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Bloggum Free blogging Service Tour


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Bloggum free blog service - Create your blog today. Join thousands users already enjoing bloggum. Reach right audience and find people thinking like you.

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Bloggum Free blogging Service Tour

  1. 1. What is blog? A website that displays in chronological order the postings by one or more individuals and usually has links to comments on specific postings. Blog is a site where people share their thoughts and topics that they find interesting. There are no strict rules in blogging everyone can write whenever and whatever they want to publish. Latest inserted content is appears at top of oldest content. Blog visitors will see latest information in your blog. It is similar to personal news site. Bloggum is free blog provider. Bloggum aims to make sharing your thoughts and lives with loved ones easy, secure and entertaining experience. Create blog
  2. 2. Share ideas Blog is a tool to publish your thoughts. Blog helps you to organize and share memories, opinion on certain topics, bookmarks and stories that you want to store. For some blog is a corporate news bulletin for others it is a platform to share personal thought. Create blog
  3. 3. Stay connected While you can share your opinion with the rest of the world, blog is also great to listen to your readers. Bloggum gives you power to control who can read and comment to your blog and post. You can also delete unwanted comments. You get full control over your blog. You can create many blogs for different topics or publish blog together with your friends. There are admin and writer roles for managing blogs. Create blog
  4. 4. Custom design Blog should express your design and there are many ready to use templates for your liking. If you want to be unique in your style then there is a visual template editor. Also you can edit directly your template code and make structural changes. Create blog
  5. 5. Manage Add-ons Adding news, clock, chat box, poll, games, visitor counters, music player, google adsense ads easily. Add-ons can be added as HTML or JavaScript code. With add-on panel you can easily change location of ads or hide them for a while. Add-ons are stored separate from your blog template which makes them consistent through your template changes. Create blog
  6. 6. Share photos You can use your blog as a photo album. By tagging photos with keywords you can organize them and make more accessible from search engines. Images can be used in your posts whenever you have to use them. Photos appear as a separate entry so you can have comments for your photos. Create blog
  7. 7. Embed videos Bloggum supports youtube and google video services. Videos are searchable and reachable from blog control panel. Also added videos appear in separate section in your blog where all embedded videos listed. Videos appear as a separate entry so you can receive comments for any video on your blog. You can create your movie or short film blogs using bloggum. Videos from other video services also embeddable into your blogs with embed code that provided by such sites. Create blog
  8. 8. Explore new blogs Bloggum has a directory where all entries listed and accessible via related tags. Tags give you power to organize all information in your blog and make it accessible from inside as well as outside of your blog. You can explore and find similar and interesting content, blogs, users using tags and listing by any given tag. Create blog
  9. 9. Start blogging To know what is blog and how to use is best possible by using it. We work hard to make your bloggin experience smooth and entertaining. Click the following link to start your blog. Create blog
  10. 10. Presented by Vepa Create blog