social media: online and in-person


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presentation slides from my workshop about with Brad Carlin about SITI Extended Ensemble, a social network we're developing for SITI Company (, a New York-based theatre company which performs and trains actors internationally.

At the TCG ( conference (6.9.07).
More information about the presentation is online at

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social media: online and in-person

  1. 1. “a new site for old discussions about the relationship of consciousness to place and other people” (Ben Russell)
  2. 2. social media
  3. 3. shared experience online and in person
  4. 4. many-to-many enables people to create and distribute the stories they care about and discuss what’s important to them
  5. 5. tell your story blogs video blogs & sharing podcasting photo sharing
  6. 6. publish create content be a curator draw from your community
  7. 7. map googlemaps community walk platial
  8. 8. tag label your information folksonomy
  9. 9. syndicate RSS = really simple syndication
  10. 10. aggregate use an RSS feed reader create your own portal pull other sources into your web site
  11. 11. connect social networking = conversation amplify impact of small communities serendipitous exposure
  12. 12. participate students/audience as evangelists meet-ups discover collaborators to make new work
  13. 13. collaborate wikis project management online office & design applications
  14. 14. re-mix mash-up = mix content from 2 or more sources re-use & contextualize share & collaborate
  15. 15. future=mobile text messaging cell phone content immediate action
  16. 16. start small post photos from your last event social bookmarks for shared reference add or update your wikipedia entry in-house evaluation blog
  17. 17. deeper impact enhance existing programs
  18. 18. plan, educate, contextualize, ask - before: wiki, blog, social bookmarks during: record - live blogging, chat, audio, photo, video, twitter report, evaluate, after: discuss, expand, define next steps
  19. 19. focus on your mission it’s not about technology
  20. 20. SITI Extended Ensemble (SEE) why do we need to do all this? will people really use it? what’s in it for us?
  21. 21. why? decentralized programming = disparate stakeholders traditional methods aren’t efficient demographics
  22. 22. will they? content, content, content networking and opportunities for collaboration establish community ownership - “activators”
  23. 23. outcomes? connect and maintain contact
  24. 24. grow audiences for touring serendipitous exposure
  25. 25. expand the impact of workshops develop a resource for Viewpoints/Composition/Suzuki
  26. 26. facilitate collaboration for artists outside the company alternative revenue sources
  27. 27. a seamless loop of participation from face-to-face to online conversations and back again
  28. 28. references @
  29. 29. creative commons attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs 2.0