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Sofatutor The Online Education Platform


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Talk by Zoltan Vezdenyi at the 1st Berlin Video Meetup

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Sofatutor The Online Education Platform

  1. 1. The Online Education Platform
  2. 2. Zoltan Vezdenyi Welcome Head of Video Production
  3. 3. About Sofatutor ● launched in 2009 in Berlin ● 10k Educational Videos ● 80 Employees in Berlin ● more than 62k users
  4. 4. What we do? ● Ad-free paid education platform ● Online tutoring for students & pupils ● Educational videos ● interactive tests ● daily live teacher chats ● one-on-one video tutoring ● interactive iBook Textbooks
  5. 5. Why we do it? ● Online education is an underdeveloped market ● Parents spend 1.5 Billion Euros per year on tutoring (Germany) ● Every 5th pupil uses tutoring ● Parents spend 150 Euros per month on tutoring (Germany)
  6. 6. Video Production Editorial lead Script Story board Animation Audio Illustration Video Cut Encoding Upload Editorial Production Expert Review
  7. 7. Next Steps ● Switch to full digital production ● Adding more interactivity to the platform ● Adding more school subjects ● Expansion to Switzerland & Austria