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Feb 6, 11 am survival strategies 2tim 3.10 17


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Feb 6, 11 am survival strategies 2tim 3.10 17

  1. 2. Surviving The Times 2Timothy 3:10-17
  2. 3. Last days Disobedient to parents Unloving Lovers of self Lovers of money Lovers of pleasure boastful without self-control haters of good
  3. 4. Four Survival Strategies
  4. 5. Follow Godly Leaders
  5. 6. Follow their: Teaching Conduct Purpose Sufferings Rescue
  6. 7. Follow Godly Parents
  7. 8. Faith Teaching Practice Direction Follow their:
  8. 9. Abide in what You have Learned
  9. 10. Abide in: What you believe What you practice What you love What you hope for
  10. 11. Let Scripture make You Complete
  11. 12. Divine Origin Leads to Jesus Profitable Equips Give me the Bible!
  12. 13. And now? Train leaders Strengthen families Exhort each other Focus on Scripture