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Slack presentation


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Company Presentation on Slack

Published in: Business
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Slack presentation

  1. 1. Communication/Collaboration Platform for the 21st Century Uniqname: Blevz
  2. 2. What is Slack? • Glorified web forum • Features inspired by social media • Centralized • “New” way to collaborate
  3. 3. Slack’s History ~$24 Million $120M VC 1.2B Valuation Stewart Butterfield
  4. 4. Simple Communications • Social Network Features for Work: • Named Channels • @Mentions • Direct Messages • Activity Feed • Web and native apps
  5. 5. Smart Deep Search • Gmail like search features • Searches chats and files
  6. 6. Lots of Integrations • Dozes of premade Integrations (Version control, social media, file sharing, analytics, even Yo) • Make your own:
  7. 7. Secret Sauce •Active Listening •Bootstrapping Larger Groups •Infectious
  8. 8. Competition •Imessage, Email, GroupMe, IRC •Yammer •HipChat •Facebook for Work •Trello •Google Hangouts, Docs
  9. 9. The Future of Slack • Continued growth • ~250k daily active users • 30k teams • Acquired in 3 years • Butterfield goes back to making games • More pivots? • Game completion
  10. 10. Secret Sauce Quote • “Butterfield’s big a ha moment, he says, was realizing that messaging was the only business platform that could truly sit at the center of all other software systems. This is true, he believes, because it’s the only software that everyone in an organization needs to use. By contrast, platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Github, for example, are highly useful (and valuable), but are only applicable within the sales, customer support, and development departments, respectively. Because everyone must communicate, a platform like Slack can be the hub that connects the entire constellation of business services.”
  11. 11. Bibliography (Good Reads) • Slacks-Founder-Shares-Their-Epic-Launch- Strategy • fascinating-profile-youll-ever-read-about-a-guy- and-his-boring-startup/ • d-search • on-a-cocktail-of-whimsy-and-great-timing/