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BE Interactive Consulting


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Harnessing the best of social media, web 2.0 and agile processes

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BE Interactive Consulting

  1. 1. BE Interactive Consulting S o c i a l M e d i a , I n t e r n e t a n d A g i l e P r o c e s s e s
  2. 2. BE Interactive: BE Social, BE Agile Butterfly Effect Minor changes on the Internet have sweeping effects One idea often spawns many other paths, options and strategies One person can make a difference Interactive Consulting Social Media and Agile processes are evolving the way business gets done BE Social: An effective consulting style, friendly advice; no sales pitch BE Agile: A nimble organization and one that employs dynamic processes
  3. 3. Areas of Specialty BE Social: Internet and Social Media Connecting employees, customers, partners, consumers, buyers and sellers across corporate boundaries via the Internet and Social Media Discovering and encouraging tribes of passionate users, fans, customers Embracing community features and web 2.0 concepts in your business BE Agile: Agile Software Development Strategies Effective, apt, meaningful engineering processes Scalable technical organizational team structures Best practices for product and project management, architecture and QA
  4. 4. Service Offerings Assessment Gauge your current utilization of Social Media, Internet technologies and/or software development processes Determines where you are today, where you want (or should) go and provides a roadmap chock full of ideas and itemized projects with best practice recommendations to get you there Targeted Implementation Focused consulting for a specific project or solution on your roadmap Metric driven project execution: Implement a Social Media strategy; Detailed process migration consulting;
  5. 5. Target Markets Small to midsize companies having anything to do with software Any company without a social media adoption plan Startups predicting or feeling growth pain in software development Traditional waterfall software development shops looking to change Companies looking to do more in parallel with their tech teams Technology companies looking for better way to prioritize initiatives Any company without formalized QA processes
  6. 6. BE Interactive Consulting Brian Link was the technology executive of Managed and grew the development team from 3 to 20 people Built QA and R&D organizations and processes Evolved processes multiple times and built a scalable technical organization on a custom Agile/Scrum methodology Broad and deep background in technologies and consulting Open source and .NET background Software Development Lifecycle methodology strategist
  7. 7. Contact 614-402-5690 twitter: @blinkdaddy