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T20 souvenir file 2


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T20 souvenir file 2

  1. 1. MESSAGE FROM PAKISTAN BLIND CRICKET COUNCIL We have been taught that nature compensates us for the calamities it inflicts on us and that among others, blindness may be a most serious affliction but that it still cannot stand in the way of those with a resolve to achieve greater things, awe-inspiring is the spirits to smile in the face of adversity, to overcome the limitations imposed by a crippling handicap and yet have the desire to compete and to excel, and the ambition to live life to its fullest despite blindness. The visually impaired cricketers enjoy and gibe pleasure to not just their similarly afflicted brethren but to infuse a can-do spirit in the entire humanity with their indomitable courage. Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) is leaving no stone unturned to provide ample cricket playing opportunities to the visually challenged at all levels (international events, domestic cricket, club cricket and in Blind educational institutes), providing educational aids and stipends to complete their studies and also extending full support for their rehabilitation and inclusion in the society. So far, three One-Day Cricket World Cups for the Blind had been conducted and Pakistan Blind Cricket team reached the final of all three editions and won the last two World Cups consecutively beside this Pakistan won the 10 International one-day series out of played 12and also won 6 Twenty-20 series out of played 7. PBCC is a full member of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) with a voting right and PCB is extending full support for the promotion and development of cricket for the Blind. Government of Pakistan also contributed in conducting International Blind Cricket events and recognized the achievements of Pakistan Blind Cricket by awarding the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz to Mr. Abdul Razzaq the Captain of World Champion Pakistan Blind Cricket team. Pakistan Blind Cricket team is fully prepared to take the challenge of the first Twenty-20 Blind Cricket World Cup to be held in India from 1st to 13th December 2012 in Bangalore. Pakistan Blind Cricket Council conducted three preparatory camps, one in July 2012 and two in November 2012, each of ten days. PBCC anticipates thrilling and interesting contests in the World Cup, Pakistan hopes to lift the title although it wont be easy. PBCC acclaims the efforts of Cricket Association of the Blind in India (CABI) of taking the initiative of conducting inaugural Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup for the Blind and wish them success in making this World Cup a success. Syed Sultan Shah, Chairman, PBCC24
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  3. 3. MESSAGE FROM BANGLADESH BLIND CRICKET COUNCIL On behalf of Bangladesh Blind Cricket Council (BBCC), we would like to congratulate CABI and Samarthanam Truest for Disabled for the successful conduction of the first T-20 World Cup-2012 for the Blind. Cricket for the Visually Impaired in Bangladesh head been started in the year 2000. The National Association of Sports for the Persons with Disability (NASPD) is the pioneer of Blind Cricket in Bangladesh. One weak Blind Cricket Training Camp and a Friendly Demonstration Match Jointly organized by National Association of Sports for the Persons with Disability (NASPD and National Forum of Organization working with Disabled (NFOWD) with the support of West Bengal Blind Cricket Association (India) in 2000. It was the initial stage for the Promotion of Blind Cricket in Bangladesh. NASPD also arrange a 15 days Training Program for Players and Coaches in Dhaka Bangladesh 2007 with the support Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC). Thereafter for Development of the cricket for visually challenged persons of Bangladesh and establishment of the equal access of visually challenged persons with blind cricket as a part of their games and sports activities as well as to participate in the World Blind Cricket, the Bangladesh Blind Cricket Council (BBCC) has been established on 17th May 2008. The main objective of BBCC is to make efforts for promotion of blind Cricket throughout the country and to arrange cricket tournaments at local, national and international levels, so that they can establish their sports career as a blind cricketer and participate in national and international blind cricket competitions. At present situation of blind cricket in Bangladesh, BBCC feels that extensive training course is needed for the development of blind cricket from grass root level in order do something positive for the promotion of blind cricketers to creating opportunities for the visually challenged persons of Bangladesh. BBCC is planning to continue the ongoing activities for organizing districts, divisional and national level blind cricket competitions within this year and upcoming years. Since 2008, BBCC conducting blind cricket training camp to prepare new young cricketers. The main objective of the program is to develop blind cricket and popularize the game in the community. It is mentioned that, with the support of BBCC, 8 (eight) blind cricket clubs were established in different parts of the country, named: q Dhaka Blind Cricket Club q NASPD Blind Cricket Club q Chittagong Blind Cricket Club q Rajshahi Blind Cricket Club q Coxs Bazar Blind Cricket Club q Sunamgonj Blind Cricket Club q ABC Blind Cricket Club Narsindi q Jessore Blind Cricket Club Number of Clubs yet to be established, in the training session, 250 visually challenged persons were trained up so far, and they are able to play blind cricket. For the development of blind cricket in School level in Bangladesh, Sightsavers have taken the initiatives for creating opportunities for visually challenged persons to concentrate into mainstreaming of the community through blind cricket and other development activities. Page-2 Accordingly, with the financial support of Sightsavers, and technical support of BBCC, BBCC conducted the 10 days blind cricket training camp. The main objective of the program was to26
