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Improv games

  1. 1. 1,2,3 woohoo!
  2. 2. Yes, And…
  3. 3. Every day... But one day... Because of that... Because of that... Because of that... Until finally... Ever since then... The moral of this story is...
  4. 4. Zip Zap Zop

Editor's Notes

  • ShapesIn a big group without taking students must make the shapes.
  • 1,2,3In pairs students count 1,2,3 alternately. When there is a mistake students chuck their arms in the air and shout woohoo!! Increase complexity with movements sounds different words etc.
  • Rock paper scissors.In pairs play rock paper scissors, best of three. Who ever looses, they get behind the winner. Chant their name - James, James, James! You must back the person who has won. Play until a winner in the class.
  • RobotsIn pairs then threes, 1 controller and the others robots. Tap on left arm to your robot turn left, tap on right arm to tight turn your robot right and tap on their back back to move forward. When the robot has something in front of them they must stop and make a noise. Extension 1 controller 2 robots
  • Human MachineWhole ClassGroup makes a human machine. Speed up slow down, sound etc.
  • Dolphin TrainingIn pairs 1 students thinks of something they want their dolphin to do. With a click or whistle etc the trainer indicates when their dolphin is doing well. Like hot or cold.
  • Students in pairs or small group recall a shared memory. Do you remember (Somewhere) eg Mexico. Next students must start Yeh, And….This continues.Shared memory, Adapt memory. Improvise!
  • Story SpineIn pairs students compose a story.
  • Follow me…Person moves into empty space puts their hand up and says –My name is _______ and I like Golf etc. All people who like golf move to them. Continues.
  • Students stand in a circle. Students pass zip, zap, zop around the circle in any direction. Can be extended to Zip, Zip, Zap, Zap, Zop, Zop etc.
  • Bunny Bunny
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