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How to keep the content flowing without giving up your day job.


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Content marketing is a great way for professionals to demonstrate expertise, show their personality, and provide more content to attract search traffic. The problem is writing is hard! Writing is especially hard if you aren't a trained writer, and you already have a full time job.

In this presentation I show some techniques that I have learned for making writing easier, and for making it possible to get your ideas on the screen without spending hours each day doing it.

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How to keep the content flowing without giving up your day job.

  1. 1. How to Keep the Content FlowingWithout giving up your day job.
  2. 2. Who is this guy?• Not$a$Writer• Born$an$Engineer• Now$a$Business$Growth$ Advisor$ @blfarris
  3. 3. What I do Provide content Help small so that even creative smaller firms can professional help themselvesfirms to grow! to grow!
  4. 4. My Writing Problem This doesn’t work for me
  5. 5. My Writing Solution• Give$up.• Write$crap.• Lower$the$bar.$No$lower$still.$I’m$ talking$really,$really$low.
  6. 6. My Writing Hero Yuvi%Zalkow • Creator$of$“I’m$a$ Failed$Writer”$video$ series. • Also$Check$out$ “Writing$a$Novel$ when$you$are$too$ busy”
  7. 7. Don’t Write a Blog PostJust write in$little$bits
  8. 8. Don’t Write a Blog PostJust write everywhere
  9. 9. Don’t Write a Blog Post Just write a$LOT!
  10. 10. Don’t Write a Blog Post Just write badly
  11. 11. Don’t Write a Blog Post Just Write
  12. 12. A Fishing Story
  13. 13. Pull it Together• Paste$your$ scribbles$together• Find$a$theme.• Use$a$blog$post$ template
  14. 14. Hire a Professional to Finish it. • 50% of my effort was spent on the last 20% of the process. • My job is the crappy first draft • Bridget’s job is to make itBridget Ingebrigtsen: something others want toWriter Par Excellence read!
  15. 15. Now Things Get a Little Nerdy!...and I mean Apple nerdy.
  16. 16. Work in Plain Text
  17. 17. An Embarrassment of Riches
  18. 18. MarkdownFormatting
  19. 19. Talk it Out
  20. 20. Outline Longer Stories Rousseau Appropriate time frames. Dont get inside your subordinates time frame All hands meetings Round-up post of what others are saying Team/Staffmeetings Meetings Benefits of good leadership/Managers Stories of ppl with good management practices One-to-one meetings and the results they are getting Is open to receiving the same & gets it Gives honest & immediate feedback Overview of Leading Bloggers talking about this Whats your best Management/Leadership tip Celebrates Seagull Creates scoreboard/progress updates Sets clear direction, goals Abdicate Be a better Mgr/Leader 4 Things that bad managers do Creates plans/steps to get there Micromanage Why vision beats instructions Save the day Clear & compelling The symbolic or "ceremonial" role of the Leader The "5th Qtr" quote The Vision Thing Frequently repeated Connect smart people with interesting problems, give them the resources they need, then get out of the way Never changes"Why would I fire you, I just spent a ton of Dont punish failure money educating you" Facilitates risk taking "I dont know what do you think"?
  21. 21. Questions? Comments?$