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Secrets on how to become a successful travel blogger


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Secrets on how to become a successful travel blogger

  1. 1. Secrets on how to become a successful travel blogger
  2. 2. “Nowadays, the number of bloggers in the Philippines are more than a thousand now. The people usually gain their passion on being a wanderlust or traveling all over the world.
  3. 3. “Travelling is also the way to explore the different parts of the country by your own. If you like to travel, blogging is also the way to share your experience and become an influencer in marketing or even in traveling.
  4. 4. Are you planning to start a travel blog now? Here are some of the secrets on how to become a successful travel blogger:
  5. 5. Start investing on your blog Traveling around the world will surely cost too much money, but we all know that it is worth it. But if you want to create your travel blog, you need to invest on it. Also, you can hire some co-workers on your blog, like video editors, SEO specialist and even copy editors to make sure that your contents are enjoyable to read. Web hosting is also required if you want a complete website for your travel blog.
  6. 6. Make sure that you understand the concept of traveling industry If it is your first time in making a travel blog, make sure that you fully understand the basics of the travel industry. You can try to familiarize yourself with other travel bloggers and join in different travel blogger association. This process can also help you to explore yourself in the world of travel blogging.
  7. 7. Know what are the things you like Most of the travel bloggers usually write the same post every time they go in a particular place. You must also be aware that there is a very high competition about travel blogging. So you need to try creating the primary focus of your blogs like having a particular place or a topic.
  8. 8. Create a catchy name for your blog Having a name for your blog is important. The name that you are going to use should have your name and a word that describes your whole blog. Also, make sure that the name you are going to pick is not taken and make it a bit classy.
  9. 9. Create a logo If you choose to have a whole website for your blog, you need to create your logo. Logos are used as an official seal of your blog. You can use that logo as watermarks for the photo you are going to upload.
  10. 10. Make sure that your web layout is neat and readable There are time times that new bloggers make an “over-designed” web page for just a single blog page. You need to consider that it is legible and neat in the eyes of your visitors.
  11. 11. “As a new travel blogger, we hope that these tips will help you in starting your blog. Do not despair if you didn’t gain a lot of followers. Joining on different blogger events will surely assist you in giving new and fresh ideas. Manila bloggers conduct many blog events in a year to help people who are new in this industry.
  12. 12. “