Holidays have started


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Holidays have started

  1. 1. Holiday have startedPedro-Well,no more lessons now until after Christmas.It,s nice to think that holidayshave started. This time on Friday l shall be flying to spain.I shall be just about leaving theFrench coast and getting over the Bay of Biscay.What will you be doing,Lucille?Lucille-Let me see it,s seven o,clock now.Yes,at seven o<clock tomorrow I shall begoing to a party at a friend,house in Canterbury.Olaf-Are you going by car?
  2. 2. Lucille-Yes,but I shan,t be driving, a friend of mine will be taking me in his car.Olaf-I shall be packing my luggage and if it is like my usual packing ,I shall be trying toget too many thing into little space. What will you be doing this time on Friday,Hob?Hob-I shall be wondering what I am going to get for my supper.Jan-I am going to Switzerland to spend Christmas with Frida’s family. She has just had aletter from her mother and father inviting me to stay with them. They say that they will bewaiting at the station on Christmas eve to welcome us.
  3. 3. Lucille-Oh|! isn’t that nice! I’m so glad you are getting a holiday .You will be lookingforward to it, I know.Jan-I am ,very much.Frida-So am ,I shall be thinking about that homecoming all the way to Switzerland.
  4. 4. Olaf-I hope that after your journey you won’t be feeling too tired to enjoy the welcome.Frida- I shall be feeling too excited to be tired.I know mother will be cooking and bakingnow as hard as she can go.Ruth and Gretchen will be cleaning And dusting the rooms,the boys will be gathering wood for the fire and the father will belooking for Christmas tree..
  5. 5. Lucille-And what will little Fritz be doing?Frida-If I know little fritz he will be getting in everybody,s way as he generally doeswhen they are all busy.
  6. 6. Hob-have none of you thought that this time next month we shall be coming backhere,and Mr .Priestly will be waiting for us with more grammar?Lucille-Oh!Hob don’t be so pessimistic, it’s not like youHob- That reminds me of something. Do you know the difference between a pessimistand an optimist??
  7. 7. Lucille-All right, if it will make you any happier, tell us.Hob –Well, an optimist is a man who says. ”The bottle is half full” and a pessimist is aman who says, ”The bottle is half empty”.Olaf-Oh! I had heard that a pessimist was a man who wore braces and a belt. What willyou be doing for Christmas Hob?
  8. 8. Hob? I shall be going to Uncle Albert. There is no one who keeps Christmas better thanUncle Albert .All the holiday l shall be having the time of my life .I shall be telling youall about it when we meet again.Frida-Well on Thursday morning I shall be starting on my journey to Switzerland withJan.Olaf- What time does the train go?Frida-Nine five from Victoria Station.