CIPM certification course


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CIPM certification course

  1. 1. C ERTIFICATION P ROGRAM ertified C nternational I roject P anager M
  2. 2. Certified International Project ManagerWho should attend? Why CIPMTM ?This professional and highly sought after qualification has been Course syllabus includes both technical and softspecifically designed for: skills besides conformance to the industry standard • project management body of knowledge PMBOK®. Project Managers / Program Managers Team Leaders, Senior Analysts, Engineers Membership to the professional body AAPM that is • Quality Assurance Manager, Procurement Officers recognized by the International Project Management • • Accountant, Architects, Business Managers Commission and the Global Board of Standards • Anyone who is involved in project management, or Designation CIPMTM after your name that recognize • anticipates being involved in projects in the future you as a Certified International Project Manager, an • • international standard qualification with the other world class certification but at a fraction of the price. By attending this CIPMTM Holder of CIPMTM needs to acquire 16 hours training per annum from a recognized AAPM training center program you will: • in order to maintain the qualification. Acquire the skills in managing a project within Cost, Scope, Schedule and Quality. One year membership with the American Academy • Learn to produce essential project documentations of Project Management provides you with • based on professional “project templates”. networking opportunities around the globe and • Learn to overcome some of the major project risks, access to AAPM wealth of online information. assess its impact, detection, actions and prevention. • Acquire the soft skills required in managing a team The CIPMTM indicate that you have completed professional level project management education Review what you learn by responding to past CIPM • and you have substantial experience in managing • examination questions at the end of each topic. projects at a regional or global level. • Interactive with case studies and group discussion. Pass 3-hour CIPM examination and become a Certified • International Project Manager. Join your industry peers to be CIPM certified project • manager by sending email to Pre-requisite: Diploma, Bachelor’s university degree OR equivalent • Academic / professional background Minimum 2 years of project management experience. • Project management experience AAPM, American Academy of Project Management, CIPM™ and Certified International Project Manager are trademarks owned Page 2 exclusively by AAPM. Syseneg International is authorised as a licensed and accredited training partner of AAPM. Visit: for details.
  3. 3. Certified International Project ManagerProject Officers, American Academy of Project Management Your role as a project manager or a team member is to formalize the process of project delivery within Assist in the professional, executive training, your organisation. You may be involved in business and social development of project management decision making and enabling the process of meeting professionals - engineering, risk, human crucial milestones and deliverables to meet resources, IT, quality, process, E-Business, stakeholders’ requirements. construction management and more. Promote and protect the integrity of the AAPM The American Academy of Project Management’s Membership, Training, Certifications, and Certified International Project Manager (CIPMTM) Designations both nationally and globally. program will address the challenging issues Provide a structure for interaction between associated in managing a project encountered in members and the professional financial businesses today. The program will offer tools and community, business executives, government, techniques that assist in the management of the Organizational Management and Project various activities associated with each project Management related academic professionals. management processes that include developing Enhance employment opportunities for AAPM professional project reporting based on project Members at all levels via networking, training, “templates”. and outreach. To continue to grow internationally with On completion of this five days training and specialized on-site executive training at certification program you will receive your CIPMTM AAPM™ Approved training centers worldwide. certificate from the American Academy of Project The AAPM™ now has 40 approved and Management recognized in over 145 countries. registered training centers which are accredited. AAPM™ has members who are top faculty and Join your industry peers at this cutting-edge event by from the best universities in the World. emailing AAPM™ is listed and properly disclosed on the US Government Department of Education Yours Sincerely, Websites and the AAPM™ has special rights to the Board Certified MPM ™ Master Project Manager ™ Trademark and Licensing around the world. AAPM’s qualifications are recognized and listed (AAPM Accredited Training Partner) SYSENEG International on the US Department of Education Training List. AAPM, American Academy of Project Management, CIPM™ and Certified International Project Manager are trademarks owned Page 3 exclusively by AAPM. Syseneg International is authorised as a licensed and accredited training partner of AAPM. Visit: for details.
  4. 4. Certified International Project ManagerCIPM “A Globally Recognized Courseware that isQualification” Unique and PracticalRecognition comes at 3 levels: CIPMTM is non-industry specific, ensuring that the participant Non-industry specific has an increased appreciation for project management issues across the board. As we currently understand it, this is the onlyInternational: At the international level, the CIPMTM is international course developed from the “ground up” with thisa recognized program by the American Academy of specific purpose in mind.Project Management (AAPM) and the InternationalProject Management Commission (IPMC). The next levelof International Certification for the participants would It is in the extensive focus on personal and soft skills. Projects Soft skillsbe Master Project Manager (MPMTM). most often fail not because a “technical project plan is incorrect,” but rather a breakdown in communications, team dynamics, project leadership issues and/or personal conflictCorporate: At the corporate level, the CIPMTM course issues. The AAPM CIPMTM deals with many of these issues andhas been developed as the result of active discussions provides a framework to increase personal abilities and skillswith companies involved in both small and large projects on the soft side of project the USA, Singapore, Asia Pacific and also in MiddleEast. Therefore, we have designed the course to meet thegrowing demand of project management requirements in Each section of the courseware includes a set of questions thatlocalized markets. Assessment are taken from past CIPM examination papers. The goal is to assess participant understanding of the particular subject being discussed. The gaps will be assessed so the participantsIndividual: At the Individual level: Perhaps this is will be more prepared towards taking the actual examination.where it matters the most. For the individual that isparticipating in the certification course, completion of thecourse will provide the attendee with greater confidence Communication that includes project reporting is an integralin a very practical professional skill, and thus increase Templates component of the Project Execution and Control. Thesethe likelihood of success in his/her career advancement project templates are given free and participants will be guidedor job search. on the use of these project templates so they can be used in a productive manner when they graduated from this program.Specifically, this course has been designed only afternumerous meetings and discussions with executives andrecruiters from the Oil and Gas, IT, Construction,Telecommunications, Financial services, Education andManufacturing industries. AAPM, American Academy of Project Management, CIPM™ and Certified International Project Manager are trademarks owned Page 4 exclusively by AAPM. Syseneg International is authorised as a licensed and accredited training partner of AAPM. Visit: for details.
