Diablo 3 Tips and Tricks


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Diablo 3 is an action game by Blizzard Entertainment, the third installment in the Diablo franchise. The game features elements of the hack and slash, and dungeon crawl genres. Now you have the chance to get a free copy of Diablo 3, by answering a few simple questions. Don't miss this opportunity! Get a free copy of Diablo 3 now!

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Diablo 3 Tips and Tricks

  1. 1. Twelve years is a long time to wait for a game, but the Diablo faithful have had to do just that since developer Blizzard released Diablo II in 2000. Since then people have leveled and looted for years and gradually mastered its gameplay systems. Blizzard too has learned a lot over the last decade, and has wisely applied these lessons to the design of Diablo III. FREE DIABLO 3 COPY-->
  2. 2. At its most basic level, Diablo III is stilllargely the same game, but with flexible skill systems that encourage you to constantly reshape your hero into whatever you needthem to be. In the end, Diablo’s classic, loot- driven formula where you pick from a few pre-determined classes and level them up proves to be incredibly addictive the third time around.
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  4. 4. Some people love Diablo III for its story, and the third’s narrative is stronger than its predecessor, but still filled with clichés and predictable twists. But that doesn’t really matter all that much, because the story merely serves as a way to tie together the various dungeons and quests in your huntfor gear. Quality voice acting and some truly incredible cut-scenes between Acts help flesh out the universe, but past the first playthrough it’s not really anything worth paying attention to.
  5. 5. What is the Diablo® III auction house system?Acquiring epic new gear for your characters has alwaysbeen a big part of the Diablo® experience. Because ofthis, players found numerous ways to trade andotherwise obtain items both within and outside of thegame. Many of these methods were inconvenient andeither tedious (e.g. advertising for a desired trade inBattle.net® chat channels and waiting for responses) orunsafe (e.g. giving credit card information to third-partytrading sites). With Diablo III, we’re introducing apowerful auction house system that will provide asafe, fun, and easy-to-use way for players to buy and sellthe loot they find in the game. Two different versions ofthe auction house will be available in Diablo III: onebased on in-game gold, which players acquire throughtheir adventures, and one based on real-world currency.
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  7. 7. Diablo 3 – Game keyboard Commands andControlsToggle Inventory IToggle Skills Panel SToggle Quests Panel JToggle Journal Panel LToggle Hireling Panel FToggle Map TABToggle Zoom ZForce Stand Still SHIFTMove/ Primary Skill/Interact MOUSE1Secondary Skill MOUSE2Hotbar Skill 1 1Hotbar Skill 2 2Hotbar Skill 3 3Hotbar Skill 4 4Potion Button Q
  8. 8. Quests Guide In each of the four acts of Diablo III, as the hero orheroine you have a special set of tasks to undertake tosave the world of Sanctuary from certain peril, and ofcourse in the role-playing world these are referred to asquests. Many of these quests are granted to youradventurer by the non-player characters of the game,often the townspeople you encounter, while others youmay simply stumble upon as you work your way throughthe game.Similarly, some of these quests play an integralpart in the plot and are required to advance in orbetween the areas and acts. Others can be skipped tofocus on completing the ultimate goals of the game,namely slaying the Lord of Terror and his mostformidable minions and allies, but there are trades-off toskipping them.Quests in Diablo III tend to lean on the
  9. 9. http://diablo3.ilikesurveys.info