The But and What If of Authorship and Author Rank


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Addressing concerns, answering questions and debunking myths around Google Authorship and Author Rank, all of which might be preventing you from implementing and getting value from this program.

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  • I’m here to answer concerns and debunk myths about Authorship and Author Rank, all of which might be preventing you from implementing Authorship for you, your company or clients.
  • Yes. Everyone who produces relevant and quality content can be an author, but it may take more time to be recognized. Fetch as Googlebot to speed things up.
  • Yes, as long as Authorship is set-up correctly content pre-Authorship program qualifies. But it will have to be recrawled. (You read it for the stories, of course.)
  • Not really. Product pages on eCommerce sites probably shouldn’t have authorship attached (though comments or reviews might). The comparison chart on a SaaS site shouldn’t have authorship attached. And that’s okay.
  • Google can’t know really, but you’re probably not getting the most out of the program if you use it like this. How did it work out for Cyrano?
  • Authorship is about demonstrating your expertise. Part of that is in promoting what you contribute and engaging with your community.
  • Or at least not on the presentation level.
  • It makes sense to keep it intact for both publisher and author. Severing the connection is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Of course maybe that author is pissed off and severs Authorship, depriving the publisher of that extra SERP advantage.
  • You can change authors. That’s been tested. But should you? Probably not. If you are going to do it, make sure you’re re-writing or updating that content in a material way.
  • Bing tags essentially invisible unless you are on Facebook.
  • In general, there’s nothing for you to do on Bing Social Search except hope that Bing and Klout pick you.
  • Author Rank hasn’t happened. It is not here yet. It’s something that might happen in the future.
  • Lots of things point to Author Rank and while Eric is probably talking in the future tense it’s clearly the aspiration for Google.
  • Not so much. But would you trust anonymous information offline?
  • Some whispers that mentions from brand pages might have an impact and vice versa.
  • The But and What If of Authorship and Author Rank

    1. 1. Presented at SMX West 2013 By AJ Kohn Owner, Blind Five Year Old @ajkohn
    2. 2. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    3. 3. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    4. 4. Yes. Fetch as Googlebot to speed things up. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    5. 5. Absolutely! Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    6. 6. No. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    7. 7. Sure, but at what cost? Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    8. 8. But do I have to have a website? Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    9. 9. Not yet. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    10. 10. Keep authorship intact when possible. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    11. 11. Sorta, kinda. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    12. 12. Authorship snippet is a CTR magnet. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    13. 13. Authorship bounce back bonus links! Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    14. 14. Author search. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    15. 15. Author stats in Google Webmaster Tools Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    16. 16. You might get a welcome letter. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    17. 17. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    18. 18. Be very, very careful. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    19. 19. Authorship is very brittle. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    20. 20. Meh. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    21. 21. Hand-picked by Bing (using Klout?) Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    22. 22. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    23. 23. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    24. 24. Highlight Authors Rank Search Results Seriously, it says it right here in the launch announcement! Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    25. 25. Within search results, information tied to verifiedonline profiles will be ranked higher than contentwithout such verification, which will result in mostusers naturally clicking on the top (verified) results.The true cost of remaining anonymous, then,might be irrelevance.” – Eric Schmidt Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    26. 26. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    27. 27. @ing someone from a brand page might have an impactWhispers outside of rel=publisher Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    28. 28. Personal branding and CTR alone are enough. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    29. 29. Blind Five Year Old | @ajkohn
    30. 30. AJ KohnOwner, Blind Five Year @ajkohn