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A Kiss


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Poem that captures Cyrano deBergerac\'s explanation of a kiss in my own words. Written in French and English.

Published in: Education, Economy & Finance
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A Kiss

  1. 1. A Kiss An elixir of amour as potent as liquor, sending a bullet through the heart all the quicker. What a simple act of pure delightfulness is this fervid deed of ferociousness. Only such inclination of adoration would be able to grant two of a kind this deep infatuation between a lover, consisting of no other, riding wave after wave of eternal bliss. Un Baiser Un élixir d'amour aussi fort que l'acool, envoie une balle à travers la couer rapidement. Un acte simple d'pure félicité est cette action ardent de féroce. Seulment l'inclination d'adoration pourrais accorde le deux ce engouement profond entre un amant, compose pas d'autre, chevauchant vauge apres vauge bonheur d'éternel.