  5. 5. Certified International Project ManagerCIPMTM Course Overview Project Management is growing exponentially. It’s now used in virtually all industries, such as: government, health care, telecoms, IT, education and banking. Effective management is how these organizations streamline to improve productivity. As businesses are restructured, project managers take over many responsibilities. Expertise in project management is a source of security, prosperity and power to many companies. This course focuses on an articulate and coherent methodology for current project managers and those wishing to be project CIPM – across-industry certification managers. It teaches effective decision making and formulating risk management, cost management, quality management to Training Style name a few of the nine knowledge areas of project Our teaching style includes detail discussion of each topic, management. explanation of new terms and concepts, illustrations with exercises and problems, and discussion of assignments. Human behavior, leadership and ethical issues are integrated The format for this course will be going over assignments, throughout this course. short lecture on new materials, showing examples followed by participants practicing exercises and problems in class. Project Management courses are perceived to be one of the most difficult courses in the entire business curriculum. This three level approach better reinforces participants’ learning compared to traditional lecture format.Teaching PhilosophyOur teaching philosophy is one that assumes learning is acontinuous process. I follow Socratic teaching method where What is expected fromlearning takes place through teacher posing question andstudents exploring for answers. This teaching style is radically Participants?different from the traditional approach of teacher giving • Have some prior knowledge about activities involve in a projectlectures, students listening and copying it in their notes. To besuccessful with Socratic approach student-teacher interaction • Ability to comprehend, summarize and analyze projectis an essential. material, case studies, user requirements document. • Have appropriate oral and written communication skills • Have adequate time to complete course requirements and classroom assignments. • Observe the program timings to ensure minimal interruptions to other participants while the class is in session. AAPM, American Academy of Project Management, CIPM™ and Certified International Project Manager are trademarks owned Page 5 exclusively by AAPM. Syseneg International is authorised as a licensed and accredited training partner of AAPM. Visit: for details.
  6. 6. Certified International Project ManagerCertified International Project Project ManagementManager, CIPMTM “Best Practices” 40 contact hours (5 days) 1. Define project objectives, scope, and outputs: Project Templates, Past Exam Q&A, Case studies, Define project objectives, scope, and the work products• Individual and group assignments and services that are to be provided by the project.• CIPMTM exam comprising of 100 questions (150 2. Define the activities and life-cycle approach: Define• minutes) the activities needed to achieve project outputs and the• life-cycle approach that will be used. 3. Estimate planning parameters: Estimate and Project Management and Project Governance document the work product and task planning parameters that provides a basis for resource estimates.Project Management Overview Establishing project governance structures,• committees and terms of reference 4. Estimate project resource requirements: Estimate• the project effort, cost, and other resource requirements. 5. Establish schedules: Develop management and technical schedules for the project.Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, ClosingProject Management Life Cycle 6. Establish and maintain plans: Establish and maintain a complete set of plans for providing the products and Project life cycle services throughout the project life cycle.Subject Areas Project Charter 7. Establish commitment: Establish and maintain• Governance structure commitment of affected groups and individuals to project• Planning and scheduling objectives and plans, and commitment of resources as• identified in the plan. Earn Value Management• Estimating and scheduling resources 8. Organize to meet project objectives: Identify• individuals or teams that will be assigned the resources Resource leveling and responsibilities for meeting project objectives.• Tracking using Microsoft Project tool• Project Integration Management 9. Direct the project: Communicate project plans,• direction, corrective actions, and status, and coordinate Project Scope Management project activities.• Project Time Management• 10. Monitor Project Performance: Monitor and track Project Cost Management project activities and results against plans.• Project Quality Management• 11. Review and Analyze Project Performance: Conduct Project Human Resources Management formal and informal reviews of project performance and• Project Communications Management analyze variances from plans.• Project Risk Management• 12. Take Corrective Action: Take corrective actions to Project Procurement Management address problems.•• AAPM, American Academy of Project Management, CIPM™ and Certified International Project Manager are trademarks owned Page 6 exclusively by AAPM. Syseneg International is authorised as a licensed and accredited training partner of AAPM. Visit: for details.
  7. 7. AAPM The issuing authority for the Certified International Project Manager CIPMTMcertification program, is an internationally recognized professional project management association –the American Academy of Project Management AAPMTM . AAPMTM is a non-profit society that hasbeen active since 1997, AAPMTM is an affiliate member of the International Project ManagementCommission IPMCTM which has over 200,000 members and affiliates in more than 140 countries.CIPMTM is internationally recognized project management qualification of the American Academy ofProject Management in association with the International Project Management Commission IPMC.Syseneg established since 2001 with its core business in providing project management training and certification services.Syseneg utilize a practical, interactive methodology in project management as well as course delivery. Our techniques are derived from our expertise in software development, course design and delivery as well as from our excellent communications skill.Syseneg an international training center is the accredited training provider among 500+ AAPM affiliates in the world that include some 25 universities in the US that offer Certified International Project Manager CIPMTM certification program. AAPM, American Academy of Project Management, CIPM™ and Certified International Project Manager are trademarks owned Page 7 exclusively by AAPM. Syseneg International is authorised as a licensed and accredited training partner of AAPM. Visit: for details.