  4. 4. promote blind cricket at grass root level and establish school blind cricket team. In this way, the visually challenged young cricketers will get the opportunity to participate in the blind school cricket tournament as well as to participate in the national and international cricket competitions. It is mentioned here that, 10 (Ten) blind school cricket team were established in different parts of the country. There are a number of blind school cricket teams yet to be established in 2012. It is a dynamic step for Sightsavers to promote blind cricket for visually challenged persons in Bangladesh. BBCC believe that, this type of training will help the players to develop their skills and get prepared for participating in the national and international cricket competitions. Eventually our heart full thanks to CABI,Samarthanam Truest for Disabled and the hole Board of World Blind Cricket Council (WBCC) for Inviting Bangladesh Blind Cricket Council (BBCC) to participate in the T-20 Blind Cricket World Cup-2012 for the first time held from01 to 13 December at Bangalore, India. We are obliged and heart full thanks to The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC), Bangladesh for supporting us toparticipate in the T-20 Blind Cricket World Cup-2012. Regardless of the results, our team will definitely learn a lot of experience, playing skills and sportsmanship spirit from this beautiful event. Thanks for the hospitality, very good arrangements and wonderful opportunity. Best Regards. Syed Quamrul Islam Director Bangladesh Blind Cricket Council (BBCC) With Best Complimentsfrom deluxe digital studios 1st Floor, Block-B, Pebble Beach |Embassy Golflinks Business Park Off Intermediate Ring Road |Bangalore - 56007127 Ph: +91.80.41153000 Ext: 166 | Mobile: +91 99023 66300,
  5. 5. HISTORY OF BLIND CRICKET IN THE WEST INDIESIn 2001, Mr. Clevedon Mayers as President of the Barbados Council for the Disabled met with Mr. RogerFuggle to discuss introducing blind cricket to Barbados. Mr. Mayers approached the Barbados CricketAssociation, the National Disabilities Unit and the Paralympic Association of Barbados for theseOrganizations to take up the challenge.In 2002, Mr. Mayers held further discussions in London with Mr. Andy Sellins, Coach of the English BlindCricket. Mr. Andy Sellins and Mr. Timothy Guttridge visited Barbados and demonstrated blind cricketwith a cricket pitch at an exhibition called the Home Show which landed the Barbados Council for theDisabled the top Prize for Most Outstanding Booth. This was followed up by a visit of an English BlindCricket Team to Barbados in March 2003 where two matches were played. One was against celebrities inQueens Park and was attended by over eight hundred persons. The team lost against the celebritieswho included players like Joel Garner, Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes. These matches wereorganized by the Barbados Council for the Disabled.Affirmative action was initiated in 2003, when a group of English players and officials visited Barbados toconduct a workshop for people from the Caribbean. Two members of that party journeyed to Trinidad &Tobago funded by the Caribbean Council for the Blind to make a presentation on Blind Cricket at theBiennial General Meeting of the Caribbean Council for the Blind. They called upon the delegates to takeup the challenge of introducing the game in the respective territories.In 2004, a full English team visited Barbados for a series of matches. The hosts lost the series but viewed itas a step in development.Barbados was the first territory to establish its Blind Cricket Association, known as the Barbados BlindCricket Association in 2005. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Companies Act ofBarbados in 2006.Jamaica was the second territory to form its Blind Cricket. In 2005, a full English team visited Jamaica for aseries of demonstration matches. It was during this visit that the West Indies Cricket Council for the Blind(WICCB) interim committee was inaugurated. At this point only three countries were involved - hostJamaica, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago.In October 2005, The West Indies Cricket Council for the Blind was admitted as a full member of theWorld Blind Cricket Council at a meeting in South Africa attended by President Daemion McLean andDevelopment Officer Vivalyn Latty-Scott.Trinidad & Tobago (T & T) was the third territory to launch its Blind Cricket Association.In 2005, with the support of the Caribbean Council for the Blind, training personnel from the World BlindCricket Council and the Trinidad & Tobago Blind Cricket Association, the first regional trainingprogramme for mainstream cricket coaches from the Caribbean was held at the National Cricket Center,Balmaine Couva. Nine Coaches received training. The T & T players were also part of the process fromwhich was developed a model for future training to be undertaken in the region. Other trainingprogrammes were subsequently held in St. Lucia/Windward Islands, and Guyana. The programme forthe Leeward Islands has been put on hold because of the lack of funding. Guyana and The WindwardIslands went on to launch their associations.In 2006, the Constitution of WICCB was ratified. The WICCB was officially launched by the HonourableTrevor Prescod, the Minister of Social Transformation.The West Indies Cricket Council for the Blind Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit organization under theCompanies Act of Barbados in 2008.
