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RSSApplied Blog Optimization


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RSSAplied feels blog optimization is key to having a successful blog as it creates a positive user experience, is search engine friendly, and allows for easy subscriptions

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RSSApplied Blog Optimization

  1. 1. RSSApplied Blog Optimization Wh y is it im p orta n t to op ti m ize a bl og?
  2. 2. Increase User Experience Simple navigation lets users find useful information and increases time spent on site Using tags allows users to quickly access the posts that interest them We ensure the blog works on all major browsers so your blog is visible by all web users Customize design makes your blog stand out against sites using premade templates
  3. 3. Dedicated Servers Reliable blog and fast page loads = repeat happy customers
  4. 4. Keyword Usage Group posts by relevant keywords Keywords help keep the blog organized and easily used which creates a positive user experience Using researched keywords improves search engine ranking