a sense of affiliation and identity with the Medix® group PASSION Perform activities with perseverance end enthusiasm . COMMITMENT To assume responsibilities and comply them fully. INTEGRATION To achieve our objectives and to increase our productivity through team work. PROCESS OPERATION Companies growth based on proper and adequate integration and efficiency of all processes .
  4. 4. medix has been evolving with strongsocial commitment, and providingour human, financial andtechnological assets/resourcestowards continuous improvement ofourselves and our environment.With over more than 475collaborators, medix has beeninvolved in the quest of new horizonsthat will allow us to provide broader,better service to our customers in allareas.
  5. 5. medix has over 50 yearsof experience in theMexican market; thisexperience gives medix ahighly competitive edge innational and internationalmarkets.Our competitive edge isd u e t o t h e q u a l i t y,efficiency and safety weoffer to healthcarepractitioners andconsumers.
  6. 6. Medix Group
  7. 7. GRUPO MEDIX CHART 2007 Real State Companies Leasing Printing Companies Company. GRUPO New center for MEDIX Financial development and loan and Companies research. Short Term Productos Hospital Medix S.A. Center de C.V.
  8. 8. Organizational Health Division medixChart Group Chairrman of the Board Grupo Medix Julio Hoth y Alatriste Corporate Services Grupo Medix Assitance Services Audiit Ernesto Valllet Haces Renato Novoa Legal Director CEO Health Companies Mario Lazcano Torres Carlos Lopez Patan Operations Director Technical Director CFO New Products and Commercial Enrique Reyna Carmen Orta Jorge Santiago planeation. Director Corporate Services Roberto Goti Carlos Bujosevich Victor ESPINOZA
  9. 9. OFFICIAL AUTHORIZATIONSPharmaceutical Industry Database2. Sanitary License No. 09 004 02 00323. Federal Environmental License (LAU). (ren.10/Jun.2004)4. Environmental License Mexico City5. Certificate of Good Production Practices for raw material and dental products6. Certification of Good Manufacturing Practices7. Authorized Production Lines. 7.1 Hormone Production. Solid oral presentations: Capsules, pills, tablets 7.2 Production of Herbal Products. Solid, liquid and semisolid oral presentations 7.3 Goods and services. Dietary Supplements. Separate areas: Cleaning, Perfume and Beauty, Warehouse for raw material 7.4 Dental Product production. 7.5 Healing/First-Aid products.8. Authorized Allopathic Pharmaceuticals 8.1 Oral Solids: Capsules, pills, tablets 8.2 Oral Liquids: Solutions, emulsions, syrups 8.3 Semisolids: Suppositories: creams, gels, ovules, ointments9.- Invima Certified Plant .10.- Conacyt Award Achievement.
  10. 10. Product Engineering actualizar por planta. Critical Systems Projects CRITICAL SYSTEM COMPRESSED AIR Basic and Conceptual Engineering Detail Engineering Adquisition of Equipment AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC) Basic and Conceptual Engineering PURIFIED WATER Basic and Conceptual Engineering
  11. 11. PLANT ENGINEERINGPreventative Maintenance ProgramMAINTENANCE PROGRAMCOMPLY WITH PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCEMechanicalCivilHOURS OF MACHINERY NON-USEProduction Machinery in non-use for correctional practicesPreventative Maintenance
  12. 12. Outsourcing Services for Third Parties.»  Lemery Laboratories»  Serral Laboratories»  Innovare Laboratory»  New Beginnings»  Helm of Mexico»  Combe Lab.»  Hispanoamericana Lab.»  Servicio Empresarial Total»  Micrometrix Lab.»  Solvay
  13. 13. MONTHLY CAPACITY UNITS USED DESCRIPTION . LINER 170,000 44.5% BLOWER 99,000 60.2% INJECTOR 138,600 58.2% BAND TABLE 82,500 49.2% IMA BLISTERPACKAGING 206,250 48.4% NATURAL FIT 19,800 50.2% LIQUIDS 24,750 0.0% CARTON PACKAGING 277,200 49.5% ALTERNATIVE PACKAGING 14,850 50.5% GRANULATES 7,600 78.9% PILLS 775,500 32.4% MICROSPHERES 1,683 53.8% DUMOULIN BLENDER 1,980 34.1% TABLETS 36,630,000 81.4% ENCAPSULATES 4,125,000 84.5%Levels of Production CREAMS 56,000 73.1%and installation capacity HORMONALS 198,000 41.9% DISPENSARY 25 92.9% CAPSULES II 1,650,000 82.0% MIXER 7,000 82.9%
  14. 14. Production PlantProduction Plant
  15. 15. Outside VIEW
  16. 16. Microbiology Department
  17. 17. Quality Controland Quality Assurance Department
