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“The Beauty of Brevity” by Ravi Jain - Now What? Conference 2017


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The temptation with video content is to do too much: too many stories, too many voices, too many seconds! Parsing a bigger message into smaller bites offers a flexibility to align with an integrated marketing strategy. But it’s not about speeding things up or cutting things out.

Utilizing short form content effectively takes foresight, contingency planning and conceptual agility. In this session, Ravi Jain will walk through the creative process of harnessing the potential of short- form aggregate storytelling.

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“The Beauty of Brevity” by Ravi Jain - Now What? Conference 2017

  1. 1. The beauty of brevity: Engaging your audience with short-form video content Ravi Jain, Boston College @ravidjain
  2. 2. @ravidjain #NowWhat17 #shortformvideo
  3. 3. So who is this @ravidjain? #NowWhat17 @ravidjain Senior Associate Director, Web & Digital Media at Boston College Digital Media Faculty, Northeastern University MFA, Studio for Interrelated Media, MassArt BA, “Modern Imaging Techniques,” Oberlin College 25+ years digital media production All around nice guy
  4. 4. Who is this session for? Creators Managers Buyers #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  5. 5. 80% 60,000x 1.8 million 59%,,, Forrester Research
  6. 6. What are we doing here today? Define Short Form Video View Examples Build Production Workflow Take away Takeaways #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  7. 7. Short Form Video (SFV) Extreme short form: 15 secs or less Standard short form: 30 secs to 3 min Coffee break length: 5 to 9 min Extended online clip: 10 to 20 min “I wish I was on TV” clip: 25+ min #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  8. 8. Length isn’t everything (!) Story dictates how long a video should be Poorly made short video can drag Well made longer format can fly by One size does NOT fit all Scale duration for platform #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  9. 9. 2001 - 12 minutes 2002 - 9 minutes 2005 - 8 minutes 2007- 4 minutes
  10. 10. Strategy behind The Boston College Minute No “set pieces” No talking to the camera No lower thirds You are IN the story Doesn’t overstay welcome #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  11. 11. My defense of Short Form Video Forces more immediate storytelling Hooks the viewer Small investment from the user Opportunity to parse & extend content Aligns with social media strategy #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  12. 12. SFV 101: Define it and then pitch it
  13. 13. What? Why? Where? How?
  14. 14. Three Abreast!
  15. 15. Now what’s your story? #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  16. 16. How do you tell that story? Promo #NowWhat17 @ravidjain Profile News Feature Series Site specific
  17. 17. Benefit of Higher Ed Stories? #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  18. 18. SFV 101: Pre-production
  19. 19. Be Prepared #NowWhat17 @ravidjain Spec Script Storyboard Team
  20. 20. Project Spec Supports institutional voice Clear understanding of potential audiences Assess resources and determine schedule Stay focused in scope #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  21. 21. Script #NowWhat17 @ravidjain Maps out story arc Identifies players/voices Indicates scene changes Can incorporate transcripts Can be speculative
  22. 22. Storyboard (Even if you draw like a 5 year old)
  23. 23. Team #NowWhat17 @ravidjain Team of 1 can work Team of +1 infinitely better Assign roles Mix resources
  24. 24. SFV 101: Production
  25. 25. Be Agile If possible, scout location Think quickly, shoot slowly Go with the flow Audio & video aren’t married Repeated Actions FTW! Capture, capture, capture #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  26. 26. Listen to this: The Importance of Audio
  27. 27. “Is thing on?” Microphones Headphones Room tone Ambient noise / crowd noise Music #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  28. 28. SFV 101: Post-production
  29. 29. Log, log, log
  30. 30. Log, log, log
  31. 31. Lev Kuleshov Kuleshov Effect
  32. 32. A + B = More than A + B
  33. 33. Sequencing Linear (editing in camera) Non-linear (sculptural film-making) #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  34. 34. SFV 101: Approval & Testing
  35. 35. “I’m Ravi Jain and I approve this message.” Know your approval process Plan for your approval process (nuff said) Lock story arc / messaging prior to FX Pilot concept for series branding #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  36. 36. Testing 1, 2, 3... Not always straightforward process View in context, like any content User test with audiences, if possible Case Study #1: Jumbotron video Case Study #2: 360 video #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  37. 37. SFV 101: Launch & Promotion
  38. 38. If a video plays in an empty forest... Photo:
  39. 39. Integrate rollout across channels Social media team Placement in site hierarchy Email marketing Print marketing Self-promote #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  40. 40. Engagement: Extending Reach
  41. 41. Social Media Element
  42. 42. Measuring Results
  43. 43. Video analytics (Getting Better All the Time) Views, shares, comments Hashtag use Watch time, watch duration Audience retention #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  44. 44. Audience retention
  45. 45. Clear Understanding of Goals
  46. 46. “But wait, there’s more!”
  47. 47. Extreme Short Form Video: A Matter of Seconds
  48. 48. Give me a few seconds of your time Vine = 6 seconds Instagram = 15 seconds Near instantaneous Hard-wired social media content #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  49. 49. Give me a few seconds of your time Vine = 6 seconds Instagram = 15 30 seconds Near instantaneous Hard-wired social media content #confabEDU @ravidjain
  50. 50. Give me a few seconds of your time Vine = 6 seconds Instagram = 15 30 60 seconds Near instantaneous Hard-wired social media content #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  51. 51. Vine
  52. 52. #DoItForTheVine
  53. 53. Instagram
  54. 54. #BehindTheGreens
  55. 55. Live Streaming: Instant Content Karma
  56. 56. The Revolution will be live-streamed Periscope Facebook Live YouTube Instagram Live App X du jour #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  57. 57. Live-streaming tips Promote ahead of time Be prepared (battery, wifi, description) Engage your audience Keep it going Sign off, don’t drop out #NowWhat17 @ravidjain
  58. 58. Interactive Video: “It’s the Future!”
  59. 59. Interactive non-linear video
  60. 60. One more thing: We didn’t invent this all
  61. 61. Takeaways
  62. 62. 1 What and why of #shortformvideo 2Reap the benefits of careful planning 3 4 Delivery platforms continue to evolve Video strategy aligns w/ content strategy #NowWhat17 @ravidjain 5 And yes, failure IS an option
  63. 63. Q & A
  64. 64. Thank you! #NowWhat17 @ravidjain Join the conversation @ravidjain Find me on LinkedIn Contact me at Boston College Talk to me today!
  65. 65. The beauty of brevity: Engaging your audience with short-form video content Ravi Jain, Boston College @ravidjain