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Brand identity Project


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Published in: Business
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Brand identity Project

  1. 1. Brand Identity Part 1: Project 1. Brand Name: My brand name is Mame-B International. Although my company name is named in memory of my grandmother, I will convey this unique brand through my brand name by storytelling usage. In the company history, I will indicate how I derived at naming my business after my grandmother by explaining the story of when I was a fourteen year old, shy youth, my grandmother would encourage me to be more extroverted, live life and have fun. Also, she was the first person in my life that taught me the importance of good health and nutrition through her example. The strength of this name indicates that the name is part of my family history and it is in honor of an individual whom I love and care for dearly. I am concerned the name itself does not tie in with the symbol and the kind of impact this may have on my sales. Yes, the name is protectable. I am going to conduct further research to determine how to protect the copyright of the name and trademark. Based on the category of Pursing Strong brand, the brand name falls in the generic category. 2. Logo: The laws of color are supported by using a color different than our competitor. One of our competitors is General Nutrition Center (GNC). Their colors are red and gray (The GNC letters are written in red uppercase letters followed by the words Live Well in gray upper and lowercase letters). These words are all written in a rectangle. Therefore, red and gray will not be our colors. I will, however, use the rectangle. This will be an effective logo because it will capture the essence of what this business is all about. A pictorial mark would best suit my company’s logo. My logo reflects my company’s unique brand because it provides a representation of what my company symbolizes. An example of a logo from our business competitor is the GNC (General Nutrition Center) logo. An example of a logo that I like is the Rite Family Dental logo. This particular logo is readable, and I loved the color blue that is used. I also liked the tagline for the logo, which is Gentle Care, Beyond Compare. The logo uses a blue circle with a blue background positioned diagonally. It has a picture of a tooth. The logo uses Cambria blue font to represent Rite Family Dental. Underneath the word dental is the tagline Gentle Care Beyond Compare written in a light blue print. The
  2. 2. weakness of this logo is the tagline is not legible because the color blue is too light. An example of my logo is the following:
  3. 3. Helping People, Healthier Lives The logo is the name MAME-B International with the word in green. I intend to create an oval object with black lines and a white background. In side the circle is a picture of hands on top of one another. 3. Corporate Culture: We are in the business of empowering leaders and not employees. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue his or her individual interests and not be bogged down by a 9 to 5 job. We are in the business of engaging individuals to find out what their goals and ambitions are and how we can help them accomplish their goals through our business. Our corporate culture is based on honesty, respecting people and putting them first, creating a fun and positive environment, and minimizing conflict. We will accomplish a strong company culture by complimenting people’s objections and not competing with them. For example, I am talking with someone to find out what his or her goals and interests are. During the conversation, I find out the individual does not want to start a business of his or her own. Instead of trying to convince them to become an entrepreneur, I would thank them for their time and reinforce positive things about what he or she wants to accomplish. That way, it would be a win-win situation for the prospect and for me. 4. Mantra Statement: Helping People, Healthier Lives Mission Statement: We are in the business of empowering leaders to create, develop, and grow their own business. We believe in free enterprise and that people can and should work together to accomplish their goals and
  4. 4. aspirations. 5. Helping People, Healthier Lives This is an effective tagline because it demonstrates that the business is team oriented and promotes healthier lives. This tagline speaks to both business owners (Independent Business Owners) and customers because it is designed for both the health conscience, which could possibly speak to customers who are concerned about their health. On the other hand, it could speak to a potential business owner because it promotes working together as a team to accomplish an aspiration. At the present time, the tagline needs to be more developed to differentiate our company from the competitor. It needs to be more enhanced maybe to promote organic consumption, rather than just working together as a team. My future intentions are to maybe incorporate something organic into the logo, perhaps. The tagline commands action and is positive, short, unique, and easy to say. Part 2: Brand Identity Peer Review