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Business Travel: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News


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Movies are magical. The good ones hold you captive in a great story, to a different time and place, ...

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Business Travel: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

  1. 1. Business Travel: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News Movies are magical. The good ones hold you captive in a great story, to a different time and place, and then bring you back home. In two hours, they l... Steve Mariotti Founder of Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Author of An Entrepreneur's Manifesto Compassion-based meditation is healthy all around: within the workforce it facilitates more harmonious relationships and it supports inner calm from any life challenges that could hold you back from being fully present at work Tova Payne Author and Business Coach supporting soulful entrepreneurs to turn their business dreams into reality. Get your free guide at Last week, in a response to his ever-dwindling poll numbers several months into his lackluster campaign, presidential hopeful Jeb Bush actually declared on national TV, "I tell people I'm the tortoise in the race." Steve Sipress Creator of The WOW! Strategy: The Key To Helping Small Business Owners Solve ALL Of Their Sales And Marketing Problems. What frequently gets lost in the exchange of competing drafts is honest-to-God, real life communication -- not between the lawyers, but between the people who really matter. Eliot M. Wagonheim Lawyer, writer, educator, and strategist. Counsel to innovators and a firm believer in the establishment of core values as your north star. Would it be easier to forget about doing internships and just hire somebody to do that job? Yes. It would also be cheaper. But if I hadn't gotten my first internship opportunity through The Fund for American Studies in 1996, I would not be where I am today. Without a doubt. So I'm paying it back. You have been lied to and so have I. Blame our parents, teachers, and the last 20 years of business gurus for their deception. We have been aiming so hard for success -- under the guise of "work/life balance." There's just one problem: we've been grasping for the wrong trophy. Holidays don't have to be the only time we give, share, and shower others with appreciation. Leaders should always be looking for meaningful ways to give back to the team.
  2. 2. Chester Goad, Ed.D. Dr. Chester Goad is an author and speaker on learning, leadership, and life. Connect with him at I found myself divorced, on anxiety medication, with disappointed children angrily clamoring for my attention and love. But at least I had my bank account, right? The ways in which businesses benefit from offering paternity leave are so clear and proven that corporate leadership has to dig its collective head way, way down in the sand to miss it. Josh Levs Author, All In: How Our Work-First Culture Fails Dads, Families, and Businesses -- And How We Can Fix It Together (see Data is being used by businesses in innovative and illustrious ways to generate widespread value. Companies should be as inventive in respecting users' wishes without inhibiting data's exponential promise for economic growth. If you Google "Scaling a Company", you'll get over 43 million hits on the subject. There are so many voices advising on how to take a start up past proof of concept to a well-oiled growth machine, and there's a reason. It's hard. You want to find work you love. You want to know that you're making an impact. You want to feel excited about what you're doing. But the problem is, you don't know what type of work that should be. Sarah Peterson Writer, traveller and online entrepreneur who encourages people to never settle for lives and careers they don't love. The truth is, our peers, friends, family and staff can provide helpful insight, and you don't want to discount the importance of their advice. But, you also want to seek out formal trusted advisors who have a deep understanding of your business, along with the wisdom you need to compensate for your blind spots. Jennifer Love Entrepreneur of award-winning products. Speaker. Advisor. Advocate of social entrepreneurship. When you're building something you're constantly learning and taking in information. And all of that information can easily become overwhelming. I wanted to research and test different theories, but my brain was on overload. And what resulted? Nothing. Sarah Peterson Writer, traveller and online entrepreneur who encourages people to never settle for lives and careers they don't love.
  3. 3. But what do we do with Anthropology, Linguistics or Law? How do we account for their humanistic content and approaches? And how about emerging fields like Humanistic Engineering, Medical Humanities, Environmental Humanities? Christine Henseler Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies and Chair of the Department of Modern Languages at Union College, NY VoIP stands for voice over Internet Protocol. Simply put, traditional VoIP phones let you make calls using the internet and are most often used within corporate business environments. Over the past 10 years, this technology has grown expansively.