  18. 18. GLATT. Granulate BlenderT.K. FIELDER. Dry Granulate Machine
  19. 19. Sugar and Filmcoating Blenders
  20. 20. Blender MixV- Blender Mix
  21. 21. Liquid & Emulsion Reactor Filmcoating & Microspheres Procedure Machine
  22. 22. KILLIAN T200. Compressed Tablet Machine
  23. 23. SYNTHESIS 300. Compressed Tablet Machine
  24. 24. MG2. Capsule FillingmachineSemiautomatic Capsule Fillingmachine
  25. 25. IMA. Blisterpack Machine
  26. 26. Liquid FillingmachineTube Fillingmachine (For creams)
  27. 27. Manual Packaging Area of finished Product
  28. 28. V2. Packaging Machine
  29. 29. INSIDE VIEW
  30. 30. Pharmaceutical FormsPharmaceutical Forms
  31. 31. medix Capsules
  32. 32. Logistics Management. Warehouse
  33. 33. Makes the Diference
  34. 34. THE DIALICELS SYSTEM THE DIALICELS SYSTEMSlow and sustained therapeutical effect that allows for rapidrecovery.Avoids the ups and downs in active concentrationscommon in conventional fast-absorbing drugs.Avoids fluctuation in the pharmacological response - allowsfor easy dose-adjustments.The bioavailability of drugs used with the Dialicels systemis comparable to administering a continuous I.V. drip.Decrease in number of doses contributes to greater loyaltyand adherence to the treatment.Increase in stability. Dialicels. Is the registered trademark of medix for capsules that contain micro-Decrease in AE’s vs. common drugs. spheres (pellets) that perform asThe Dialicels system does not modify intestinal peristalsis, microcells. These micro-spheres have a dialyzer membrane that allows agastrointestinal enzymes, pH, food, flora, biliary secretion sustained-slow release of drugs.and does not show adverse interactions with other drugs.Disguises original drug flavor.
  35. 35. Dialicels® Make-Up Dialyzing Material NucleusMedication
  36. 36. Advantages of Dialicels®Increasing the bioavailability of orally administered medicationsso as to be comparable with a continuous IV drip. The benefitsof bioavailability of the Dialicels® system can be osbserved inthe following areas:1.- Digestive Apparatus2.- Absorption3.- Blood concentrations4.- Tissues5.- Medical Prescriptions6.-Patient Comfort
  37. 37. Products Developed using the Dialicels® system• Indometacine• Dextrometorfane• Fenproporex• Ferrous Fumarate• Ketoprofene• Amfepramone• Tramadol• D-Norseudoefedrine, Triyodotironine, Diazepam, Atropine and Aloine• Lorazepam• Mazindol• Melatonine
  38. 38. Product Categories
  39. 39. Major Rx Players into the industry2%1%1% 4% 5% 5% 12% 70% Source: INTE
  40. 40. At present medix has a commercial list of 45products positioned mainly in this categories:–  Gastroenterology–  Others ( General Medicine).We are also Developing new products for :-  Central Nervous system-  Metabolism
  41. 41. medix Portfolio by Segment 52% 14% 8% 4% 4% 3% 3% 3% 3% 2% 1% 1% 0.026% 0.05% Source: PMM
  43. 43. EVOLUTION OF GENERICS IN MEXICO Generics in niches with good demand; average 2-3 producers as competition.
  44. 44. Outsourcing Agreement•  Health Mart
  45. 45. Health Mart Partnership Objectives•  As a strategic partner for medix to manage the commercialization process (current and New products) in an effective, efficient and highly profitable manner.•  To facilitate the medix strategic focus on processes that deliver competitive advantages within the Mexican Pharmaceutical Market.
  46. 46. Partnership Terms•  Health Mart fee’s of medix net sales•  Medical samples sold to Health Mart.•  Cost of discounts and/or promotional activities charged to medix•  Marketing plans authorized by medix•  medix entitled to field monitoring and marketing plan implementations•  Monthly review of KPI´s
  47. 47. Strategic Partnership medix-Health • We have a sales force of 192 collaborators
  48. 48. Customer Relationship Management
  49. 49. Call center CRMThe main objective of our loyalty program is toestablish direct links of relationship withphysicians to obtain valuable information; in this way, we mayunderstand their potential as clients,directing and targeting to continue making our promotional effortsmore profitable.
  50. 50. OUR WEB PAGE
  51. 51. EXPORTS
  52. 52. medix Distribution network in 10 Latin American countries.
  53. 53. Our Immediate future•  Pharmaceutical Research Center. *Under Development , Expected for 2008.
  54. 54. Our goal is the future!