  6. 6. Inter-territorial matches In May 2005, Barbados visited Trinidad & Tobago for a series. In November of the same year, some representatives of the Trinidad and Barbados Blind Cricket Teams visited Dominica for a promotional game, witnessed by a large and enthusiastic crowd at the Botanic Gardens grounds. To date, Dominica has been the only territory in the Caribbean where the game is broadcast live on National Radio. In 2006, some players from Trinidad again joined their Barbadian counterparts for a weekend of cricket activities. Players from St. Lucia and Dominica gathered in St. Lucia for the first Windward Islands Tournament for a week of cricket activities. They were joined by Barbados for some promotional and development games. The first Regional Tournament was held in Barbados in 2006. Following this, the first West Indies Blind Cricket Team was selected to participate in the third Cricket World Cup for the Blind in Pakistan in December 2006 and placed fifth among the seven participating nations. Prior to the teams departure from Trinidad they were involved in a nine day camp funded by a sports company of Trinidad & Tobago. The Caribbean Council for the Blind contributed significant funding to the cause. From 2007 to 2010, a regional tournament was held every year. The sixth regional tournament was held in Jamaica in July, 2011 and twenty-five players were shortlisted from which a West Indian Team would be selected to represent at the World T20 Championship in December, 2012 in India. It was decided that the Regional Tournament for 2012 be cancelled, as the funds needed to execute it should be utilized to facilitate the T20 World Cup Tour in December 2012. Relationship with Regional Cricket Body Our dialogue with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) have thus far resulted in some assistance being given for one delegate being able to participate in the 2007 meeting of the World Blind Cricket Council and having a link on the WICB website. The WICB has assisted with the Bangalore T20 World Cup 2012. However, discussion on affiliation is a work in progress, since such must start at the individual country level. The WICBs involvement is indeed critical at this time, because with its access to resources it can assist the WICCB in the further development of Blind Cricket. --Submitted by West Indies Cricket Council for the Blind VISIONARY RECYCLER Congrats ! VISIONARY TEAM TES-AMM RECYCLERS (INDIA) PVT. LTD., r LEADER WITH MOST AUDIT-CERTIFIED FACILITY IN SOUTH EAST ASIA r WORLD CLASS RECYCLING PLANT r 20+ INTERNATIONAL LOCATIONS r GLOBAL R&D r INDIAN & MNC CLIENTS r AUTHORIZED TO COLLECT E-WASTE ANYWHERE IN INDIA r ISO 9001:2008 | ISO 14001:2004 | OHSAS 18001:2007 | R2:2008 e29
  7. 7. MESSAGE FROM SRI LANKAOn behalf of Sri Lankan Cricket Association of the Visually handicapped, I would like to congratulateCABI and Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled for the successful conduction of the ever first T20 BlindCricket World cup. Cricket for the visually impaired in Sri Lanka had been started in the year 1952 from theschool for the blind Rathmalana, the biggest school in South Asia. The first match was played betweenthe past pupils and the present pupils of the school. The chief guest for that match was the first primeminister, D.S Senanayaka. He inaugurated the match by bowling to the first bats man. On 1998, Sri LankaCricket Association of the visually handicapped was established in the Chairmanship of ElexJayawordana. It was affiliated to the World Blind Cricket Council before two years of its establishment.We have participated in three world cups since it was established and we organized a nationaltournament sponsored by Dilmah Tea. We also conduct coaching camps especially in north and east andalso conducts umpire and scorer training camps to the trainee scorers and umpires with the assistance ofSri Lanka Cricket board. Presently, our Association consists of fifteen clubs round the whole island havingmore than 175 players. Last but not the least we would like to thank CABI, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled and the wholeboard of WBCC for their generous invitation to participate in this mega event of cricket. Regardless of theresults, our team will definitely learn a lot of playing skills and sportsmanship spirit from this event. Thanksfor the hospitality, good arrangements and wonderful opportunity.With best regardsMr. J. A. Norbert r SilvaGeneral SecretaryCricket Association of the Visually Handicapped in SrilankaMESSAGE FROM NEPALCongratulation and hats off to you! That is what I can say to Cricket Association for the Blind in India for itscommendable effort in giving impetus to the almost dead world class events by organizing T20 Blindcricket world cup. Many meetings were held and many propositions for the conduction of the World cupwere put