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9 useful blogging tips for entrepreneurs - Blogapalooza


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business blogger philippines - Blogapalooza

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9 useful blogging tips for entrepreneurs - Blogapalooza

  1. 1. 9 Useful Blogging Tips for Entrepreneurs
  2. 2. Nowadays, business blogging is one of the ways in promoting a business. Every entrepreneur has their websites and updates it regularly by posting blog posts in it. It is also proven that regular blog posting can surely get almost 97% more links on their website. There are also some times where an entrepreneur is having trouble with what they are going to post on their blogs.
  3. 3. Hereare some of the useful tips for business bloggers:
  4. 4. Create a proper blog scheduling 1. Scheduled blog posts can update your website regularly, and it can give your customers something new every week. Creating blog post twice a week can also work. After you create a proper scheduling, remember to be consistent with every post that you are going to make.
  5. 5. Keep it short and simple 2. A very long content for a single blog post can make your readers or visitors feel bored. A 500-word content is enough for a single blog post. Even if it is a little content, make sure that you’ve optimized it with high-ranked keywords.
  6. 6. Alwayscheck the proper grammar and spelling 3. A blog content that has a lot of grammar errors and spelling can make it look very unprofessional. Also, it is delightful to read if it has a correct grammar structure.
  7. 7. Take a time reading other blogs 4. Other blog posts can help you get more inspiration if you lack on any new ideas. You can also read your competitor’s blog post to know what they are talking about.
  8. 8. Use the social mediato promote your blog 5. Blog posting alone might not get worked. You have some attributes in your blog site where you can share your blog posts on different social media websites.
  9. 9. Know who is your audience 6. It is very common to see that blog usually starts with a single idea. Make your blog the way to communicate with your audiences and readers.
  10. 10. Create a workingheadline 7. Typically, readers read only the title. The catchy headline you have, the more readers and visitors you can get. You can also share your experiences so that it can attract more users.
  11. 11. Add a unique image that suits on your blog post 8. Images can also help to attract audiences. You can create an image that can speak to your blog. The purpose of those images is to give a representation for your blog post.
  12. 12. Do not sell directly on your blog posts 9. Blog posting is not made for promoting your products. You can only make your blog post connect with all of your potentials customers and even your readers.
  13. 13. These are just some of the that can help you in your blogging. In Manila, you can also join some blogger events where popular bloggers in the Philippines shares their ways and strategies in business blogging. This kind of events can also help you in promoting your own business.
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