MOS Client Project Presentation


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An overview presentation to our client, nonprofit musical organization Mason Orchestral Society, highlighting marketing techniques utilized during the project.

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MOS Client Project Presentation

  1. 1. An Overview of Marketing Strategies
  2. 2. Who is Mason Orchestral Society? •Mason Orchestral Society is a non-profit organization, bringing enjoyment and teaching of orchestral music to Mason and surrounding communities through music lessons and periodic philharmonic, symphonic and chamber orchestra performances.
  3. 3. Who is Mason Orchestral Society? • Offers scholarships each year to young musicians and members of MOS. • Classical string lesson program for all ages and skill levels. • Organized in 1975 • Originally one 16- member orchestra • Since grown to three orchestras, with combined number of approximately 60 participants.
  4. 4. What the Current MOS Patron Looks Like  Primarily patrons not in the work force (aka retired).  Undergraduate/graduate students from MSU College of Music  Young adults from backgrounds affluent enough to receive a string instrument and lessons.
  5. 5. What the Projected MOS Patron Looks Like  College student or working adults, ages in 20-30s, interested in picking up old instrument or starting something new  Children and young adults from backgrounds affluent enough to receive a string instrument and lessons.
  6. 6. Project Objectives Recruit new orchestra members   Fill more concert seats  Secure funding through corporate/private donations  Attract a younger audience
  7. 7. Strategy 1: Create a New Logo
  8. 8. New Designs: A more sophisticated, eye-catching logo has been created. Slightly edgier and more sophisticated, the purpose of attracting a younger audience/younger orchestra members, yet conservative and within reason, to maintain support from older patrons.
  9. 9. Information Pamphlet to Greater Lansing Businesses Strategy 2: Direct Mail Pamphlet highlighting reasons to join an  ensemble with MOS, for the purpose of recruiting new orchestra members/patrons to Mason Orchestral society.  Pamphlet layout decided on and will be distributed within the week. Addresses came from Chamber of Commerce.
  10. 10. Business Letter to Greater Lansing Businesses Strategy 2: Direct Mail To procure  donations from greater Lansing businesses.  Content of business letter is composed; letters will be distributed alongside pamphlet within the next week.
  11. 11. Strategy 2: Direct Mail Information Pamphlet and Business Letter to Greater Lansing Businesses Business Categories: Antique  Retail, Attorneys, Business Consultants, Churches, Computer Consultants, Dentists, Golf Courses, Horse Training, Ophthalmologists, Physicians and Surgeons  Demographics of Musicians considered
  12. 12. Strategy 3: Flyers Multiple drafts of flyers composed and  printed (to be distributed ASAP) advertising upcoming MOS events and concerts.  Include attractive design and incorporate new logo.  Will be posted on designated bulletin boards, with emphasis on music buildings/dorms with students most likely to play classical instruments, as well as bathroom doors.
  13. 13. Strategy 4: Facebook Group For the purpose  of attracting a younger audience and keeping orchestra members/patrons updated within the vast facebook community.
  14. 14. How We’re Gauging Our Results: Obtain numbers of current average  concert attendees.  Obtain number of current active orchestra participants.  Compare these numbers on a monthly basis.
  15. 15. Challenges Funding: Postage, Printing, Envelopes  costly  Openness to change: Potential revamping of logo and website a concern to organization at first (still working on convincing to update style of website).  Possible bleeding into next semester?
  16. 16. Still to Come: Distribution of pamphlets and business  letter  Incorporation of logo into MOS’s programs and website  Possible website construction
  17. 17. Come support Mason Orchestral Society! Holiday Concert A selection of holiday music featuring the Capitol City Ringers and organist Mike Dulac. 7:30pm, December 12, 2008 at the St. Mary Cathedral (219 Seymour St., Lansing, MI)