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Closing the Online Sale - Newfoundland Labrador


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Closing the Online Sale - Newfoundland Labrador

  1. 1. ga gi / p:/ htt Closing the Online Sale Rob Swick Newfoundland & Labrador St. John’s
  2. 2. Times Have Changed Closing the Online Sale
  3. 3. Benefits of Online Booking ✓ Staffing, efficiency ✓ Customer benefits ✓ Other reasons Closing the Online Sale
  4. 4. “it takes the burden off of the operator to answer the question ‘do you have a room on this night?’ and lets the consumer find this out on their own... In the first year 50% of our reservations were online, and now almost 80% of the reservations are being done online.” Judy Pye, Owner, Shipwright Inn Closing the Online Sale
  5. 5. Benefit 1: Less Staffing Time & Hassle ! No physical space ! Booking online anytime ! Client can change booking Closing the Online Sale
  6. 6. Benefit 2: Customer Benefits ! Provides consistent customer experience ! Customers can book anytime ! Don’t miss a sale ! Online bookers may be best customers ! Adds functionality to site Closing the Online Sale
  7. 7. Benefit 3: Additional Reasons ! GDS connection to Expedia, etc. ! POS and other integration ! Email etc. often integrated ! Great for groups Closing the Online Sale
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