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Cultural Village INTRO


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Cultural Village INTRO

  2. 2. Visitors to Malaysia will be introduced to another major attraction that will make their holiday in Malaysia an unforgettable one.
  3. 3. WARISAN Kuala Lumpur will be an authentic Malaysian Cultural Village, right in the heart of the city, on 8 acres in Jalan Davis, off the Kampung Pandan interchange.
  5. 6. The difference will be the EXPERIENCE.
  6. 7. A visit to WARISAN Cultural Village will be an interactive experience where guests are put into the environment and participate in activities, rather than just watching a passive display of culture on stage.
  7. 10. THE CONCEPT :
  8. 11. Drawing on our experience and strength in theatre and particularly in musicals, WARISAN Cultural Village will be presented in the form of a combination of ENVIRONMENTAL and PROMENADE THEATRE.
  9. 12. ENVIRONMENTAL and PROMENADE THEATRE immerses and involves the audience in the performance; where all the villagers are performers, the action happens around the audience and the audience follows the performers around the space.
  10. 13. OUR AIM :
  11. 14. Our aim is for each visitor to leave the village with an authentic, deeper and more spiritual experience, and an understanding of what it is that makes us unique as Malaysia;
  12. 15. how our history, traditions, customs and rituals form a big part of our lives even today, how we lived, what we ate, and more importantly, a lasting memory of “living” amongst the people of Malaysia for the day!
  13. 17. “ We designed the concept of this village as an interactive, personalized tour which will include elements of our architecture, folklore, history, traditional storytelling, food, music and dance which form a big part of our rich heritage.” - Tiara Jacquelina Managing Director of Enfiniti Productions
  14. 18. “ The cultural experience the world is talking about today is more than just a passive one. Tourists are becoming a lot more discerning when it comes to what they want to see and the way they want to feel after they see it.” - Tiara Jacquelina Managing Director of Enfiniti Productions
  15. 19. THE EXPERIENCE :
  16. 20. WARISAN Cultural Village is a fortified village that comes to life with traditional songs, dances and activities. It is an authentic traditional village where one can witness the experience of folklore and legends shared from the hearts of the old through the lives of the young.
  17. 21. Upon arrival at Warisan Cultural Village, and before the main gate opens, visitors are greeted by the Bendahara or Prime Minister, and visitors are briefed on Malaysian village customs as well as palace protocol.
  18. 24. At this point, several tour leaders will be introduced in the form of costumed characters from Malay folklore, e.g Pak Pandir, Si Luncai etc. These multi-lingual costumed characters will play the roles of teacher, comedian and host.
  19. 25. These tour leaders will provide information on our culture and traditions as visitors encounter and experience it, and advise on the protocol that is expected throughout their tour of WARISAN Cultural Village; all the while injecting their commentary with generous doses of humour.
  20. 26. Female Visitors are then given a “selendang”, and Male visitors are given a Sarong to wear over their clothes. They are now ready to be a part of the set and the experience of Warisan Cultural Village.
  22. 29. Within the village, there are re-enactments of everyday life and the activities of our people, including food preparation, traditional past times, weaving and other handicrafts, folk songs, and even Malay customs and traditions such as a Wedding, the Cukur Jambul Ceremony… and even a Circumcision ceremony!
  23. 33. Once again education is mixed with humour, and the entire tour group becomes involved in the dancing, singing, food preparation, and will even experience kampung-style “gotong-royong” spirit as they help out in wedding preparations.
  24. 34. Visitors to WARISAN Cultural Village will get a taste of both the village spirit as well as experience the grandeur of the highest rung of our culture and society, when their tour ends with an invitation to the Istana or Malay Royal Palace.
  25. 35. The Istana or Royal Palace is an example of the finest of Malay Architecture. Here, a stage performance and a royal banquet fit for a Sultan will crown the day’s journey.
  26. 38. “ It’s a perfect partnership where Enfiniti and Kekkwa are concerned. We are very fortunate to be in this partnership with KeKKWa because of the abundance of resources available to this project through their agencies such as Istana Budaya, Aswara, Kraftangan, Balai Seni Lukis Negara and the National Archives,amongst others.” - Tiara Jacquelina Managing Director of Enfiniti Productions
  27. 39. WARISAN Cultural Village Kuala Lumpur is developed by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage ( KeKKWa), who have appointed Enfiniti Productions Sdn. Bhd. to operate, market and manage the Village. We aim to open our gates to our first visitors by early 2009.