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Mistakes in corporate blogging


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Mistakes in corporate blogging

  1. 1. Mistakes in Corporate Blogging Blogging is an effective way to reveal your company's value. Is also allows you to speak for your brand, make your business different from your competitors, attracts customers, and maximizes your marketing to bloggers especially in the Philippines.
  2. 2. In engaging an informative blog, there are many business owners make the same mistakes by creating a corporate blogging. If you are committing one or even more, we listed the business blogging mistakes below, it is your choice to make a change.
  3. 3. Lack of Strategy Broadly attracting your audience can bring useful results. Establish what customers can expect as they visit your blog. Always monitor your blog so you can engage more with your client's concern and suggestions.
  4. 4. Publish articles consistently Think about when was the last time you published an article? If you don't know the answer regarding this, then it is a major problem. Publishing articles should be consistent and in a scheduled manner. Your readers must know when will you publish your next article so that they would return to your site. If you don't have a plan, it is time to make an editorial calendar for your site. This surely helps you to publish your works consistently.
  5. 5. Your titles doesn't catch attention Nobody is going to read your article if they are not intrigued by the title. If you don't spend enough time making interesting titles, it probably brings more readers. Boring headlines leads to poor results.
  6. 6. Poor keyword strategy Boosting your online presence is part of an effective corporate blogging. You should aim for high-traffic keywords to achieve high-ranking from the search engines.
  7. 7. Not using Social media effectively Social media nowadays has a significant impact in the market of your business rather than manually advertising to a mass audience. Social media advertising is free, but if you target more views from your niche, you must try paid advertisements.
  8. 8. Not building relationships Writing your blog is not enough to achieve great results. As a business blogger, you must also find other bloggers for a mutual relationship. There are many business bloggers in the Philippines, as you build a relationship with other bloggers, it can bring you to success overtime. You just only need to give to receive, meaning, you can write a post on their blog, or for them to write one on yours. Aside from it, you can make good comments and share their posts. Building a relationship may take time, and you must have a sincere dedication fro this process.
  9. 9. You don't make the next step Your blog readers have chances to be your future customers. Every blog post you should make must base on a call to action at the end. Select the right call to action method for each of your post; this will increase your investment return at the right time.
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