Build Muscle Without Weights - Do it Efficiently!


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Build Muscle Without Weights - Do it Efficiently!

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn How To Build Muscle 100% Faster ====Want to have more fun with your workouts? Try building muscle without weights.How, you ask? Well, there are actually dozens of ways to increase muscle strength as well asmuscle mass without having to use expensive equipment. In addition to saving you money --because you dont need special equipment -- they  can also be more convenient becauseyou dont specifically have to go to your gym, and more fun because you can do them at a park orat the beach or -- where ever.Its not either/or though. You could do both as each approach has its own unique benefits.In trying to build muscle, the guiding principle to keep in mind is: Anything that makes the muscleswork harder will stimulate blood flow and the growth of muscle proteins to that area of the body.Here are just a few ways to do that.Traditional push-ups are usually done on a flat, level floor. To make your muscles work harder,change the angle. Lay with your feet raised -- say, on a stool or a sofa or the bottom step of yourdeck. Gravity will then force your muscles to work harder. Then gradually increase the angle.Or do your push-ups one arm at a time. That also forces your muscles to work harder.This same technique can be used with sit-ups. And you dont need to do these in the house,either. Increase your pleasure. Find a nice grassy hill outside in the sunshine and do your repsand sets at an angle in the grass -- or on a slanted sidewalk using a mat -- or ...Or how about a great cardio workout that also helps build muscle in your quads -- without usingweights? Easy as pie. Just make the exercise harder to do.Got a beach handy? Running on beach sand is great for this. It provides cushioning for your jointsand more resistance than running on a solid surface. There are three levels of resistance here: 1)the sand near the water line, 2) dry sand further up the beach, and 3) running in water about a footbeyond the shoreline. Try them all. See which works best for you.Dont have a beach handy? Building muscle without weights is still not a problem. Run in circles atyour local volleyball court or at an empty kids playground. Or at off hours at your local golf course,you could run in the grass as well as through the sand traps.These are just a few of the various drills you could implement to build your muscle to peakform/performance. Just remember: To build bigger muscles, you have to make your muscles workharder.
  2. 2. Mike Weston is a writer and muscle enthusiast whose website ( )promotes drug-free weight and muscle gain resources for currently skinny guys who want to havethe kind of body girls like to look at. The Hot Muscles Fast website provides informative articlesabout muscle building programs and exercises, videos, and referral links to related websites tohelp you reach your muscle building goals.For more detailed information on building muscle without weights, please visit us on the web at: Source: ====Learn How To Build Muscle 100% Faster ====