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IoT Armour: Securing connected devices and critical IoT infrastructure with Blockchain-enabled Cybersecurity


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IoT Armour is a Blockchain-powered cybersecurity solution specifically designed to secure connected devices, networks and critical systems in the Internet of Things (IoT). It is targeted at Smart Cities, Autonomous Mobility as well as other related industrial and consumer use cases. IoT Armour is the flagship solution of Block Armour, an India and Singapore-based venture focused on harnessing the potential of Blockchain technology to counter growing cybersecurity challenges in bold new ways.

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IoT Armour: Securing connected devices and critical IoT infrastructure with Blockchain-enabled Cybersecurity

  1. 1. w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m 1 Securing connected devices and critical IoT infrastructure with Blockchain-enabled Cybersecurity Blockchain-based digital identity for connected devices Tamper-proof logging of all identity and access Locked-down & secured access to critical IoT systems
  2. 2. w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m 2 The Internet of Things connects numerous everyday devices, opening up previously closed systems to remote access and control Smart, connected devices are now an integral part of our lives, in business and at home Smart homes and offices enabled with a host of connected and smart devices Connected cars, autonomous trucks, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc Industrial control systems w/ cyber-physical platforms managing critical infrastructure Smart Cities with sensors and digital mgmt. systems for energy, utilities, transportation, etc The IoT market is expected to grow to an install base of 30.7 billion devices by 2020 and 75.4 billion by 2025 w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m
  3. 3. w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m 3 However, the rapidly growing world of perpetually-connected smart devices presents proportionally large security risks In 2016, botnet armies DDoS attack of DNS infrastructure sent major internet platforms and services offline Since 2016, researchers have shown how attackers could hijack a vehicle. In 2017, US Homeland Security cyber sleuths hacked a Boeing 757 as it sat on the runway In 2017, criminals hacked a connected fish tank and stole data from a casino In late 2016, ‘Crash Override’ malware took down the power grid in Kiev, Ukraine for over an hour before Christmas Existing security solutions are unable to keep pace, scale up and address the security challenges facing the emerging IoT world
  4. 4. w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m 4 The Solution: IOT Armour, a next-gen security solution designed explicitly for connected devices and critical infrastructure The platform leverages digital signature based identity and authentication for humans, machines and data; securing connected devices and tightly ring-fencing critical infrastructure IOT Armour delivers an enhanced Software- Defined Perimeter using private permissioned Blockchain and TLS technology
  5. 5. w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m 5 IOT Armour harnesses digital signatures to identify, authenticate and authorize devices thereby also securing IoT Communication AUTHENTICATION & AUTHORIZATION of devices REGISTRATION and ID of new device SECURE CHANNELS for inter-device communication SECURED ACCESS to core systems Identity & Access Validation Nodes Identity & Access Validation Nodes CORE SYSTEMS The solution utilizes Blockchain-based digital signatures to secure connected devices as well as the communication channels INTERNET OF THINGS
  6. 6. w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m 6 The Building Blocks: IOT Armour is powered by Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture & Blockchain technology SDP architecture render devices invisible to attackers; and customized agents along with Blockchain technology delivers a new breed of digital identity and access control for connected devices in the IoT Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Developed at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). Used by the DHS & DoD Emerging technology offers opportunities to secure sensor networks, IoT devices and smart infrastructure in bold new ways Blockchain Technology Decentralization Cryptographic Encryption Immutability Consensus-based Control SDP Controller Accepting SDP Host Accepting SDP Host Initiating SDP Host 1. Centralized Controller 4. List of authorized Accepting Hosts determined 5. Accept communication from Initiating Host 2. Mutual secure comm. to Controller Control Channel Data Channel 6. Receive list of IP’s of Accepting Hosts 3. Mutual secure comm. to Controller 7. Mutual secure comm. channels
  7. 7. w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m 7 IOT Armour’s Zero Trust setup allows for micro segmentation of connected devices as well as associated users The platform facilitates fine-grained resources’ access and comprehensive management of the policy engine on the Blockchain 7 w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m
  8. 8. w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m 8 The Result: A next-gen military-grade security system to protect connected devices and critical infrastructure against cyber threats Cryptographically-secure digital identity for users, connected devices and central servers/ services Best-in-class military- grade encryption for secured access to connected devices and IoT communication Invisible & locked down critical systems with micro segmentation and fine-grain access control Immutable & tamper- proof logs stored securely on the Blockchain for instant access / analysis It’s time to reclaim control and secure connected devices and critical IoT infrastructure using emerging technology! w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m
  9. 9. w w w . i o t a r m o u r. c o m 9 Learn how you can secure IoT devices and critical systems with Blockchain-enabled next gen cybersecurity Drop us a line or reach us via any of the channels below:Reach Us +91 9820386446 +65 96536243 IOT Armour is a product by award-winning cybersecurity venture, Block Armour