forward but the dream came true only when Indian Cricket said yes. From the context of Nepal,this tournament has helped to create a new history in the whole Nepal. This is the first blind cricket teamfrom Nepal to participate in the World Cup. No team be it in cricket or football has got this opportunityuntil now. Today this seems to be negligible to many but becomes remarkable when this participation willbe written in the golden book of history. Through this participation, Nepalese blind have proven that asmost people perceive, the blind also have the competency and caliber to keep the national flag flying highin the international arena. Since this is our first participation, this world cup will definitely provide us acommon platform to have mutual, cultural and personal relationship with the participants of othercountries plus opportunity to hone playing skills at the international level. This is of course a greatexposure to that community who has always been underestimated and whose issues have been leastprioritized. On the other hand, Nepal bears a glorious history of having more than one hundred andtwenty blind women cricket players and at the moment they are also really in need of internationalparticipation. Though two blind women from Nepal will be participating in this World Cup but cannotrepresent the wish and dreams of the whole blind women cricketers in Nepal. Considering the fact ofhaving normal womens cricket teams in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan in South Asian region, Ikindly request the member countries of WBCC to work towards forming womens team in their countries.Promoting cricket for blind women is respecting their right, dignity and display of a good model ofinclusiveness. A better world can be imagined when men and women learn to work together. As apromoter of blind cricket for women, Nepal wishes to have international womens cricket in the nearfuture.Finally, congratulation and hats off once again to the endeavor of the countries of WBCC. We are all theparts of this golden moment. Lets make a commitment from today to keep the spirit and mission of WBCCalive.With immense pleasureMajor Pawan GhimireAsian Development Director for WBCC, Chairman- Cricket Association of the Blind, Nepal.
  9. 9. MESSAGE FROM BRITISH DEPUTY HIGH COMMISSION“I wish success to the blind cricketers associated with the T-20 World Cup Cricket for the Blind inBangalore in December 2012.The huge success of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics showed the United Kingdomsupporting sport for people with disabilities. The hugely positive response of the crowds attendingpacked events with up to 80,000 people watching, joined by a global television audience showedinternational support. Karnatakas Girisha Hosanagara Nagarajegowda, a 24-year old Paralympicathlete from Hosanagara in Hassan district, who has an impairment in his left leg, won silver medal inthe Mens High Jump F42 category. He won Indias first Paralympic medal of the Games.The Olympics and Paralympics shows that public support can join governments in leading the way indisability rights, raising awareness of disability sport, diversity and the treatment of people withdisabilities. The UK is a creative, inclusive, and welcoming place to live in, visit, and for business. TheGames were delivered on time, on budget and with style.The British Deputy High Commission, Bangalore, supports the opportunity presented by the T-20World Cup Cricket for the Blind to raise awareness about societys attitude to disability and disabilitysport around the world. We encourage more people with disabilities to enter into sport at thegrassroots level, not only to help find the next generation of Paralympians, but also to demonstratehow sport can enrich the lives of everyone, can increase confidence and provide new communityconnections. The British Deputy High Commission, Bangalore, is delighted to be working withSamarthanam to promote improved awareness and understanding of disability. The work of the Trustis important to the greater integration of people with disability into society.”MESSAGE FROM AUSTRALIAN HIGH COMMISSIONER TO INDIAI am delighted to offer the support of the Australian Government to the 2012 T-20 Cricket World Cupfor the Blind.For Australians, cricket is truly a game of the people. We play cricket in our parks, in our backyards, onour beaches, and in some of the worlds great sporting stadiums. Cricket is a game played by the oldand the young; and by men, women and children alike. The sound of willow on leather issynonymous with summer in Australia.Our passion for the game of cricket is one that we share with the people of India, and with the peoplesof all of the nations of the cricket playing world. Cricket is a sport that brings together people from thefurthest corners of Earth; from the beautiful islands of the Caribbean to the