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C class test no1 1ere a


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C class test no1 1ere a

  1. 1. 1 LYCEE MUNICIPAL TANDA ANNEE SCOLAIRE 2014 – 2015 PROF: Mr KOFFI NIVEAU: 1ere A ENGLISH TEST TASK 1: Fill in the gaps with the following words and phrases. EXAMPLE: 1- at risk a- achievements ; b-make ; c-allows ; d-grow up ; e-knife ; f-bring up ; g-deserted ; h-conflicts; i-watch ; j-improve ; k-at risk A- Many journalists put their lives (---1---) in war areas. This (---2---) us to (---3---) amazing reports about the most deadly (---4---) in the world on TV. B- It is not easy to (---5---) a child. In fact, kids seldom do the right thing if you leave them on their own. You must (---6---) them do their homework, for example, if you want to see their grades (---7---). If you keep your children under control, you’re most likely to be proud of their (---8---) when they (---9---). C- He (---10---) the town after stabbing somebody with a (---11---). TASK 2: Fill in the gaps with the following words and phrases and put each verb between brackets in the right form. EXAMPLE: 1- needn’t give should (have); ought ; shouldn’t (have); oughtn’t ; don’t have ; needn’t (have) ; didn’t have to A- Awa: Wait. I’m trying to find a spoon for you. Attawa: You ---1--- (give) yourself so much trouble. There are enough spoons here for everyone. Awa: I beg your pardon? Attawa: I say you ---2--- to (bring) any more spoons. B- Palé: I’ve just eaten a delicious meal in the most expensive restaurant in town. Appia: So I guess you spent all your money there. Palé: No, I ---3--- (spend) anything at all. The manager was a friend of mine. Appia: Can I go with you next time? C- Fiéni: Look. I bought these groundnuts for you. Nikiéma: Thanks! But you ---4--- (do) that. I won’t be able to eat them. I’m allergic to Groundnuts. You ---5--- (ask) me before buying them. D- Kouadio: I can’t find my book. Aké: You ---6--- (leave) it on the desk. There are many thieves here.
  2. 2. 2 TASK 3: Fill in the gaps with the following words and phrases. EXAMPLE: 1- but although; even if ; instead of; despite ; but ; on the contrary A- Adingra: This chicken is delicious. Kambiré: (---1---) it’s too fatty. Too much fat isn’t good for your health. Adingra: (---2---) it contains a lot of fat, you have to admit that it’s full of protein. Which is something positive. B- Kouassi: (---3---) I did all my homework, I got a bad mark . Atta: I think you should be proud of yourself (---4---) your bad mark because you didn’t cheat. Kouassi: (---5---) I think there’s nothing to be proud of. Next time, (---6---) doing my homework, I’ll rather go out and play with my friends. Atta: This is only going to make things worse for you.