dusty veldts of southernAfrica; from the tall mountains of New Zealand to the green fields of England; and from the steamyjungles of the sub-continent to the dry deserts of Australia.I have no doubt that the ten days of the 2012 T-20 World Cup Cricket World Cup for the Blind willproduce many exciting and memorable moments on the field of play. But, more importantly, I amsure that it will lead to some wonderful friendships and connections being forged between theplayers and officials from the teams competing which will last a lifetime.I congratulate the Samarnathan Trust for the Disabled for their efforts in organising the tournament,and offer my thanks to the sponsors who have made the event possible. I wish all of the players ahappy and enjoyable tournament.
  10. 10. MESSAGE FROM NEW ZEALAND CONSUL GENERAL “I would like to congratulate all players for their part in the T-20 World Cup Cricket for the Blind in Bangalore, December 2012, being organized by Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled. Such tournaments help to build personal contacts and relationships in addition to the challenge of playing the best from other countries. I hope you all gain immensely from the experience.” MESSAGE FROM FORMER MEMBER OF THE INDIAN CRICKET TEAM, SYED KIRMANI I have had a long and fruitful association with Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled and CABI, and am greatly impressed by what they are doing. I strongly support the efforts of Samarthanam, CABI and its founders and organizers, and am pleased to contribute in any way I can towards their activities. I have been an enthusiastic supporter of all major blind cricket tournaments organized by them, including the Corporate Cricket Cup held in Bangalore as a fundraising event for the World Cup. Cricket has been my passion throughout my life, and I am most happy to do my bit towards this cause. India is a country that is passionate about cricket, and so are all Indians – able-bodied and differently-abled. It is only right that the differently-abled players too have an opportunity to showcase their skills. Cricket in this format needs more support from parent organizations. I appeal to all to encourage, facilitate and support blind cricket. I would like to commend Samarthanam Trust for all their work in organizing the World Cup and the preceding tournaments throughout this year and in 2011, and for giving these talented sportsmen the platform to prove their ability. I wish them all success in this endeavor and in all their initiatives in the years to come. I congratulate the players from all participating countries, and wish all the teams the very best. May the best team win and take home the World Cup.33
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  16. 16. With Best Compliments Corporate Office: Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd., Ground Floor, West Entrance, Khanija Bhavan,Race Course Road, Bangalore-560 001, 91-80-40554055 Branch Office: Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd. 2nd Floor,Shrungar Shopping Centre M.G. Road, Bangalore Karnataka, 560 001, India 91 - 80- 25597944 / 25584111 / 25559261 91 - 80- 25586163
  18. 18. MESSAGE FROM CBM 40
  19. 19. With Best Compliment KUDREMUKH KIOCL LIMITED (A Government of India Enterprise)
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  22. 22. An exhaustive range of Wedding and Designer Sarees for the Woman of Substance # 710, Mahanandi Complex, Next to Rukmini Hall, Chickpet, Bengalooru 43
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  24. 24. Samarthanams ProgrammesSamarthanam Trust for the Disabled has been Objectivesworking since 1997 to empower the differently-abled and economically underprivileged in India. · To promote primary and higher educationSamarthanam helps them keep pace with the rest among the visually challenged, differently-abledof the society by providing quality education, and economically underprivileged peopleaccommodation, nutritious food, vocational · To increase accessibility to education andtraining and placement based rehabilitation. employment opportunities by using assistiveSamarthanam promotes an inclusive society aids/ technology and providing comprehensivewhich provides equal opportunities—without vocational trainingany discrimination—for the development of the · To reduce malnutrition related disabilityvisually challenged, differently-abled and through nutritional supplementseconomically underprivileged. The trust is · To foster artistic, cultural and recreationalaffiliated to the World Blind Union and avenues for persons with disabilitiesRehabilitation International. · To encourage sports and games for people with disabilities, especially the visuallyMission challenged.To empower visually challenged, differently- · To promote eco-friendly living andabled and economically underprivileged people introduce sustainable waste managementthrough developmental initiatives focusing on practices as innovative vocational opportunitieseducational, social, economic, cultural and for the differently-abledtechnological aspects. · To establish and maintain community based rehabilitation centres for special targetVision groups like destitute women and neglectedAn inclusive society, free of discrimination against childrenthe differently-abled, where people with · To work at national and internationaldisabilities, especially the visually challenged, levels to achieve the objectives of UN Conventionenjoy equal opportunities and an enhanced on Rights of Persons with Disabilities.quality of life.EDUCATIONPrimary school At Samarthanam, we believe in holisticAt the Samarthanam residential primary school development. Our children regularly participatein HSR Layout, Bengaluru, 151 differently-abled in extra-curricular activities. Several students wonand economically underprivileged children scholarships, awards and prizes in sports andstudying in classes 1 to 7 are provided free cultural, accommodation and food. Apart Achievers: Akshay B. Mahajan scored 86% in thefrom academics, the students are provided class 10 examinations, passing out withtraining and opportunities in art, dance, music distinction.and sports. Higher EducationAchievers: Several promising students give us Samarthanam provides assistance to younghope about the future – Mailary, a student of std. people pursuing higher academic and6, whose parents are construction labourers, and professional courses.Komala of std. 7 have excelled academically aswell as in extra-curricular activities. We provide financial support, laptops, digital audio books, scribes and tutors to support30% of staff at Samarthanams primary school is students enrolled in several renowneddifferently-abled institutions. Samarthanam also provides free hostel facilities – this enables young men andHigh school women from rural Karnataka to pursue theirAt the Samarthanam High School in Hulimavu, education.Bangalore, 124 children study from std. 8 to 10. 45
  25. 25. Success Stories Three of Samarthanams visually challenged students are in IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow. Samarthanams Ms. Rajani is Indias first visually challenged Chartered Accountant. Samarthanam makes books and study material accessible to the print disabled by converting them to a digital format. NUTRITION BPO Training - Shrishti Vidyaprasad At Shrishti, Samarthanams Call center training unit, visually impaired and physically challenged Samarthanam provides nutritious midday meals youth receive BPO training. to 7500 children in government schools across Bengaluru, under the Akshara Dasoha program Shrishti is working towards taking in hearing and supported by Govt. of Karnataka and Govt. of speech impaired candidates for the following India. Centralized kitchens, mechanised cooking batches by appointing specially trained and an efficient distribution system ensure instructors. 250,000 hygienic meals are delivered every month by a team of 14 members. BPO/Call Center Unit - Kirana INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Kirana, Samarthanams BPO centre at Bidadi was set up in Q2 2011 with the objective of IT Training - Techvision empowering skilled rural youth with disabilities. The 100-seater BPO hosting disabled-friendly At Samarthanams Techvision centers, visually workstations, went live with state-of-the-art impaired and physically challenged youth infrastructure, technology and resources on par receive training in computers and soft skills. with the best in the industry, and made an excellent start with work orders from financial 50% of staff at Techvision is differently-abled Institutions and IT majors. REHABILITATION Womens Rehabilitation - Swadhara Swadhara is Samarthanams home for women in Samarthanam assisted in her D.Ed course and distress. Samarthanam provides who went on to work as a teacher in a accommodation, food, counselling, vocational government school, or the girl who scored 84% training, clinical and legal assistance, with aid in her Pre-University Course in Commerce. from the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. During this Vocational Training - Vividha period of financial and emotional support, they are also sufficiently trained in IT, BPO, catering or Vividha, one of the rehabilitation wings of tailoring. The women are assisted in finding Samarthanam, is a self-sustained unit wherein employment, and enabled to live self-reliantly. the differently-abled and economically underprivileged are trained and employed to Achievers: These women, with their strength service outsourced job work orders. Training is and positivity, motivate us with their provided in soldering, packing, reconditioning of achievements – whether it is the lady who printer cartridge and assembling.46